Meet the RICHEST Kid in America... (13 YEARS OLD)
FaZe Rug
Today I met one of the wealthiest kids in America.. And he showed me a tour of his insane mansion... WOW
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    subscribe right now to get me to 13 million subs and you will own a house like this in 5 years

    • Georgina Mcdonnell
      Georgina Mcdonnell

      I'm watching when you are 13 million

    • PxstelFlwrr

      FaZe Rug i subscribed It’s been five years And what u said was wrong.. SIKE I GOT A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE NO LIE

    • Jonathan Ramirez
      Jonathan Ramirez

      I wanna be just like you

    • Football world
      Football world


  • Daniel Bledsoe
    Daniel Bledsoe


  • DR2023 Zachary W
    DR2023 Zachary W

    Weird intro but OK

  • colton parks
    colton parks


  • Brody Mac
    Brody Mac

    Yeeet gang gang🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  • Cody Newton
    Cody Newton

    That house is 4 of my dads cars

  • jkl_laserd channel
    jkl_laserd channel

    thats cool

  • Jace Zemla
    Jace Zemla

    make funo danoldmeme

  • Party Cat
    Party Cat

    When the rich meet the richer

  • Libanés

    Tbh it looks pretty antique and didn’t impress me. It looks like a pretty average 2000 modern house from the inside. It’s outdated. He should modernize it since he’s the richest kid lol

  • Brayden Deacon
    Brayden Deacon

    This is how many times he said legit ⏬⏬

  • Vishwanath ReddyGouda N Patil
    Vishwanath ReddyGouda N Patil

    Hey my friends - you guys would have concluded the video showing us Jacuzzi. However, cool house. Anyone owns a condominium among the friends circle ? Incredible - 13.7 M subscribers including me 😁🤗😙

  • BlueBalcor

    4:12 a girl in the backround like if you saw

  • Dylan Morgan
    Dylan Morgan

    If Donald says yes then can you make a hide n seek in his house with the rest of faze

  • The BoyZ Clan
    The BoyZ Clan

    Is that donald trump as a kid

  • Fravtion Revolution
    Fravtion Revolution

    That is awesome

  • Krypto

    Awesome vid

  • Ksh Thoibi
    Ksh Thoibi

    How old are you faze?

  • One apple a day Keeps the doctor away
    One apple a day Keeps the doctor away

    Like to be reincarnated into Donald's son

  • The Murphy Mugs
    The Murphy Mugs

    WOW 🤩

  • 36 Beaufort
    36 Beaufort

    Faze Rug more like Faze pug lol

  • Milan Dinic
    Milan Dinic

    7:52 you could see that donald is wearing a rafael nadal hat (i am a huge fan of nadal)

  • Carlos Valdovinos
    Carlos Valdovinos

    Fuck you faze rug

    • The Murphy Mugs
      The Murphy Mugs

      Carlos Valdovinos what do you mean Carlos

  • BroskyWhoDatedHoski

    Bill gates watching.thinking aww reminds me of my guest house.just smaller hheheeh

