Memory Cards - Scott The Woz
Scott The Woz
Scott saves. Happy Halloween!
Music Used:
"At the Gravesite/Flight and Refuge" from Night of the Living Dead (1968)
"Boarding Up" from Night of the Living Dead (1968)
"Tonight's Prizes" by Dick Stephen Walte
"'Er Indoors" by Johnny Hawksworth
"Mystic Cave Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2
"Brinstar" from Metroid
"Dunegon" from The Legend of Zelda
"Graveyard" from StarTropics
"Valley of Bowser" from Super Mario World
"Cranky's Theme" from Donkey Kong Country
"Kurikinton (FATAL FURY 2)" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Dragon Roost Island" from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
"Witty Fellow" by Gerhard Trede
"Welcome to Station Square" from Sonic Adventure
"Spindlelegs" by Cedric Palmer
"Safety in the Sanctuary" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
"Bonus Theme" from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
"Dapper Don" by Frank Chacksfield
"Castle Theme" from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
"Unease" by Dick Walter
"Graveyard" by Johnny Pearson
"Ghost Child" by Dave Hewson
"Stealth by Night" by Jack Coles
"Scary Search" by Harry Lubin
"Savage Episode" by Len Stevens
"West Side Rumble" by Sam Spence
"Me for You" by George Callert
"The Creature (A)" by Gregor Narholz
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • David Jameson
    David Jameson

    Only downside to the unofficial GC memory cards was their tendency to corrupt much more easily. The actual storage material wasn't as robust so the product price could be reduced and compete with the official product, and that corner cutting showed sometimes, leading to stuff like a MadCatz 1019-block memory card corrupting once you filled more than about 200 blocks.

  • Hill Houston
    Hill Houston


  • Magnus

    4:40 What's this? "Coordinates. For a bomb." "GIVE ME THE CORRDINATES NOW." 4:48

  • Wyatt Nicholson
    Wyatt Nicholson

    Scott's talks about pumpkins and gets attacked by a fucking wii

  • Dingus Mcwingus
    Dingus Mcwingus

    Hey Scott ever heard of the madden curse?

  • Ian L
    Ian L

    Guys I think you missed the most important lore development in this episode Scat used the beptol bismol that is in the back

  • BraydeN64

    Only Scott can take a topic like memory cards and somehow manage to make it interesting.

  • Sergeant Noodle
    Sergeant Noodle


  • Cayden B
    Cayden B

    We all gonna ignore that steel wool and Chet shaft are back from the grave, and Wendy’s employee is dead.

  • YoshiMan2806

    3:21 Lmfao I left my brother’s Wii on for a whole day (he claims a whole week) and the power brick fried the console making it unresponsive. This was 10 years ago, Scott why did you remind me of this.

  • Kyle Bostrom
    Kyle Bostrom

    𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠.

  • Iron Yoshi
    Iron Yoshi

    Why Is Nobody Talking About How Wendy's Employee Just Died

  • The Speediest Gonzales
    The Speediest Gonzales

    “I’m gonna be throwing my first party in 4 years...” in his Mario Party video, he makes a joke about not being able to think of anything better to do than throw a party, so he thinks for it for 4 years, before finally deciding to throw his party...... the Mario Party video wasn’t even released before this. I cannot believe how genius Scott is with his writing, and he does it so subtly that it took me a few watches of this video to realize it. That’s just really cool.

  • X 3 R 0
    X 3 R 0

    My teacher said I was top of my class in kindergarten for remembering the alphabet and numbers and I give all the credit to my gameboy. I had a notebook full of passwords that I would have to put in for most of my games I played.

  • SilentVinyl


  • Kid Plays
    Kid Plays

    3:43 Did anyone see that fly?

  • Spog boy
    Spog boy

    Ayyo, what's the font on Chet's gravestone?

  • SamuelTheAdept

    1:48 I though he was gonna say a registered pumpkin offender

  • Transfixed

    Adam Driver was really good in this

  • SILVIO x
    SILVIO x

    i like how he referenced the mario party video by saying "i will first throw a party 4 years from now"

  • Insidious One
    Insidious One

    The video was sort of interesting, but I had to drop it just because of those lame skits, they are awful.

  • Insidious One
    Insidious One

    11:17 It was replicated, see Pocket Station

  • Jace Hyman
    Jace Hyman

    I learned something.... I think?

  • Kevin

    didn't require the pumpkin 'filler'

  • Videos can be Games
    Videos can be Games

    I used all my 360 storage is the first 6 months because I downloaded all the halos

  • Phoenix Ichini
    Phoenix Ichini

    3:37 you couldve just shown the number "2020"

  • Matheus Borela
    Matheus Borela

    I'm loving this expanded wozniverse

  • Austin Dowdle
    Austin Dowdle

    Madden 08

  • Jack Werland
    Jack Werland

    Scott could’ve watched the spongebob opening cutscene two more times to reach 69😔

  • Alkhemist 95
    Alkhemist 95

    18:53 Wii: *unzips*

  • Limegamer

    Don’t use a 3rd party GameCube memory card, I lost 10+ years of save data back in 2011 because it corrupted for no reason

  • Dhananjay Sharma
    Dhananjay Sharma

    3 minutes into the video and I thought this was about memory cards but Pumpkins are definitely more interesting....

