Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look
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“Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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  • Rabbany Rahman
    Rabbany Rahman

    This trailer's flop! 2.4m views really? . How they gonna make 1b?

  • Owen

    Who thinks this film will be worth it?

  • Owen

    Do these women all get married and kill their husbands or something to be considered Widows?

  • Owen

    None of these women seem to be married to be considered Widows?

  • Augusto

    Rachel Weisz

  • Owen

    I'm getting strong Captain America: Civil War and Winter Soldier vibes from this film.

  • Bonchos

    Ohhhhh so Hopper became part of the MCU after season 3

  • God of joker
    God of joker

    Like from India 🇮🇳

  • Terry S.
    Terry S.

    Remember, the same people who blame you for Captain Marvel's failure will ignore the fact that Black Widow does incredibly well. Maybe good characters and stories actually matter to fans? Who would've thunked it?

  • jobin j b
    jobin j b

    I would like to watch the Budapest incident in this movie .

  • Shake n Bake 2020
    Shake n Bake 2020

    russian accents really phony lol wow

  • T L
    T L


  • Sumeet Bhingardive
    Sumeet Bhingardive

    Black Widow: Who is that guy? Yelena Belova: it's me your sister, didn't i mirror imaged you in fight at house when you arrived..!!!! How could u be so dumb😕!!

  • Ramesh Babu
    Ramesh Babu

    Black widow : I am the first spy to get a solo film in the mcu Hawkeye : hold my beer Black widow : but there is no more beer left Hawkeye : (:-(

  • Smruti ranjan Mohapatra
    Smruti ranjan Mohapatra

    Again task master masters her move

  • Groot

    Spoiler: Taskmaster is female

  • Shiven Goel
    Shiven Goel

    Who is this?? That is the winter soldier 😂

  • Arun Misra
    Arun Misra

    V.V special look of BW,we loved it,come soon,we love you always...

  • Arun Misra
    Arun Misra

    V.V special look of BW,we loved it,come soon,we love you always...

  • J G
    J G

    sorry women, you're only good for breeding and nurturing, the movie is fake women cant do any if that lmao

  • S J S
    S J S

    0:37 1:22 Ooooo yes 🤩

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    Everyone: "Is Natasha gone from the MCU" Marvel: Well yes but actually No

  • Owen

    David Harbour Stranger Things Season 3: "I hate Russians". David Harbour Black Widow: A Russian War Hero and Patriot. I guess Jim was a deep undercover double agent all along. :(

  • Owen

    Who thinks Black Widow will be resurrected in the future MCU (for least for Bruce Banner and Clint Bartons sake) via time travel e.g the time stone from a parallel universe or the multiverse? Or do you think the untrustworthy looking Yelena Belova who is already a Black Widow will replace her spot in the Avengers?

    • Owen

      @mikin lirou seriously, what are you on about? Taskmaster? Probably Hawkeye in disguise as Taskmaster from a flashback of his infamous pursuit an confrontation with Natasha in Budapest. But Taskmaster is probably a new original character.

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      seriously, who is the guy in mask.

  • Owen

    This mostly prequel film could have been done and should have come out in phase 2 right after Avengers Assemble during 2013 instead of Thor The Dark World so they could have had more time to make Thor 2 better. Or last year instead of Captain Marvel to pay tribute to the characters long standing MCU history whilst foreshadowing her upcoming death in Endgame. Not to be released after shes died in Endgame. Unless shes resurrected with the time stone like Gammora or via the Multiverse (which I hope so for Clint and especially Banners sake) ,then this is just interesting filler made to provide more emotional weight as well as one last opportunity to properly develop (for once) and cash in on the character. I really hope they hint at resurrecting her or foreshadow Yelena Belova replacing the mantle of Black Widow at the end of this film in a post or end credits scene. That's if Yelena doesn't betray Natasha too much or die doing so which seems inevitable at some point in this type of film.

  • Suraj Varma
    Suraj Varma

    What's trailer too good 😍😍😍😍

  • C&D Gaming
    C&D Gaming

    Taskmaster looks so good!!!

  • Drill Bit
    Drill Bit

    Isn’t she dead ??

