MEET MY NEW ROOMMATES!! **Roommate Reveal**

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  • SmallieFryy

    STOP HATING ON JESSICA AND HER HUSBAND if they wanna move in the can maybe for a little while or something. why are people judging on other people decision. people never know when to mind there own business

  • liam parry
    liam parry

    in this video when Anthony is asleep on bar can anyone please tell me what that blue and white bottle drink is please I want one of those bottles

  • Chris Zarilla
    Chris Zarilla

    This is the weirdest bunch of ppl😂😂

  • Alan _H2763
    Alan _H2763

    I want Dennis to come back😭😭

  • WR Swagzz
    WR Swagzz

    mandy beautiful:)

  • Akinwale Gbadamosi
    Akinwale Gbadamosi

    Bruh married couple living in Brandon’s house awkward af

  • PalmdalesAdonis

    he's acting like he's happy lol

  • Liz Morales
    Liz Morales

    It should’ve been brawadis Anthony Jackie the guy who films

  • MessYourself 2
    MessYourself 2

    Everyone unsubscribe until stupid ugly rami and jessica move out and Jackie moves in

  • Amairany9

    the marred Couple should get their own house

  • Sunjot Grewal
    Sunjot Grewal

    I watch you live in the IT-my video

  • Andrea Rangel
    Andrea Rangel

    Weres Jackie

  • Syhk Maysh
    Syhk Maysh

    👑 👩🏻‍🦳 👗

    • Syhk Maysh
      Syhk Maysh

      I don’t know why I did this

  • Javo Cx
    Javo Cx

    what breed is his doggo?


      Javo Cx golden doodle i think

  • jeremias_gaming

    U guys be quit becuase jackie is boring

  • Hassan Dayoub
    Hassan Dayoub

    Isn’t that rugs house

  • Camz Donovan
    Camz Donovan

    I woulda stayed at home 😭

  • Ese-_-Guy Pro
    Ese-_-Guy Pro

    When he says father nike🤣🤣🤣

  • Alan1036

    Wtf why are you living with a married couple didn’t they buy a house I’m telling you right now there using you for money

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      @Azan Mohammad even if it's family you can still use them for money and mandi didn't have to move in she can live with her parents

    • Azan Mohammad
      Azan Mohammad

      No they are not using him they are family

  • Mariyah N
    Mariyah N

    I didn’t even know Anthony is his cousin what how could I not know that I know about Mandy And Jessica there sisters and there his mums sisters daughters didn’t know anything about Anthony that he was actually blood related how is he related who’s son is it and what are they to Brandon is he related from Brandon’s mum side


      Go to anthonys channel is called ShermanTheVerman youll find everything iut there

  • TBM Tube
    TBM Tube

    I can already see future videos of someone moving out

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      I know for a fact 100% when rami and jessica have kids they are moving out

  • Abel Rios
    Abel Rios

    Brandon acting skills r beyond trash 🤣🤣

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2


  • TyshanB

    Damn no Chanel 😫

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      She can live with her parents

  • Drake Stafford
    Drake Stafford


  • Emmanuel Jr Pierre
    Emmanuel Jr Pierre

    Imagine Dennis ends up coming back, I wish 🚫🧢

  • FaZe Carpet
    FaZe Carpet

    Chanel and Stephanie are moving in with Brian then right

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Just because Anthony moved out doesn't mean they are moving out eswell

  • Idk srry Bloods
    Idk srry Bloods

    Clint hell ya

  • Arath 704
    Arath 704


  • Zudo

    Ronnie can't even afford his own house for himself and Jessica so he gotta move in with Brawadis

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      I know right if brawadis never bought a house rami and jessica will be living on the streets

  • jaiden Casiano
    jaiden Casiano

    i know your address but i swear i won’t tell anyone i wouldn’t do that cause im a true fan😁

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      And plus if u do tell us the address it won't do shit

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Know one cares

  • Abiy Genene
    Abiy Genene


  • Kaylin Naidoo
    Kaylin Naidoo

    father nikee

  • Contrace

    Why does Brandon pretend to be someone he’s not in his videos? Does he just do it for the camera?

