• BumbleBee

    In a decade or 2 people will be asking Ariel what was it like to interview Mike Tyson. As an fight interviewer once you’ve interviewed Mike Tyson how does it get any better than that.

  • beverly ejackson076] crystal zking087
    beverly ejackson076] crystal zking087

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  • gcoffey223

    Ariel gets to interview Mike Tyson!!

  • Muhammad OzdoPayhmar
    Muhammad OzdoPayhmar

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  • Josh Irish
    Josh Irish

    I’m glad everyone loves Mike but growing up with a Mike Tyson for a bigger brother was not fun! I mean my brother is built like him and has the same temperament as young MT. I’m still seeking therapy even though it’s been years and I live in a completely different state but still have nightmares of him being here beating the pulp out of me! It’s good he’s turned his life around but glorifying the fear and intimidation he’s created is something even he’s not proud of. That’s because it’s violence and once committed no matter for what reason it’s sticks with you just as much the victim trauma sticks with them.

  • oko

    Everytime mike tyson answers "I don't know" he isn't trying to brush off the question. You can tell hes thought about it, and legitimately doesn't know the answer himself.

  • The Not Chosen
    The Not Chosen

    I think you are dreaming mike and if you go bare knuckle you will get hurt go enjoy life mike you have had your day

  • R

    I typically dont like Ariel.......hes got some unpleasant female traits.........he can be spiteful manipulative and provocative like a woman, but he didnt do any of that in this interview.

  • SikhJedi

    Man. Mike Tyson has grown into such a beautiful human being. So happy for him

  • callum Roberts
    callum Roberts

    I just think he's great. So calm too, I am yet to see an interview where someone doesn't bring up about "the old Mike tyson" I would have exploded being asked every interview about who I use to be instead of who I am now

  • Rose Hans
    Rose Hans

    Ariel is sooooo good. A master at QAQ - Question Answer Question. Just brilliant! Well done Ariel. Continued success

  • Ant Johnson
    Ant Johnson

    I love the new Iron Mike Tyson!!

  • William McCravy
    William McCravy

    I Salute Mike! So happy to see this brotha doing well! He looks happy

  • M.K. Wallner
    M.K. Wallner

    Love the respect Tyson is getting! It really gives me a kick!! Here we have a guy who's cards are stacked against him because of the color of his skin, yet he not only prevails, but annihilates the white supremacy pictures so many keep in their heads and asserts himself as the physically strongest man on Earth. A black icon is born!! And now, decades later, and with Tyson being the business man that he is, we also know for certain that his mind is equally blessed. His business ventures beyond prosper, and we wish him well :)

  • M.K. Wallner
    M.K. Wallner


  • Robinl52

    I Love This Man Mike Tyson > A Mike Tyson quote, ( Life is a Flicker Of Light ) NICE lol lol I also have to at mitt some of the questions was crazy to listen to. Who was that guy any way..........

  • Bloom Mind
    Bloom Mind

    king Mike!!

  • Muzamal Nazir
    Muzamal Nazir

    Great questions ariel seems very sincere, not usually a fan of yours

  • ZEN Controller
    ZEN Controller

    Helping yourself by helping others!!! Thats how i live my life!!!! Great to see mike back and strong mentally. He looks comfortable with his life now. Very happy for him!!!

  • Carlos

    "Life it's just a flicker of a light" Iron Mike. Gonna make me cry man.

  • Carlos

    I grew up watching this guy smash people. It's really cool to see him high and present. Tyson for president 2024. Plants need brondo!

  • SuperGGLOL

    Seeing all these comments, and seeing how everyone understands and appreciates mike just gives me hope for humanity. It’s good to see that people understand the wisdom that mike speaks.

  • Mike Woodson
    Mike Woodson

    GREAT INTERVIEW! Some of y’all should show respect! The man on the right, Mike Tyson, was once the baddest man on the planet who feared no one. Read his story, watch the old videos, then come back and comment! BTW, right now today, you do not want to get anywhere close to a ring w this man.

  • So Core
    So Core

    I think Mike loves the pigeons because they always come back.

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B.

    I get the feeling that if Ariel kept pushing certain topics he would be very happy this is not a face to face interview.

  • Hegilian

    The idea of doing something difficult for the benefit of someone other than yourself, or your own family, is foreign to Ariel. Every time Mike alluded to him giving back to humanity, by helping those who need help the most; Ariel was like "What do you mean? What are you talking about?". The culture Ariel comes from doesn't understand what Mike is feeling, and the Holy Spirit of Wisdom that is motivating him. His grass roots charity isn't some scam to ultimately take advantage of people. He genuinely wants to help make a righteous and positive change in the lives of those who are being downtrodden by your people, for his own personal atonement to The MOST HIGH.

