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  • Also Fitz
    Also Fitz

    i'm well aware that I haven't posted a main channel video in a long time. to tell you the truth it really bothers me too. i'm trying to return to that channel as soon as possible, it just hasn't been a very funny time for me lately. i hope you'll be happy with what i post when i post it.

    • Everlasting Summer
      Everlasting Summer

      Who else wants a bite of that cheese? Because I sure do.

    • nadav lev
      nadav lev

      whats wrong? what happend? ( he wrote it wasnt a fun time for him lately)

    • Cristian Esquivel
      Cristian Esquivel

      It's all good bro. Take care of yourself first cant have fitz without fitz

    • Astro_Nutilus

      The Raw content is what I've always enjoyed. Stay true to yourself. It doesn't always have to be hilarious.

    • Not Stűbby
      Not Stűbby

      i think u forgot ur password on ur main account fitz

  • Yua OwO
    Yua OwO

    What happened to the cheese???

  • ilan yzaguirre
    ilan yzaguirre

    Where can I get that light stick in the back????

  • Ryan Appelbaum
    Ryan Appelbaum

    its sad watching this video and seeing carson and fitz chatting like they are still friends... although I hope they have worked things out again

  • Kristian Kalinkina
    Kristian Kalinkina

    Just like kate

  • Jacob Lindow
    Jacob Lindow

    Is this made my kate

  • Peter Arquati
    Peter Arquati

    Cheesus christ

  • Unhumanized

    *got the cheese*

  • Lenni Patchwork
    Lenni Patchwork

    this guy out there taking bites off of some of the most expensive cheese while i eat noodles all fkn day and cant afford to sprinkle some of that shit over them

  • Ghost 17
    Ghost 17

    If katerino used that title don’t think the video would not be safe for IT-my maybe on other tube site tho

  • Xtro Gaming
    Xtro Gaming

    Ryan must be like:- Yup Cheese is really important

  • Annette Cameron
    Annette Cameron

    6:07 did any buddy else see what is says on the screen

  • Super Weston
    Super Weston

    nobody knows but the video title is inspired by katerino

  • Kyle Ramgeet
    Kyle Ramgeet

    Next Video : Messing with Carsons Girlfriend (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • Sly3c

    what is that light he has in the background?

  • emayex

    Guess who else was messing with their manager

  • SpikyNinja

    Awwww.... I miss Carson and Fitz laughing together after the Drama..

  • Aidan Jenkins
    Aidan Jenkins

    when he tasted the cheese it reminded me of the fucking scene from ratatoille

  • Roar Sørensen
    Roar Sørensen

    I bet his favorite cheese is cheatercheese

  • NOEH 1607
    NOEH 1607

    I thought that Markiplier wth

  • Josh Fagan
    Josh Fagan

    Half the comments are pathetic asf

    • Jocelyn Yockey
      Jocelyn Yockey

      @Maymeen Islam Ahhh kate is buwwy u a buwwy man come won

    • Maymeen Islam
      Maymeen Islam

      Tf u mean

  • Harry Hurrell
    Harry Hurrell

    ‘Messing with my manager’ *Katerino depersonalisation intensifies*

    • Jocelyn Yockey
      Jocelyn Yockey

      Your so funny and original

  • Sebastian Santana
    Sebastian Santana

    More like messing with my friends girl

  • NatNat Ralph
    NatNat Ralph

    Thought this was katerinos video by the title

  • Vincent Lim
    Vincent Lim

    no way fitz smashed katerino's manager while she was with fitz. i see this as an absolite win

  • StoneTheCreator

    The incredible bulk is a real film as well lol

  • The New Kid
    The New Kid

    picasso was acubist and nothing like what cam drew, I'm sorry for being a nerd

  • Gordon Cosby
    Gordon Cosby

    Katerino messes with her manager as well And you by the looks of things

  • Forgotten Soul
    Forgotten Soul

    The Top comment didn't age well...