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo

    Poor mandi having to have her room connected to a would be able to hear everything

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2


  • Anna Paula Santa Cruz
    Anna Paula Santa Cruz

    I want to live with my cousins too 😍😂

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Thats abit stupid

  • alli M
    alli M

    I’m so confused to everyone finding a married couple living with them weird? Lol maybe cause I’m Hispanic but my parents when they were married they had roommates at first too

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Na rami and jessica are poor so they probably begged for brawadis to let them move in

  • Thomas Runninghorse
    Thomas Runninghorse

    brawadis videos dont hit like they used to😢

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      The roommates should've been Anthony Jackie Dennis Clint

  • Kevin Nuñez
    Kevin Nuñez

    Where’s Jackie

  • Crey Clan
    Crey Clan

    Wow only real family this sucks I thought like friends not cousins also the couple what is that they should be at there own house starting a family and a big reason this sucks is where is Jackie like what the hell this sucks 😭

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Jackie never moved in because they are ex but rami and jessica are so stupid they make me angry

  • GamesAndEdits4fun fahina
    GamesAndEdits4fun fahina

    wow not even jackie

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel

    If Anthony is 20 year old and the Legal age is 21 so Anthony is under age drinking

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Like he gives a shit

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2


  • choppa

    6:31 FART

  • XavierHQ

    Bruh imagine sleeping and hearing 6:15 at ur door

  • Hannah D
    Hannah D

    Should've been Brandon, Jackie, Anthony, Clint, Mama & Papa Rug & Booker

  • Hannah D
    Hannah D

    Brandon, Anthony, Clint & Booker can all stay the rest gotta go!

  • Jasmine González
    Jasmine González

    Jackie is for sure living there but she’s don’t have a room cause she is going to sleep with Brandon 😂

  • Hassan Wael
    Hassan Wael

    Who else was waiting for rug😕

  • AXEMORTAL Gaming
    AXEMORTAL Gaming

    I’m no longer watching his videos.

    • Azan Mohammad
      Azan Mohammad


    • Robert Brustad
      Robert Brustad

      Go ahead. We don’t care

  • The.young.ritch. Ballers
    The.young.ritch. Ballers

    Yo Brandon where is Jackie

  • Faith Cookies
    Faith Cookies

    Jessica's husband should have bought her a house instead of Brandon letting them live there. That's a bad husband

  • MUJ

    Ur most welcome brandon. My fav youtuber❤️

  • Maria Delacruz
    Maria Delacruz

    Jackie already has a spot she will be sharing a room with Brandon ...maybe this is the time they get back together forever 😃

  • Ali Zavala Lopez
    Ali Zavala Lopez

    Bro your address got leaked 😱


    Remember brandon vs lawrence jessica was on lawrences' side

    • Robert Brustad
      Robert Brustad


  • Ryan Negrea
    Ryan Negrea

    *He’s like a brother to me* .... Faze Rug be like😂

  • Heartless King Music Lyrics
    Heartless King Music Lyrics

    soooooo where jackie again

  • Sofiahdz21 Hernandez
    Sofiahdz21 Hernandez


  • lexia 09
    lexia 09


  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    You gotta love clint’s energy

  • Nicholas Ostiguy
    Nicholas Ostiguy

    I literally died when Brandon said " yo this priest is swagged out" then Klint said father Nike

  • A Nother
    A Nother

    weird, i can guarantee most of these people dont know or like eachother.

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Clint’s dropping an album

    • Edgar R
      Edgar R

      Why are you commenting so much

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck


  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Honestly kool

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Father Nike 😂

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Anthony brought the bottle!$

    • Edgar R
      Edgar R

      Ben Duck shut up

    • Ben Duck
      Ben Duck

      10:35. Their filming a porno

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    7:50 Honestly Rip Anthony.

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    Roommates number 2’s bed is gone.

  • Ben Duck
    Ben Duck

    I assumed Anthony was on the mat

    • Ben Duck
      Ben Duck

      7:50 Honestly Rip Anthony.

    • Ben Duck
      Ben Duck

      @Ben Duck Lol

    • Ben Duck
      Ben Duck

      Well no shit!

  • justjosh -_-
    justjosh -_-

    a married couple?

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