  • Toyin Ogunsuyi Jr
    Toyin Ogunsuyi Jr

    Spoiler Alert: Taskmaster is Kylo Ren Aka Black Widow's Ex Husband

  • Tommy Li The Dragon
    Tommy Li The Dragon

    2020: Black Widow a Skill Trained Russian Deadly Military Assassin Spy 2021: Shang-Chi a Skill Trained Chinese Deadly Kung Fu Assassin Spy If black widow was alive they both wud be in the same movie fighting together as spies.

  • Bence Horváth
    Bence Horváth

    So THIS happened in Budapest...

  • Avery J
    Avery J


  • Alijah J Brown
    Alijah J Brown

    This finna be the best MCU movie of all time.

  • valiant sky
    valiant sky

    Men can't be women scarlet. Stop it.

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey

    DisneyMarvel! I want Mary Poppins in the MCU!! SHE'LL BE GREAT.

  • Gagan Haldar
    Gagan Haldar

    family back together again & he is not fat he is so much sleem 🤣

  • D Oz
    D Oz

    This looks..... terrible


    task master's shield sounds like the metal sound effect from half life lol

  • aryan raj
    aryan raj

    Who loves romanoff?🕷️

  • jackson nkwama
    jackson nkwama

    seriously, who is the guy in mask.

  • Srini D
    Srini D

    Sure he may be task master

  • Study Lens
    Study Lens

    Theory: Black Widow’s entire russian family dies by the end of the movie, which explains why the only family she’s left with is the Avengers.

  • Khan Ahned
    Khan Ahned

    miss iron man aka tonay stark

  • Manu George
    Manu George

    Red skull : those who jumps get their own movie !! Natasha : ⛷

  • blahblah blah
    blahblah blah

    A dead Avenger gets a movie Hawkeye: *cries in the corner*

  • Green Shadow
    Green Shadow


  • Aarchisha Prabhu
    Aarchisha Prabhu

    Idky but I got the chills😨😨

  • Emily S.
    Emily S.

    I’m pretty sure Florence just lost the accent in that one bit by accident but it would be really cool if Yelena does the Villanelle Russian assassin thing and flips through accents and languages throughout the film.

  • Ishmehar Singh
    Ishmehar Singh

    Feeling bad for characters other than Natasha, coz they ain't dead still they won't be there for any other movies 😂

  • Hashim Mehar
    Hashim Mehar

    It is the past and end game is in future

  • SavageMystic _YT
    SavageMystic _YT

    Why did they not make this before infinity war and black panther

  • Aman Kaushal
    Aman Kaushal

    1:22 Woah Babey.!!!😂😂

  • McDucky Pluck
    McDucky Pluck

    Spoiler: Black Widow doesn't die in this movie.

  • ADS Bardi
    ADS Bardi

    I think this is the movie in which an avenger will use her physical and mental capability given at birth not any other power.

  • frederick derse
    frederick derse

    Is Natasha alive or dead? Marvel: Yes, I doesn't

  • Tomzz

    "who the hell was that guy" non marvel fans: Captain America marvel fans: Taskmaster

  • Voldemort

    I hope we get to see the Barton Vs Natasha scene with her being recruited at shield

  • ne0phyte

    I knew her name even before the movie got announced

  • elmillo 89
    elmillo 89

    La mas hermosa del mundo!!

  • Aridninja

    Hey, didn't Black Widow die in End Game?!

  • Doctor Hex
    Doctor Hex

    The "Bond-like" title card was pretty fuego.

  • Prakash Gupta
    Prakash Gupta

    this will be the highest rated marvel movie.... mark my words

  • Stanisław Paliczuk
    Stanisław Paliczuk

    0:37 Hopper is that you?

  • LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones
    LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones

    _Action and Camera_

  • RellsterSS レオン・ケネディ 2377
    RellsterSS レオン・ケネディ 2377

    I think her sister can be a cute Black widow

  • Kristin  Morrow
    Kristin Morrow

    whose the villain......not a guy i'm guessing

  • Maria Ortiz
    Maria Ortiz

    I think this movie is going to take place after Captain America civil war, when they all leave and go separate ways, we never learn where exactly she went soooooooo...

  • shivanshu sharma
    shivanshu sharma

    Strange.... Now Jim hopper n Jonathan both r in Marvel 😂..... Excited to see them again.

  • Vela V
    Vela V

    My black career

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar

    Behind the mask. He must be Hawkeye🤔 As they both keep talking about Budapest whenever they go to any fight and smile at each other.

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