Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer
Marvel Entertainment
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Niyati Nakhva
    Niyati Nakhva

    *_DC IS SHAKING.... _* 😂😂

  • Ashmit Sharma
    Ashmit Sharma

    Whatever it takes

  • Ujjal Das
    Ujjal Das

    Thor fan hits like 👍

  • LukazGaming 151
    LukazGaming 151

    Spoilers: batman dies in this movie

    • Richard Löwenherz
      Richard Löwenherz

      LukazGaming 151 lol

  • Riratina 01
    Riratina 01

    Dari trending 1 turun ke 7 😶


    What if the characters in the trailer who say "whatever it takes" are the ones that'll die?

  • XXXCWTentacion

    Get ready to get crushed by ant man Thanos! Literally

  • Travel & Food Lovers
    Travel & Food Lovers


  • Niyati Nakhva
    Niyati Nakhva


  • RAGUNAN TV Halak Hita
    RAGUNAN TV Halak Hita

    Dear Marvel , Indonesia has Ratna Sarumpaet to beat Thanos. Please pick her up join the team. We don't need her anymore. Some people call her as hero. You can Google it.

  • Mohammad Sumon
    Mohammad Sumon

    Tₕᵢₛ cₒₘₘₑₙₜ gᵢᵥₑₛ a ᵣₑₚₗy aₙd ₛₑₑ wₕaₜ ₕaₚₚₑₙₛ

  • XXXCWTentacion

    Hell ya ant man!!!

  • Abhi Suriya
    Abhi Suriya

    Most viewed trailers in the world in 24hours 1. *AVENGERS* ENDGAME teaser trailer 2. *AVENGERS* ENDGAME Official trailer 3. *AVENGERS* infinity war official trailer Sounds sweet😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    Some people will copy the comment of others.. I'm also one of them. Black widow : pulls.out a pistol. Thanos: Am i a joke to u ???

  • VleX220

    This movie will be LEGEND wait for it... DARY!

  • Niyati Nakhva
    Niyati Nakhva

    Black widow practising with a pistol to kill thanos is really a mood.... 😂😂

  • Vikyath B U
    Vikyath B U

    Thanos is waiting for you..... All ALONE..!!!!

  • Svahn

    eyyy lmao

  • Mohammad Sumon
    Mohammad Sumon


  • Clash Bluelight
    Clash Bluelight

    less than 2% dislikes. well played.

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris

    can't wait to see it

  • Telugu Dubbed Movies
    Telugu Dubbed Movies

    We want Telugu trailer ♥️♥️

  • Jose K
    Jose K

    I have an theory what if there is time travel and the infinity war hulk scenes are real

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris

    looks great

  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan

    Where is Hulk?

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    Let me get something straight Thanos wipes out half the avengers the likes of Dr Strange Scarlet witch Vision Black Pantha Spider-Man The guardians of the galaxy And now the avengers have a guy that shoots arrows who is supposed to save the day Seems legit

  • MJ King of Music Moonwalk KN
    MJ King of Music Moonwalk KN

    The End of an Era...

  • Nano

    Whatever it takes :(

  • Call me a gamer
    Call me a gamer

    Whatever it takes

  • Patience

    I’m worried for the OG 3 Thor, Cap and iron man the most. But I noticed something only 4/6 say whatever it takes(cap, ironman , widow, hawkeye) as if they are ones who might give the ultimate sacrifice.

  • TheIcySun

    Isn't it weird that 1:13 is when Cap says "Not us," which happens to be halfway through the trailer, which is also the fraction of how much life is left in the universe? Man, Marvel. Way to get me to think.

  • CJ

    I'm so excited for this😍🔥🔥🔥😍I cant wait...


    🎶Whatever it takes. 'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins. I do whatever it takes. 'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains. Whatever it takes. You take me to the top I'm ready for. Whatever it takes. 'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins. I do what it takes🎶

  • interested viewer
    interested viewer

    lmao how tf are these earth people going to thanos' planet we cant even get to Mars


      True true

  • Brown

    Why are both trailers titled, "the official trailer" instead of just trailer #1 and #2?