  • im kam
    im kam

    that intro was one of the greatest things i’ve seen

  • Pins and Needles
    Pins and Needles

    I came back to this video today because my GameCube memory card with my data for games like Animal Crossing, SSBM and Metroid Prime got corrupted. I thought this video might tell me stuff I need to know as well as entertaining

  • meme_mechine_broke v1
    meme_mechine_broke v1

    18:52 ngl scott kinda thicc

  • Fire Dust
    Fire Dust

    9:47 Wait.....that existed?

  • Kacy Watson
    Kacy Watson

    I use 2 128MB memory cards for GameCube. That's 2000 blocks each, 4000 blocks in totel.

  • Princess Pink Heart
    Princess Pink Heart


  • Xeliicious

    How is Scott 23, he looks like an old baby and I mean this in the nicest way.

  • Fishy Mario cube
    Fishy Mario cube

    It has already been two weeks since this video was posted wtf

  • Depressed Charizod
    Depressed Charizod

    oh god my brain hurts

  • Yasso yoo
    Yasso yoo

    4:42 That's why I love Scott no homo

  • Kirusei Nagisa
    Kirusei Nagisa

    11:59 love how the Wendy's employee was able to read two lines ahead of him

  • backlashD

    This had an avgn vibe to it. I like it.

  • Beetle the Pyrrhian
    Beetle the Pyrrhian

    Scott can somehow rant, be educational, entertaining, and awesome all at once

  • kirby feels
    kirby feels

    5:03 the fucking NOISE

  • edgehead26

    It’s like I’m simultaneously having a fever dream and a stroke while watching this video.

  • Seikoto30

    6:50 did that memory card just fall into Madden 09?

  • Supe marzi
    Supe marzi

    Wait shoes connect to the wi-fi ?

  • Harry Horsey
    Harry Horsey

    u have no brain

  • RoboRat

    Him making fun of shoes with software updates :(

  • Crichton

    What's messed up to me is that there are children watching this right now who've never heard of memory cards. Time is a scary thing. Guess my folks would say the same about some things.

  • GodOf Gaming
    GodOf Gaming

    Just carry brink around at a party and say you’re dressed up as a virgin

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    I remember the first Animal Crossing GAVE you a memory card with the game .... I was like WHAT!!!!! the game must be huge! Wasn't disappointed.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    Dream cast memory card was a screen. I loved it!

  • Harley Lariat
    Harley Lariat

    It's weird that they brought up fruit blindness because bananas and pumpkins are technically categorized as berries, while the peel of the banana is itself a fruit technically

  • TUR Official Clan.
    TUR Official Clan.

    Hilarious video, I can tell lots of effort was put into it and I really appreciate your uploads

  • Connor Donnelly
    Connor Donnelly

    4:38 made me laugh so much “cords for a bomb”

  • nineEngine

    Your humor is so off the wall sometimes that I have to delay watching these until I'm less tired so I can actually follow whats going on. I'm 10 minutes in and I think I need to wait until tomorrow...

  • Mikko Valorinta
    Mikko Valorinta

    8:59 OK, I actually have to say, it _can_ matter that you get a cheap third party manufactured memory card: speed and reliability. I've had couple memory cards, especially on PSP, which were just ridiculously slow and would take nearly half a minute to load and save when official card would take several seconds. PS2/Gamecube era the saving and loading were already somewhat slow and especially if you are a kid, just having the ability to save and load is already amazing. One gamecube card would corrupt some data over the years (no brand card). So if you care about your save files, I would still rely either official or at least semi-known brands.

  • Zylo Wolf
    Zylo Wolf

    Fell behind the last few weeks, but now i can marathon essentially 4 or more new episodes i haven't seen before. What a time to be alive!

  • Rap Moreno
    Rap Moreno

    I watched this video a few weeks ago while drunk as all hell and it made everything much more enjoyable

  • Sacrow Gaming
    Sacrow Gaming

    Pumpkin party at Scott's place.

  • Jessica Leslie
    Jessica Leslie

    Coordinates for a bomb

  • havahog

    The opening feels like something out of Xavier renegade Angel

  • Poke Gamer29
    Poke Gamer29

    wait. Is Wendy's Employee dead (Rex Moes, Terry Lestler, etc.) Or dead dead (Chet Shaft, Steel Wool)

  • raccoon681

    I just checked my zelda 2 nes game the save file from the early 90's is still there... but a little bit corrupted all the palaces are not done now ..... but i have every thing else levels ect

  • Leofriend 0
    Leofriend 0

    Video starts at 3:19

    • Dbzboy


  • Shovel Knight
    Shovel Knight

    I'm going for person as Halloween next year

  • Paul James
    Paul James

    As a kid we had a PS1 without a memory card for the longest time. Playing Resident Evil 2 with no way to save added an extra layer of fear :D

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