Melanie Martinez - Drama Club [Official Music Video]
melanie martinez
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Written and Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producers: Wes Teshome, Phil Botti & Ron Shapiro
Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Tyler Zelinsky
Co-Producer: Gergely Varga
Co-Director: Alissa Torvinen
Director of Photography: Josh McKie
Choreography by Brian Friedman
Production Design by Fernanda Guerrero
Costume Design by Christina Flannery & Melanie Martinez
Hair by William Blair
Key Make Up: Devan Weitzman
Special FX Make Up: Mo Meinhart
Edited by Niles Howard & Emilie Aubry
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Hodges
Post Producer: Seth Josephson
Music by Melanie Martinez, Jeremy Dussolliett & Tim Sommers
Casting by Anissa Williams, Zora DeHorter & Attila Mercel

Crybaby: Melanie Martinez
Mr Cornwell/ Drama Teacher: Scott Alexander Young

Ábel Indrei
Niki Krauczy
Daniel Kazarjan
Vivien Varga
Jozsef Horvath
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  • Dênis Alberto Cirurgião Plástico
    Dênis Alberto Cirurgião Plástico

    no one: Melanie: dRaMa CLuB

  • Jessica Morfin
    Jessica Morfin

    I love it

  • Deborah Louise
    Deborah Louise

    0:06 🥰

  • Dinora Amaya
    Dinora Amaya

    Worst film

  • Wellington ,
    Wellington ,

    4 MILHÕES ❤❤

  • К С
    К С

    Hello I LOVE you Вообще я русская,но ты мне очень нравишься,ещё у тебя очень классный стиль внешности!♡

  • Lucy Wilkinson
    Lucy Wilkinson

    I know no celebrities are gonna come to North Carolina so this is just what I do :(


    They can rip limbs off with their hands.

  • Yamaha Chan
    Yamaha Chan

    Me:where are you goingggg??????? :3333 My sister's:shut up 🙄🙄🙄 Me:I'ma take a bow so you can kiss my a** UwU My sister's:YOU LITTLE-

  • Ayane - Chan
    Ayane - Chan


  • Maria Salguero
    Maria Salguero

    OMG WAT U SAY *puts shoe in air*

  • mi.mi_crusty

    1:05 they look like they’re apart of the truth or dare movie lol

  • bLeAcH mE
    bLeAcH mE

    Her classmates are creepy af

  • Cindy Peñaloza
    Cindy Peñaloza


  • lariii saikoniw
    lariii saikoniw


  • تصميم بدون حقوق
    تصميم بدون حقوق


  • Sarah Gallego
    Sarah Gallego

    She never sings the word "the" in this song.

  • kauanzinhooo coimbra
    kauanzinhooo coimbra

    malenie i love you en lovo cry baby drama club

  • Pamela Urena
    Pamela Urena

    This one gave me chills

  • Luci Oliveira
    Luci Oliveira


  • xXSHARKXx 0
    xXSHARKXx 0

    Melanie Martinez i love your songs

  • XxGalaxywolfxX

    Yo who else realized who the guy was who was dancing with Melanie

    • leni cia
      leni cia


  • valerie lobban
    valerie lobban

    Do you just love it when you dismember your principle by hand?

  • Lupita Gonzalez
    Lupita Gonzalez


  • Nikkithecatty

    The 2k dislikes are the drama club 😂😂

  • Zoe Virtue
    Zoe Virtue

    Omg ya

  • Rita Hawkford
    Rita Hawkford

    #Drama club is the best song .❤❤

  • AkusiJitru

    Melanie Martinez Age 24 But looking 16

  • Joz Silas
    Joz Silas

    no one: not a single soul: not even ur momma: melanie martinez: IM WOKE ASF❌🧢🤭

  • Pixel cookie
    Pixel cookie

    dat was AMAZING but the ending freaked me ;-;

  • Gachaఌ Wolfie_playzシ
    Gachaఌ Wolfie_playzシ

    soooooooooo goodddddd

  • ItzPierre22 - Gacha Life
    ItzPierre22 - Gacha Life

    This song: **exist* The: *-ight imma head out-* Note: *i got inspired*

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez


  • Jazmine Jade Oliveros
    Jazmine Jade Oliveros

    Why did you kill the printable next time I'm going to report you to the police

    • Isabelle

      What printable?

