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7-Second Riddles
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  • Alice Ross
    Alice Ross

    I'm now f*cked up

  • Nutshell Animator
    Nutshell Animator

    National riddles day is on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!??????

  • Lauren Saruk
    Lauren Saruk

    hi sssniperwolf im your bigist fan

  • Unicorns

    This is how many people live in Africa where I live😄 ⬇️

    • noodle tooth
      noodle tooth

      one like because we are one

  • Mark Dulle Dulle
    Mark Dulle Dulle

    Titel who is more stupid answer right i think

    • Mark Dulle Dulle
      Mark Dulle Dulle

      Is going to die

  • Alexander Ma
    Alexander Ma

    No I was not at the water park with Emma. Lol

  • Galaxy_wolf UwU
    Galaxy_wolf UwU

    I don’t think Arial has brown eyes

  • midnight rose
    midnight rose

    There is no valcono in Africa!

  • mugisha ntaganira
    mugisha ntaganira

    you know you look like and sound like ariana grande

  • Autumn and Ava
    Autumn and Ava

    (On the one with the guy who faked a robbery) the answer should of been if the robber actually broke or went through the window the alarm would of went off. ;-;

  • Lol Surprise
    Lol Surprise

    The first riddle was hard because the hair of the doctor was hiding!

  • Shannon Irelan
    Shannon Irelan

    SSSniperwolf how was your summer Me good SSSniperwolf i will come to your house and suprise you maybe

  • Gaming cookie
    Gaming cookie

    is it just me or did just use the background from gacha club 😯

  • Zakaria WoodardHoward
    Zakaria WoodardHoward

    wait...who took the picture for him.-? THAT'S SUSPICIOUS

  • Lilian Miller
    Lilian Miller

    You are my favorite riddle solving.

  • Cj Monteiro
    Cj Monteiro

    Your my idol sssniferwolf!!!

  • SuperLollypop9999

    The first one is sooo messed up

  • vickmar guerrero
    vickmar guerrero


  • Leafie Queen
    Leafie Queen

    I mean line smh

  • Leafie Queen
    Leafie Queen

    Lol if the girl being mia who nocked out jafar was a member or a Lin lover she be like:giving your reward your eternal reward

  • Anneme Van Gend
    Anneme Van Gend

    In afrika you don't really have active volcanos

  • Catherine Guppy
    Catherine Guppy

    My name is MIA that means I did lol

  • Lethabo Mathekga
    Lethabo Mathekga

    There ain't no volcano in Africa ok!! I know cuz I live there And plus there is more than just south africa

  • Chey Venter
    Chey Venter

    I'm living in south africa! How do you know

  • Michaela Stevens
    Michaela Stevens

    Red hair



  • Altınay Yadoğlu
    Altınay Yadoğlu

    İt's vegetarian not vegan tho 😅😂

  • Ceridwen Donkin
    Ceridwen Donkin

    a vegetarian that eats meat is called a peskatarion

  • Mia Thandeka Swinnen
    Mia Thandeka Swinnen

    wait there are absolutely no volcanos in south africa! I know my culture

  • Mia Thandeka Swinnen
    Mia Thandeka Swinnen

    The anser is SSSniperwolfe!

  • Haleigh Jaquish
    Haleigh Jaquish

    You stupid

  • d kotwal
    d kotwal

    you are stupid sssniper wolf ...........really......but i still love you so very muchhhhhhhh

  • daton brice
    daton brice

    I never went to din to land I ment to say funny land

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose

    In the Mr. Woodman one the son must have been peskitarian (probably not how it’s spelled) because he ate the fish.

  • The Squad
    The Squad

    Rose's are red, violets are blue, I love Lia, how about you??

  • Wolf spirit1
    Wolf spirit1


  • Adison Ruffin
    Adison Ruffin

    DigitalNex: how much do you wanna roast Mia? SSSniperWolf: *Y E S*

    • Sadie Rey
      Sadie Rey


  • Amanda walker
    Amanda walker

    Plz don't say America🇱🇷 like that I live in America🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷plz don't say it like that

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer

    6:01 you do realise there are states in Australia too right?

  • Ines Perez
    Ines Perez

    Alisson Brta

  • Riley Vangsakoun
    Riley Vangsakoun

    22M nice

  • Lander Rulona
    Lander Rulona

    jojo bizarre adventure

  • fnaf pro
    fnaf pro

    Why does look Indian


    my dads name is jafar

  • Baba Camara
    Baba Camara


  • Deep Gill
    Deep Gill


  • Deep Gill
    Deep Gill

    And maybe a good name for roblox is: sniper7Wolf2 is a good name!

  • Deep Gill
    Deep Gill

    Sooo I just want a new video Of u Play roblox adopt me! so yeah Maybe your name like this in roblox

  • jeng11251

    I'm 9

  • jeng11251

    My name is riah

  • Scarlett Balmer
    Scarlett Balmer

    Vegetarians eat eggs fish and drink dairy and anything that comes from an animal but a vegan doesn’t have any of it

    • nishantvasudev9

      vegetarians don't eat fish? I can confirm because I am vegetarian, get your facts right next time.

  • ma huimin
    ma huimin

    Ariel looks deformed 😂😂😂

  • Imran Shahid
    Imran Shahid

    ARIEL did it

  • Christer Bell
    Christer Bell


  • bijoux green
    bijoux green

    fish is not meat! XD

  • June

    What is dr. Phil???

  • mthokozisi mthembu
    mthokozisi mthembu

    salmon is fish love u thoe .. u

  • animal lover 360
    animal lover 360

    Would you stand up for us

  • the boi you know on YOUTUBE
    the boi you know on YOUTUBE

    Im blue da ba dee da ba die if i was green i would die if i was green i would die

  • the boi you know on YOUTUBE
    the boi you know on YOUTUBE

    He owns it so he is good not bad

  • sheila salut
    sheila salut

    See dares a bite on the steak that means its poison

  • Azra Zoha Chowdhury Azra Zoha Chowdhury
    Azra Zoha Chowdhury Azra Zoha Chowdhury

    2:14 lia said DIDNEYLAND

  • miss Clifton
    miss Clifton

    Pescatarian is we’re u not eat fish

  • susi rahmi
    susi rahmi

    my name is sniper that a crazy weird name hehehe

  • susi rahmi
    susi rahmi

    sssniperewolf im a big fans your so funny and smart i love you bye 😇😇

  • justruby123

    fact: elbrus is a real mountain

  • M M
    M M


  • B gamer_girl mia 123
    B gamer_girl mia 123

    I love your videos

  • Nene The princess
    Nene The princess

    My cousin :ur dumb Me: nO I SoLvEd ThIs :) SnIpErWoLf SaId OnLy SmArT pErSoN SoLvE iT :D

  • I am a cute dog The last cute dog
    I am a cute dog The last cute dog

    XD it works

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