  • joemcphila

    "Im looking forward to pitching punches into my opponent"

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick

    Tyson is back. He’s crazy again. He’s going to Roy’s dressing room before the fight and knocking him out

  • john murray
    john murray

    Well done Ariel

  • Persianprince P
    Persianprince P

    Mike is the only man who says “ I don’t know “ and explain afterwards

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Mike Tyson seems like such a genuinely nice person. I just wanna give the guy a huge hug! Good Luck this weekend!

  • Dave

    The Champ has become a warrior poet, what a legend. Ariel did a masterful job at conducting this interview like a fine symphony. All around outstanding.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    @8:25, Response from a killer.

  • Lucas Godoy
    Lucas Godoy

    Can´t wait to see

  • Isaiah 53
    Isaiah 53

    "I know that I'm in a fight and that's all I need to know" Mike Tyson 2020

  • Isaiah 53
    Isaiah 53

    Mike Tyson, please humble Deontay Twerker for the good of boxing

  • Rachel Wright
    Rachel Wright

    Mike Tyson you will always be my boxing hero, good luck 🍀🍀 & stay blessed 🙏 xx

  • John Park
    John Park

    I hope the money gets to the grassroots charities ..

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams

    I predict a first-round knockout from Mike Tyson... Mike Tyson's back... The boxing world will be locked down for at least another five years... We got another George Foreman on our hands... Does anyone remember what George Foreman said about Mike...

  • Che Nieves
    Che Nieves


  • Deborah Barnes
    Deborah Barnes

    Cop pulls me over and asks if I've been drinking Me: hey, listen

  • Riley Wood
    Riley Wood

    Ariel is the most underrated interviewer ever

  • Brian Barcus
    Brian Barcus

    Excellent interview!

  • Naveed Farbakhsh
    Naveed Farbakhsh

    Wow, this guy is an awesome interviewer. THIS IS HOW YOU DO AN INTERVIEW. Just machine gun the questions. Love it!

  • Alley

    'no knockouts allowed, hard sparring only" LOLOLOLOLOL

  • shawn s4194
    shawn s4194

    Tyson is securing his seat in heavens gate. Keep doing great things champ, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Finish strong.

  • Omar Ambachtsheer
    Omar Ambachtsheer

    I hope Ray Corona take good care of these legends

  • MMA Warzone
    MMA Warzone

    Ariel is the Goat of Interviews. Submission radio is right behind

  • 2DEEP2MUCH 420
    2DEEP2MUCH 420


  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis

    How can you not love Mike Tyson and his raw brutal honesty?

  • No Cap
    No Cap

    I would kill someone for mike

  • zach wahe
    zach wahe

    The Jerry Rice reference couldn't be more accurate coming from a die hard Niners fan. 😭

  • Nickie B
    Nickie B

    This is awesome legendary no matter what happens ima buy the fight tonight after watching this interview

  • Matthew Halleran
    Matthew Halleran

    He is a great interviewer

  • Rawand Salaye
    Rawand Salaye

    “ Fear is something that God gave us to keep us alive “ - Mike Tyson

  • Matty Wyett-simmonds
    Matty Wyett-simmonds

    Mike, please take the mouthpiece out so we can hear you Mike; wuth mouth pieth?

  • flymingo the fittest
    flymingo the fittest

    Daniel Jacob just won Mike better win Brownsville Stone & liberty is where his grandma use to live befor they change it to Mother Gaston


    Love the great mike tyson!!

  • Robby T
    Robby T

    Ariel sounds like a psychologist interviewing his patient. Ariel: "After you left the ring over 15 years ago and I told you would fight again would you believe me?" Tyson: "Not in a million years, no." Ariel: "Who was that guy back then?"

  • JJ

    Roy jones retired in 2018. Is it fair on Tyson?

  • Christian Buchholz
    Christian Buchholz

    When Mike talks, you just get the impression he isn't giving 'Media Answers', He is being honest when he says he is nervous and stuff

  • Chase Cypka
    Chase Cypka

    this is never a real wall of books...:)

  • Nick

    Why? money that's why


    Mike is so humble now hope he gets the K.O 4rd

  • Skoda La Skoda
    Skoda La Skoda

    Mike Tyson was a great fighter and has become a great man.

  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell

    Your still lost Mike ! You need a relationship with JESUS !! AND NOT RELIGION !! Talk to Roy Jones he has found The TRUTH !!

  • Kieran Carlin
    Kieran Carlin

    Ariel always pussycat the most awkward questions and tires too drag up issues with every single fighter.. no wonder ufc kicked him out of the press only reason I listen every week is too hear from the actual Fighters. And love DC too

  • Kieran Carlin
    Kieran Carlin

    Ariel is so annoying every single time. With his hoping tousand annnnnnnd tweeeety! Every single week is just too much.

  • ICM


  • James

    One of the best interviewers

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