  • Royce Syrett
    Royce Syrett

    No fair

  • Adriana Ramos
    Adriana Ramos

    I have a Honda Accord fully loaded I died 😂💀😂

  • FaZe Not in FaZe THE ND
    FaZe Not in FaZe THE ND

    It looks like a cod4 map

  • Melissa Cruz
    Melissa Cruz

    How old did y'all say this kid was? 😢

  • Jayden Berastain
    Jayden Berastain

    Why does it look like faze rugs

  • Sabrina Duljevic
    Sabrina Duljevic

    Tanner: Shows Up with a Car The Dad: *cute little car my friend*

  • Jamie arce
    Jamie arce

    We have a honda accord also

  • Agastya Sharma
    Agastya Sharma

    My ass is watching this in a small appartment that my parents own😂😂

  • Agastya Sharma
    Agastya Sharma

    Well he was born in a fucking awsome family😒😕

  • Jay Fuquay
    Jay Fuquay

    What happens when you lose your phone lmao

  • anamel Rodríguez
    anamel Rodríguez

    Hi you’re. cool

  • nason316

    My house $1 his house $12890997772002990892827788298892989928776727288191928828

  • Leo Simetin
    Leo Simetin

    9 minutes in. Faze Rug:This video is probobly like 45 minutes long

  • Dj Gamer
    Dj Gamer

    I am an ant towards *THEIR RICHNESS*

  • Dj Gamer
    Dj Gamer

    His dad was *showing off* Donald was nice tho

  • 15 15
    15 15

    Ohh my ghad they're so humble and very hospitable. Hopefully all rich person are like that ❤❤

  • Santino Yusingco
    Santino Yusingco


  • Gaastly

    Mr. Beast when sees this video , buys this boy's house and giving it away to some homeless guy 🌚❤️ . Like for Mr. Beast 👇🏻

  • Noah Draper
    Noah Draper

    Donald: Hey whats up rug. When faze rugs at my house. Me: OH NO HE'S HERE OMG! I LOVE HIS VIDEOS I AM SO BLESSED!

  • BMBGaming

    this kid is so lucky i would do anything to be in his place

  • H Wilky
    H Wilky

    You should make more videos with Donald and donlad


    God bless him

  • lil og
    lil og

    Rug: I feel like I don't belong here Me: bruh u have alot of expensive things

  • Shade Guy
    Shade Guy

    This kid was so cool

  • Nicholas’s Roblox adventures
    Nicholas’s Roblox adventures

    He is cool

  • Brooke Aston-Reese
    Brooke Aston-Reese

    i wish this was my house

  • Made 4 Kills
    Made 4 Kills

    What if the Donald here is Donald Trump and faze rug and tanner fox are time travelers


    f donald

  • Frederick Arku
    Frederick Arku

    am just think for you 100million

  • Frederick Arku
    Frederick Arku

    dont worry, we will subcribe, you get there soon 13million.

  • Mohamed wildhaan shareef
    Mohamed wildhaan shareef

    Can I have $999999999999999999999999999998765334577898765587656999999999999999999999999889988888888888888888888889999999999999999999999999999999999999999⁹9999⁹999999999999999999999999999999999999900099999999999999999999999⁹999⁹9⁹99999999999999999999999999⁹9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999⁹9999000000098765776654566 in cash


    I like you faze rug ;-)

  • Mohamed wildhaan shareef
    Mohamed wildhaan shareef

    Give me $9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999899999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 in cash

  • Mohamed wildhaan shareef
    Mohamed wildhaan shareef

    Can I have $9999999999999999999 dolars in cash

  • Mohamed wildhaan shareef
    Mohamed wildhaan shareef


  • Warren Kimbrough
    Warren Kimbrough

    The dad was kind of a douche

  • AR Bros
    AR Bros

    I wonder how they got so rich

  • Nathan Sawyer
    Nathan Sawyer

    I was born into a poor family life not isn't fair some kids jest get lucky

  • Lazaro Cortez
    Lazaro Cortez

    Did his dad win the latto or sum

  • Josesp -stackzz
    Josesp -stackzz

    Lol who give a fuck about this 😂

  • vzDrip

    Yo for sure make a hide n seek video here that would be lit.

  • YaBoi Emmett
    YaBoi Emmett

    I did not like the dad he was flexing at every corner literally

    • Lilvinylman's YouTube
      Lilvinylman's YouTube

      He was like “ Christ walked here”

    • BroskyWhoDatedHoski

      Rug coulda asked him to explain some parts of his home.cuz rug nvr has been there.

  • Le little Fox
    Le little Fox

    I love Tfox

  • Tar Pimenta
    Tar Pimenta

    1 like = Million dollars for you and Donald

  • Theafrican prince Tv
    Theafrican prince Tv

    I need some subscribers

  • jacqulene loredo
    jacqulene loredo

    Your dumb bunnyhopper

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