      The 1st was basically a teaser trailer while this is the official trailer

  • James Milner
    James Milner

    very good trailer

  • joey singh
    joey singh

    you know hawkeye's the strongest cause you know he lost his wife and kids

  • Sqizzy

    some people...move on...

  • jack

    Ithula ethukuda antman ah sethinga....

  • aliff haaqimi
    aliff haaqimi

    Wheres thor new hammer?

  • Abhiyansh Kapoor
    Abhiyansh Kapoor

    Thank you Stan

  • Killar Dude
    Killar Dude

    Marvel has 22 million subs But thanos snapped to make it half

  • Sanujan Thavaraja
    Sanujan Thavaraja

    Indians hit like

  • Jamez D
    Jamez D

    The 40k people who disliked are DC fans

  • Tanmay Pojge
    Tanmay Pojge

    Glad to see old Captain America again

  • Thicc Anime Girl
    Thicc Anime Girl

    Hawkeye: *I retire for like a week and you've already lost half of the universe smh*

  • Dark Cosmos
    Dark Cosmos

    I don't understand, why people dislikes an awesome trailer of an awesome movie like that, that's a shame.

  • Bhaskar P
    Bhaskar P

    Ill not pee until the movie is over whatever it takes😁😁

  • Frosty ios
    Frosty ios

    2:19 when you try to not to smile

  • Everton D'Sousa
    Everton D'Sousa

    Please Marvel, make all the action and emotion scenes epic and striking from beginning to end of the film; that the soundtrack is more than memorable, to be a landmark in the history of theaters and in the movies from superheroes; may this film and its next, hold the fans in an unprecedented fantasy and emotion. Make Avengers more than a movie, make it an event, a milestone.

  • Prudhvi Akula
    Prudhvi Akula

    Type rip for legend *Stanlee* if u r true fan of marvel.. *RIP* *STANLEE* *Thankyou*😓💔

    • C Smith
      C Smith

      Prudhvi Akula I hope he has a final cameo in this movie

  • M.N BHAI
    M.N BHAI

    Can i get 100 likes😣😣

  • Can we hit 100 Subscriber? For no reason!
    Can we hit 100 Subscriber? For no reason!

    Welp gg

  • pankhi tinny
    pankhi tinny


  • MLPGamer636

    I like this one. She stands there and doesn't talk like a good woman should.

  • Golden Rain
    Golden Rain

    Just after watching this I know it’s gonna make me cry

  • lucID

    Thanos should have snap out the dislike button.

  • Kim Taehyung is *BAE*
    Kim Taehyung is *BAE*

    Prediction of Thanos' end: *Ant-Man entering thanos' butthole and then expanding😂*

  • Hasan Shikha
    Hasan Shikha

    I like this one

  • Only Sloth
    Only Sloth

    Let’s all thank starlord for another avengers movie

  • SuperheroBuzz

    We are in the endgame now.. small new channel that covers comic book movie news for anyone interested! Hope everyone has an awesome day!

  • ppson Liberson
    ppson Liberson


  • iamav15

    Yea, y’all see my boy Scotty Lang in the starting lineup?! He finna get some major PT this time around.


    Forever MY favourite Movie is → THE AVENGERS ALL Parts ...

