Maurizio Sarri's Midfield Masterclass | Inter Milan vs Juventus 1-2 | Tactical Analysis
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In today's video, I've tried to analyze yesterday's game between Conte's Inter Milan and Sarri's Juventus which Juventus won by 1-2
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  • Java Z
    Java Z

    Personally, I do not like the way that Juventus plays, they don't take the adventage of having two fixed player on the wide parts on the pitch, they usually lost a time trying to occupy that space by moving a player whether from behind or from the middle field.

  • D J
    D J

    Sarri is destroying juventus

  • bubun gondrong
    bubun gondrong

    Did you moved your head when you speak?


    Sarri really sucks

  • DJ Roy Swae
    DJ Roy Swae

    Please what's the name of the instrumental in the background

  • tempoblu

    Lukaku man of the match 😂😂😂 ps datte all' ippicaaaaaaaaa

    • Asrar Ali
      Asrar Ali


  • Roberto Pullia
    Roberto Pullia

    Follow another sport!

  • Jagggy Jazz
    Jagggy Jazz

    Used to watch your vedios a lot. I stopped kn recent days with all those ads that disturb me a lot for you to earn some money. No issues just my opinion

  • Ekene Okeke
    Ekene Okeke

    i think its important to highlight individual skill and the fact that the early goal and sensis exit from the game and the impact it had on the game.

  • Didit D
    Didit D

    Inter Merda

  • Dean Sestan
    Dean Sestan

    4-3-1-2 I think

  • adriano graziani
    adriano graziani

    It's a normal 4 3 1 2 scheme by Juventus. With Bernardeschi behind Ronaldo and Dybala. In the second half It was still 4 3 1 2 with Bentancur behind Ronaldo and Higuain. Never 4 3 3

  • Franco Bottacini
    Franco Bottacini

    Non ho capito un cazzo, ma grande juve lo stesso!

  • Shodipo Samuel
    Shodipo Samuel

    analyse sancho

  • Dpak Chhetri
    Dpak Chhetri

    Tu chutiya hai sala

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders

    What has happened to de light he is doing a lot of mistakes he did another mistake with the national team against Northern Ireland

    • Luca Peluso
      Luca Peluso

      he just need a few weeks or months to adapt

  • Wilfredo Garcia Jr
    Wilfredo Garcia Jr

    this indian accent so annoying

  • The Electrician
    The Electrician

    Sarri is the biggest dumb piece of fucking shit ever

  • hussain alhusaini
    hussain alhusaini

    Dude please learn how to spell names before you make a vedio.. You can't insult the fans by calling names randomly whichever you choose for example Juventus with (yo) not (jo), just like the ( j ) in Pjanic.. You pronounced it (Pia) yet you kept saying (Pianik)! While his name is (Pjanic = Pianich) do your home work please those are well-known clubs/players.. It's really annoying to miss-spell thier names.

  • Super Saiko
    Super Saiko

    Sarri hates Chelsea. He stuck to 4-3-3 throughout the season with ~70% possession. It was the opposite in the first half.

  • Sagar Kulkarni
    Sagar Kulkarni

    Why does the guy sound like he is giving out a secret?

    • Aakash Chrispin
      Aakash Chrispin


    • Bronze Eye
      Bronze Eye

      Maybe he dont want his mom to know that he's doing a video c:

  • Byukusenge Paul
    Byukusenge Paul

    Go for cricket, you don’t know football

  • Pablez94

    "De ligt had a very poor game" 17 interceptions, second only to bonucci's 18. LOL.

    • Jeremy SJ
      Jeremy SJ

      @Anthony Salerno L

    • Anthony Salerno
      Anthony Salerno

      Pablez94 stats are misleading,'watch the game buddy and you'll see why he had a poor game

    • Jeremy SJ
      Jeremy SJ

      Exactly and this same guy said Lukaku had a brilliant game lol!

    • Luke Psaila
      Luke Psaila

      God knows what he will do when he's mature enough and in his peak then.....hell will break loose.

  • Emiko

    I mean it's Pjanic (Pjanitschhhh) and not Pjanic (Pjanik) ... it hurts my ears !