  • itz cookie girl
    itz cookie girl

    Do you eat grow foods

  • Ally 33
    Ally 33

    Me: plays roblox People: starting drama Me: Says *I never signed up for ya drama byeee and* *just leaves before they have a chance to speak*

  • •M I M I•
    •M I M I•

    3:33 TRAUMAS ESE BRAZO SALIDO , ahre xd, (es bromo OJO)

  • Cecilia Marisol Morales
    Cecilia Marisol Morales

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  • •äšhlēÿ tòûżęl•
    •äšhlēÿ tòûżęl•

    Bruh.. that’s so dark 😭😭😭 I pissed my pants!

  • Panda Vlogs
    Panda Vlogs

    I just realized “I don’t wanna be an actress, living by a script” means she doesn’t wanna be fake and she doesn’t want people telling her what to do.

  • Rebecca Blogs
    Rebecca Blogs

    Melanie always the Queen

  • JEEZ

    You guys can watch the reversed version here: ❤️

  • Cherry Sënpai
    Cherry Sënpai


  • riverdale army
    riverdale army


  • riverdale army
    riverdale army


  • *-*Bella:3 gacha
    *-*Bella:3 gacha

    Meu deus Rancaram o braço e as pernas dele

  • Drago BUBNJIĆ
    Drago BUBNJIĆ

    do you like bunnys?i see mr. potato face are in bunny,drama club,nurse office...

    • Isabelle

      She had a pet bunny named whinne you can see it in dollhouse so i would think yes :D

  • e.x.e gacha fox Foxy
    e.x.e gacha fox Foxy

    did teay rlly just kill someone plz anzer

  • Peter Romero
    Peter Romero

    *Drama Club Kids Have Left The Chat*

  • crybaby

    Nobody: K-12 students: KiLl tHe PrInCiPaL

  • Michael acosta
    Michael acosta

    I wanna make Melanie screaming"wake up" my alarm sound

  • Leiloca Souza
    Leiloca Souza


  • Pudding Pandaa
    Pudding Pandaa

    I love how Melanie’s songs are based on school settings and she and her friends are the normal ones Also that ending though, oof

  • {}{}[]roblox potter[]{}{}
    {}{}[]roblox potter[]{}{}

    Bruh how did they take off his body parts? ;-;

  • iiiPink. xo
    iiiPink. xo

    When you don't get the part in a play.


    Nobody: Literally nobody: The thumbnail: ObJeCtIoN

  • unknown

    I’m sorry but the guy who grabbed the principals head and just started shaking it made me laugh-

  • Sushidaisy

    1:33 anyone in band/orchestra

  • Ruth E Randoms
    Ruth E Randoms

    My most memorable song on her whole K12 video which I had absolute pleasure in watching.

  • Roxanne Kalzi
    Roxanne Kalzi

    3 weeks late my bad💀


  • crescendo com belly Rodrigues
    crescendo com belly Rodrigues

    Os dente dela é feio

  • Skyllar Gallaxy
    Skyllar Gallaxy

    1. I woke up from a dream 2. I was sad because i was going to school 3. I met a pretty girl there 4. We became friends 5. And I went to bed again Read 2 first, then 3 then 4, then 1. Then 5.

  • Карина Кузовкова
    Карина Кузовкова

    Top notch! 🧸♡

  • senelisiwe dowera
    senelisiwe dowera

    She is one pretty girl 🥰😘😍

  • Sωєєт ємα
    Sωєєт ємα

    Who remember when dollhouse came out ?

  • ceren


  • Gacha Berry
    Gacha Berry

    3:12 I see the teacher with the principal A teachers pet. Lol

  • Lavender cute girl gamer
    Lavender cute girl gamer

    Will that's sick

  • Sr. panda
    Sr. panda

    Soy la única fan de melani que abla español

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