  • Jen Price
    Jen Price

    "Messing with carson by boning is whore girlfriend kate"

  • Matsu Trees
    Matsu Trees

    you know who else was messing with their manager KA

  • называй меня папочка или еще
    называй меня папочка или еще

    More like messing with my friends girl

  • Rayne Longstaff
    Rayne Longstaff

    The title of the video is quite similar to what Katerino did while in a relationship with Carson #fuckkaterino

  • Patricia Boomer
    Patricia Boomer

    did carsons girlfriend come up with the title


    YOOOO Katerino messed with her manager too

  • yunohastic

    Katerino loves to mess with her manager

  • Numb Out Of Pain
    Numb Out Of Pain

    Katerino also messed with her manager 👉😖👈

  • Feradit PL
    Feradit PL

    Well I know one guy that’s getting unemployed now

  • Rog Rig reboot 2020
    Rog Rig reboot 2020

    Well Fitz and Carson didn't she well...

  • Kros Pereira
    Kros Pereira

    Fitz ain't the only one messing with their manager

  • Emani

    “messing with my manager” didn’t kate do that too!?

  • Evodius Okki
    Evodius Okki

    Good time.....

  • Snootcalag

    You and katarino both messed with your manager's.

  • cammie cam
    cammie cam

    Carson in a Fitz vid awkward😂

  • Flawless

    That title makes kate look like a pleb

  • TheMGuy

    You're not the only one messing with their Manager

    • Meme Master
      Meme Master


  • Dionistanski

    The title of this video seems very familiar.. Plus 3 people

  • TTV_Pixleman21_YT

    Katerino be like (insert title of video)

  • Cat Hawk
    Cat Hawk

    This video aged like cheese


    Guess who also messed with her manager

  • Maxim Taylor
    Maxim Taylor

    Hey would you look at that. He is follwoing Katerino's steps, messing with his manager.

    • The Council Of sheeps
      The Council Of sheeps


  • Sawyer

    “Messing with my manager”

  • Mauro Valente
    Mauro Valente

    Katerino stole your title. And applied it in real life.

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby

    is it not weird that while filming this video fitz new he was fucking carson's girlfriend

  • Kn3 Knight
    Kn3 Knight

    Katerino was also messing with her manager

  • DOOPIE 325
    DOOPIE 325

    This title seems kinda familiar

  • Emaad Salman
    Emaad Salman

    anyone here after rumors of the cheating came out

  • TimDaTim

    Damn Katerino would love that title.

  • James Revay
    James Revay

    I thought this was a Katerino video based on the title

  • Minimal Effort
    Minimal Effort

    You too?

  • heroinfather


  • SCP 3303
    SCP 3303

    "messing with my manager" more like "messing with my friends girl and not responding cause i think being a fucking coward will solve everything for me HAHAHAHA"

    • Ethan Wicks
      Ethan Wicks

      He apologized

    • suicidal bullshitter
      suicidal bullshitter

      @John Smith lol you just got fucked

    • SCP 3303
      SCP 3303

      @John Smith are you stupid? That's blatantly obvious but the only way a relatively "good" outcome could come from this for him is if he addresses the issue publicly. Allowing such a huge following of people to fester on their emotions for any longer would be ridiculous and contribute to an even bigger fallout from this. I'm not here for a discussion, I came here to make a joke so in the politest way possible, fuck off

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      You do realize no matter what he does he's going to face criticism? If adknowledges his wrong doing he will be criticized. If he doesn't say anything he'll be criticized. If he tries to maneuver around and Dodge the issue he will be criticized. There's no right move he can make right now besides waiting for the heat to die down and then making a statement.

  • My perspective
    My perspective

    More like messing with your friends emotions.

  • ManiX207

    that was some good as cheese damn

  • OGMastaFlex

    shit i thought i was on kates channel

    • Victor Bessa
      Victor Bessa


  • Joshua Van Zyl
    Joshua Van Zyl

    was hoping he would order a machete or stab the slice of cheese into the wall and just leave it there

  • LeoIsNotGoat

    Hey that's what Kate did

  • Rom _0408
    Rom _0408


  • ahebird

    so the video starts 5 minutes in...


    12:27 when he realized what he had done to his friend

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