  • Cici Fahmi
    Cici Fahmi

    why this so hard reach 100m

  • Judie Chakass
    Judie Chakass

    The freakin trailer made me cry i dont know what the movie will do. ALSO DID HE GET MJOLNIR BACK or am i just blind

    • Iron Spider
      Iron Spider

      You're blind

  • Ethan Gromacki
    Ethan Gromacki

    Whatever it takes

  • Kyla Wright
    Kyla Wright

    Antman is in it soo it’s even more iconic but the avengers that died are gone sooo what’s the movie gonna be about 😪 This finna make me cry but also how did antman get out when he was getting the stuff for ghost

    • Kyla Wright
      Kyla Wright

      Omg and then captain marvel I can’t contain myself

  • Cici Fahmi
    Cici Fahmi

    jangan turun trendinggg pls

  • Pheak PalMaThor
    Pheak PalMaThor

    35days to go

  • Fighter Jet
    Fighter Jet

    Now this is called Avengers endgame trailer💥💥💥💥

  • Najwaa Almira
    Najwaa Almira

    I’ve heard about adam warlock’s present AND IS THAT TRUEE?

  • Victoria Cultural
    Victoria Cultural

    Just im curious...what happens with the Kardashians?? Thanos take them also ? Because this will be a real lost!!!

  • Jordy The Movie Guy
    Jordy The Movie Guy

    And just think, this trailer is only 30 minutes of a 3 hour movie like what??

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange

    Who wants to know what happened??

    • Jonas Dametto
      Jonas Dametto

      I don't want any spoilers please

  • Pakatan Nasional
    Pakatan Nasional

    2019 anyone?

  • 999ZondaS

    Thanos just retired, give him a break

  • Lou Lou
    Lou Lou


  • S Rajkonwar
    S Rajkonwar

    Why is black widow training herself with a handgun

  • Cecania cc
    Cecania cc

    My Annoying neighbor is still alive, Thanos must have hated me so

  • Mohammad Rizky Amri Rizky Kiki Amry
    Mohammad Rizky Amri Rizky Kiki Amry


  • Sirio Van es
    Sirio Van es

    I don’t honestly think that Thanos is the bad guy, because he saw that the universe was collapsing, so he wanted to clear 50% of all living creatures to save the other 50%. He just wanted to help.

  • Sineth Bandara
    Sineth Bandara

    Thanos justwiped out the wrong half man 😂😂

  • JaKBaLL TV
    JaKBaLL TV

    whachu mean homie?

  • Audrey Ahmed
    Audrey Ahmed

    Man did anyone see Hawkeye's Mohawk AWESOME!!!

  • harsh vardhan
    harsh vardhan

    I like this women hehe 😉

  • Danu Munandi
    Danu Munandi

    Just watch it daily until the movie going out.

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie Please
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie Please

    I don't want another trailer ............please this is spoiling the thrill........the hype.....u no Wat I mean

  • Hamza Ukaye
    Hamza Ukaye

    70 million views in 5 days. Wow! People are desperate!

  • 후

    You can breathe now

  • AvNgers are The Best
    AvNgers are The Best

    Did you guys see Drax in the trailer? Maybe not he's not moving at 0:59

  • Festin Abraham
    Festin Abraham

    There are 42 k DC fans there

  • Mr crack Pablo
    Mr crack Pablo

    Avengers endgame is my movie favorite

  • Devid Dev's
    Devid Dev's

    Keren om.. Mantul 😎

  • Mathaeus Nobrega
    Mathaeus Nobrega

    When you realize that black widow reloading her gun, sound´s like Leon in Resident Evil 4 kkkkkkkkk

  • 7 Story Cory
    7 Story Cory

    Alien vs Predator and the recollection of the Green Goblin. Spider-Man went up the water spout. Peter Quill has an Ego perhaps as big as Thanos since he's from Missouri. What a heart throb.

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie Please
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie Please

    Avengers 1 - Phil dies Avengers 2 - quicksilver dies Avengers 3 (infinity war ) - 50% of earth's population dies Avengers 4 (endgame ) - every body comes back but captain America or Ironman dies

  • Ravi Trivedi
    Ravi Trivedi

    At 2:14 She really didn't know what's coming 😂🤣

  • Shahid Bhat
    Shahid Bhat

    Some do show interest in "Endgame" But not "Thanos"

  • BlueSkullX

    Incoming Spoiler: Hulk defeats Thanos. 😎👍

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