  • Ammar Sazali
    Ammar Sazali

    love this analysis, please do more juventus match analysis! love Sarri love chelsea

  • Aman Vaidya
    Aman Vaidya

    Thought Lukaku had a bad game. But atleast i got to know some aspects of the game where he was good.

  • Gabriel Thomas
    Gabriel Thomas

    It feels like you are whispering...

  • Sugeng Effendi
    Sugeng Effendi

    If conte have good wing back, maybe can get different outcome

  • JL

    Excellent vid! Thank you for the explanation.

  • colet dsouza
    colet dsouza

    This is called SarriBall

  • Michael Caputo
    Michael Caputo

    It was not 4-3-3 bernardeschi was playing cam

  • Rohan Bardeskar
    Rohan Bardeskar

    Bro, do you play 'Top Eleven' football manager game? If not then pls do.. I'm pretty sure you'll rock it!!

  • no one
    no one

    You get my subscribe for your theory

  • yash shakya
    yash shakya

    I think juve used false 9 formation

  • Reinhard Okinda
    Reinhard Okinda

    Analyse how wolves beat city on Sunday, kindly.

  • mwccpark

    Four Tree Tree. india’s favorite position

  • nthir4

    Great video, and awesome analysis. Also by the way OV COURSE, WE ENJOYED THE VIDEO 6:07! 🙌👏

  • Antonio Liotta
    Antonio Liotta

    Very complete analysis, only one small aspect to mark is that Juve went to 4-3-3 with Higuain in the second half but only for 10 minutes as after that happened the team was not balanced and Inter took over. Only after Emre came in things went back to be ok for Juve.....

  • age$andros

    Ok man, but the analysis is cut. Lukaku won duels only in the first half, in the second De Ligt played very well and Romelu game was really ugly. You didn’t mean the 26 passes before goal. With 49% of possession, Juventus have given the sensation to dominate the opponent. Here in Italy Inter fans (and not only them) thought that Lukaku made an orrible game.. and they’re right. He won the duels against Matthjs at the first half, but then he has been a disaster.

  • Pritish Appadoo
    Pritish Appadoo

    Happy with Mister Sarri so far! He seems calmer than in Napoli and learning from his past mistakes (lack of tactical variety, lack of rotation). I did not expect the players would adapt this quickly to his ideas.

    • Sanjit Mohanty
      Sanjit Mohanty

      That's why it is called sarriball he uses brain here from players to pass nd separate oppennt players because, it's diamond formation by using barnadeschi, it is the... narrow midfield set up so that inter can't operate on that area because they miss sensi in the 2nd half completely and no one in the inter midfield to make space to opprate from middle now it's time for pijanic to shine in inters half to link up with Ronaldo, dybala, Higuain thrive through the the oppennts defence line, like a hot knife through butter

  • Ivan Palov
    Ivan Palov


  • Aria Strwn
    Aria Strwn

    sarri is not very good at Chelsea but he is very outstanding with Napoli, and now he is Juventus, Juventus have a higher quality than Napoli, my prediction Sarri will success with juve, Give him time like klopp with Liverpool

  • Chris Don't Miss
    Chris Don't Miss

    Y'all can hate me now but I truly think Matuidi is probably the biggest problem in the midfield. I've rarely seen such a bad player who always starts in one of the world's best teams. I mean it's true that he runs a lot and helps in the defence but he's so fucking weak at creativity, passing, technique, vision or ball posession and I'm wondering how I am the only one who sees that. Y'all need to watch him closely in a match. This dude can barely control the ball, struggles with simple through balls, absolutely no long passes etc. Sometimes I feel sorry that Ronaldo on the left wing has to combine with him when he used to combine with Marcelo before. The fact that a much more complete midfieler like Rabiot has to sit on the bench for a 32 year old Matuidi (or Khedira who is only slightly better than Matuidi) just makes me sad.

  • The Bizness
    The Bizness

    The Juve midfield pisses all over Inters with Pjanic alone.

