Marzia & Felix - Wedding 19.08.2019
Our footage from the wedding, best day of my life!
Video filmed and edited by
HandCraft Pictures Wedding Videos:
Production list:
Venue @kewgardens
Planning & Design @theisleofyoudesign @cliona.m.b
Photography @jessicakobeissi @flanneryunderwood
Videography @handcraftpictures_weddingfilms
Production @oxygen_events
Cake Maker @victoriamadeuk
Wedding day stationery @avenuelitho
Entertainment @younggunsgroup

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
    uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different… - “C.S Lewis”

  • V1king867

    You deserve this hope you have a great life with yor wife

  • ozbej vodnik
    ozbej vodnik

    Probably the cutest thing i have ever seen

  • Laura-Mirela Colea
    Laura-Mirela Colea

    I have a late question guys, was Daizo there? Did yall see her? I mean she was the one that introduced them to each other.

  • UltraLeevi

    im not crying there is something on my eye

  • My little birdy
    My little birdy

    I'm surprised that there's no cringe moments this time...

  • August Thorsen
    August Thorsen

    wow so beatiful


    30mil views 4mil likes=yikes

  • ya boi skinny penis
    ya boi skinny penis

    This is deep

  • *_Devil Mints_*
    *_Devil Mints_*

    Guys remember, they started as e-dating Long distant relationships are possible. (still cry when I watch this video omg)

  • Antwon Perry
    Antwon Perry

    Not bad T Series 27k dislikes But this has 4.7 million likes

  • Hello there
    Hello there


  • BlueRipper15

    God its amazing to see youtubes you watched for years have moments like this. Also was that Jack? If it was who else was there?

    • mari oldaccount
      mari oldaccount

      it was! kickthepj, cinnamontoastken, roomieofficial, emma pickles, boyinaband and jaiden animations were also there :)

    • M J
      M J

      BlueRipper15 it was. Take care. Ken the best man, joel the Swedish music guy etc . Take care

  • Random God
    Random God

    This is the greatest like/dislike ratio i've ever seen for a youtube video

  • יהונתן סטבון
    יהונתן סטבון

    להתראות היה כיף...

  • Leah Van Rensburg
    Leah Van Rensburg

    3:54 Anyone notice Roomie? Also Me cries

  • SkitekZ

  • Dark Fall
    Dark Fall

    Me *Crying* My 2 yo: "self EWW!"

  • Zelerts

    Ah. Rewind had Felix's wedding in the video. Made it a little better! (rewind is still shit)

  • JopigamingYT

    Thats my bday

  • Explosive Diarhea
    Explosive Diarhea

    Don't mind me just watching some random vids until pewds comeback...

  • Isabel Ramos
    Isabel Ramos


  • Omar Delawar
    Omar Delawar

    I’m happy for Felix and Marzia but FUCK MARRIAGE as an institution! It’s a ancient relic of the past and has no business in modern life!

  • Ethan Hill
    Ethan Hill

    I wonder what they'll name there kid if they decide to have one

  • Joseph Rata
    Joseph Rata

    See you soon beastmaster64

  • Tahn Aimre
    Tahn Aimre

    Who's watching this after Felix went on break and was scrolling through older vids?

  • JackSwatLL

    You're happy? Press H to be happy.

    • JackSwatLL


  • ReXo Kyrox
    ReXo Kyrox

    2:52 where is roomie 3:17 there is jonas (roomie’s editor) and boyinaband but where is roomie?

    • Joseph Rata
      Joseph Rata

      3:52 roomie is there

  • Alex Troy
    Alex Troy


  • Anusha Suresh
    Anusha Suresh

    did yall see jack?

  • Andre Plays
    Andre Plays

    Are you sure she aint a gold digger

    • Join the Shrek Religion today
      Join the Shrek Religion today

      They have been together for 9 years im sure she isnt-

    • Andre Plays
      Andre Plays

      just asking xD

  • Laploxo Gaming
    Laploxo Gaming

    Best weddings: 1st:Pewdiepie X Marzia 2ndPewdiepie x Marzia 3rd Pewdiepie X Marzia 4th Me and Video games

  • Mr. PeanutGravy
    Mr. PeanutGravy

    This is a You Cry You Win Challenge And i'm winning

  • Ihavegudcontent 69
    Ihavegudcontent 69

    Bruh I’m watching this soo I don’t cry about Felix leaving for some time

  • The hatless duck
    The hatless duck

    Yo.. Felix and Marzia got married on my birthday... sick.

  • Kunia Lunia
    Kunia Lunia

    So swett

  • kicksonflyr

    me: watches this video also me: "crying in swedish"

  • Jebb McDoodle
    Jebb McDoodle

    I see a ship a'sailing a'sailing on the sea.

  • NovaPlay :V
    NovaPlay :V

    Like Like Like

  • Afrin Preeti
    Afrin Preeti

    Could it be any more beautiful? ❤️

  • Afrin Preeti
    Afrin Preeti

    Randomly watching again after pewdiepie left!

  • Connor RK 800
    Connor RK 800

    Too much pee pee here?

  • Martin Hession
    Martin Hession

    happy wedding day btw i love kew gardens

  • Vortex PGNJ
    Vortex PGNJ

    27k dislikes everybody -liked- hated that

  • Stelt

    I can't get tired of watching this.

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen

    pewdiepie's father is jurgen klopp confirmed

  • BreezyWorld

    Sooooo soooo beautiful

  • Zeynep Cetin
    Zeynep Cetin

    Okay but like thats so CUTE❤

  • duck gamer
    duck gamer


  • Teodor Burén
    Teodor Burén



    *✔️I wish you never to stop and be a creative person* - *forever!* 🙋

  • Renad Hamilton
    Renad Hamilton

    if this doesn't reach to 100 million views i hate all yall

  • Kyle Kees
    Kyle Kees

    I will personally hunt down those 27 thousand people who disliked this video!

  • HappyPlayz

    Bootiful as hell

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres

    to all 27,000 people who disliked, i'm finding your ip adress and handling you personally

  • Aditya singh
    Aditya singh

    Why the fuck am i getting goosebumps watching a marraige

  • LennartGaming

    dis is not included in youtube rewind ima disliked again

  • Karsten Gaming
    Karsten Gaming

    im proud of you Felix

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz

    you really got married? I haven’t watched you since before you got famous and I stopped when memes got heavy. Congratulations and I hope you have one of the best lives as a man husband and father. Please do well.

  • Shahid Khoker
    Shahid Khoker

    I congratulation it's a celebration

  • ItsHex

    Best wedding

  • Sophie Lindgren
    Sophie Lindgren

    Who else is still watching this is 2020 and still crying?

  • turn713

    Okay who was the videographer bc I cry every time I watch this

  • Timmy : ]
    Timmy : ]

    Felix: dancing Felix’s dad: VIBING

  • Ghezelle

    4:49 i-

  • alexandria pickel
    alexandria pickel

    watching this and crying again

  • Chris Goestenkors
    Chris Goestenkors

    In all seriousness, who in their right mind consciously hits the dislike button on a video like this. :(

  • With Messages of Virtue I Am Untouchable
    With Messages of Virtue I Am Untouchable

    Never forget who owns you!!!

  • Charlotte Freymann
    Charlotte Freymann

    There kid is going to be so hot

  • Cecilia Vega
    Cecilia Vega


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