    • Sanjit Mohanty
      Sanjit Mohanty

      That's why it is called sarriball he uses brain here from players to pass nd separate oppennt players because, it's diamond formation by using barnadeschi, it is the... narrow midfield set up so that inter can't operate on that area because they miss sensi in the 2nd half completely and no one in the inter midfield to make space to opprate from middle now it's time for pijanic to shine in inters half to link up with Ronaldo, dybala, Higuain thrive through the the oppennts defence line, like a hot knife through butter

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok

    I am a Chelsea. Call me ignorant but I never respected Sarri. He would have been fired had he not bailed out. I thought it took Chelsea too much time (tika-taka with no teeth)to score their first goals and half of the time they came from behind to try to tie or give the name.

  • LarsHD

    Lautaro Martinez is something special. I hope he does well in the future

    • solo leveling
      solo leveling

      he's purely physical...

  • Around The World With Football
    Around The World With Football

    de ligt once world's golden boy

  • strongraycool44 :D
    strongraycool44 :D

    The chelsea manager derby

  • AK-47 Channel
    AK-47 Channel

    Shit india

  • ELITE 1
    ELITE 1

    Pakistani guy(nouman) wants to be the next sarri

    • ELITE 1
      ELITE 1

      This guy who makes these videos love football Like sarri with no football background became a professional football coach I'm saying even Nouman wants to be a professional football coach There's nothing wrong with it dreaming big But he should give it a go

    • Be the change you want to see in this world
      Be the change you want to see in this world

      umm...what was the purpose of saying that....kuch bhi

  • EndlessInterestingFacts AroundTheGlobe
    EndlessInterestingFacts AroundTheGlobe

    Brother how do you not get copy right strike. Please tell me from where you download these FOOTBALL highlights videos. I'm a football fan and looking to use your method and this klipdraw software please tell me. I will appreciate it. Thanks

  • the mf boof
    the mf boof

    O familjen e indianit ta qifsha

  • Cem Karabulut
    Cem Karabulut

    Can u make Galatasaray vs Psg analysis video??

  • Joyo PGH
    Joyo PGH

    Remember Sarriball vs Manchester City 0-6

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla

      @Hakeen Yearwood It can go either way, your never know really how a match can go.

    • John Flanagan
      John Flanagan

      @Hakeen Yearwood yes they can. people underestimate bernardo silva but he is better then CR7 and Jao Felix. he is honestly the best player in europe right now.

    • Hakeen Yearwood
      Hakeen Yearwood

      That was against Chelsea. Sarri is now at Juventus. Manchester City can't beat Juve

    • Aria Strwn
      Aria Strwn

      Remember sarriball vs man city 0-0 until Penalty shoot-out

  • Joyo PGH
    Joyo PGH

    Let me cut to the essence of this video, Sarri has Ronaldo.

    • Im a Worm Before I am a Man
      Im a Worm Before I am a Man

      Pjanic made an assist for Dybala, Ronaldo was involved in the 2nd goal that started by a very good collective football and brilliant move by Bentancur and Pjanic

    • Loonation

      He has plenty of choice, not just Ronaldo

  • Lkgpuanimho 0
    Lkgpuanimho 0

    Two previous Chelsea managers

    • Gael G Y.
      Gael G Y.

      ​@Alx7i Sarri till have a long way to go to be at Conte level, especially with Conte's record! Not because wolve beats manchester City last sunday means that wolve's coach is better than Guardiola!! Come down with your excitement...

    • Ses

      @Alx7i Overrated? He won EPL in his first season! Neither Pep or Klopp could do that! Not to mention Sarri.

    • Alx7i

      @Joyo PGH Sarri is better than that overrated loser

    • Joyo PGH
      Joyo PGH

      Conte is better

  • Gia Phong
    Gia Phong

    Juve is just so good for Seria A. I prefer Conte who dominates the league without spending much. Look at former Chelsea and current Inter for the proofs.

    • Madd Dogg
      Madd Dogg

      @Gia Phong well Sarri si working with players that already were at Juventus too actually..

    • Ian Badawi
      Ian Badawi

      @Gia Phong if that's the case then Allegri is much better.

    • rahmat gunawan
      rahmat gunawan

      @Gia Phong then allegri much better xD, same team from last season n goin to ucl final

    • Gia Phong
      Gia Phong

      @rahmat gunawan I'm not saying he didn't buy any player. He can ultilize what the club currently have "without spending MUCH".

    • rahmat gunawan
      rahmat gunawan

      U know nothing buddy, conte once leave Juve cz he cant buy player he want

  • Lawrence Lim
    Lawrence Lim


    • Be the change you want to see in this world
      Be the change you want to see in this world

      umm ur soul is disgusting....tide pod?

    • john 79
      john 79


    • Aldin Hasanagić
      Aldin Hasanagić

      you're disgusting

  • anish tripathi
    anish tripathi

    What happen to your Facebook page

  • anish tripathi
    anish tripathi

    What happen to your FB page

  • Karan Rawat
    Karan Rawat

    Can you make one for City's loss against Wolves?

    • Just watch
      Just watch

      Karan Rawat wolves were too tight with their defense and also so poor shots by player that could have ended as goals.

    • Karan Rawat
      Karan Rawat

      @Just watch Yes but City made some tactical errors and Wolves' tactics were spot on, which is why City, with all their possession didn't have decent chances

    • Just watch
      Just watch

      Karan Rawat Nothing to say about that .. both the goals were on counter n mistake by the backline.

  • An Abd
    An Abd

    Please do city vs wolves game

  • enrico praditya
    enrico praditya

    Fucking indian accent. This analyzis is bullshit

  • Daniel Gosse
    Daniel Gosse

    I loved watching Sarri at Chelsea and I love watching him at Juventus.

    • Daniel Gosse
      Daniel Gosse

      Joyo PGH Less possession against Inter, morev dangerous play.

    • john 79
      john 79

      @Joyo PGH ant danger????goaaaaaaaaallllllllll you geniussss

    • Alx7i

      @Joyo PGH Yeah we sure saw that against Inter. Cry more

    • Joyo PGH
      Joyo PGH

      Possesion without any dangerous play

  • Cross Marian
    Cross Marian

    Waiting for this video since start of the season. A Chelsea fan analysing 2 ex-chelsea coach, and is a defensive type vs a offensive type.

    • Joyo PGH
      Joyo PGH

      Conte FTW

  • Nawaz Khan
    Nawaz Khan

    sarri balllllllllll best form of football🤗

    • Joyo PGH
      Joyo PGH

      Yes if you have Ronaldo

  • jmartyr31

    Your tactical analysis is always impressive. It's a joy hearing your analysis. Would love to hear your thoughts on CFC vs Lille.

  • Victor Evuarherhe
    Victor Evuarherhe

    Please do tactics on Chelsea game

  • Micah Tshibangu
    Micah Tshibangu

    Inter should have played a 3412 diamond. Ronaldo's dropping in between the lines could be taken care of without disrupting anything and still having a back 2 to have a numerical advantage. Have lukaku and Politano as target man and play it off to martinez as juventus midfield and centerback partnership are occupied. And when juve switched back to a 433 the 3412 diamond would still have the attack and midlfield occupied and a free man for inter in the build up. The 3412 can still play effective long balls and combine 1,2's between the attacking trident and and if the centerbacks stepping out will be costly as a one touch pass could release the target men into a 2v1. If inter played like this I predict 3-0. Great analysis Nouman

    • Bagoes Pattiwael
      Bagoes Pattiwael

      it is not just formation and counter formation man... sarri has high line pressure that block conte style of play from the back, sarri also has tiki taka which really hard to handle even when you park the bus, sarri also has quality team in his disposal even conte agree about that, your option is only do like fiorentina does, just park the bus and do some counter attack, but back then juve is just new to sarri ball, and they adapt very fast

    • Micah Tshibangu
      Micah Tshibangu

      rahmat gunawan what do you think they would do?

    • rahmat gunawan
      rahmat gunawan

      Wonderfull, did u think Juve would not doin anything?

    • Alx7i

      Lmao Inter was never going to win you delusional idiot

    • Micah Tshibangu
      Micah Tshibangu

      Amirul Haziq thankyou bro. This gives me more strength to chase my dream 💪🏾

  • thisisnotmyrealname

    Hey you're the first person I've seen with the same name as me. Where are you from?

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