Mikey Williams Goes LOCO In HEATED Match-Up in ATL! Atlanta Celtics 16u Squad Was TOO TURNT!
Mikey Williams and the Atlanta Celtics 16U squad heated match-up today at the On The Radar Hoops event.
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  • MagicC YT
    MagicC YT

    #2 #5 and #24 are cold

  • Mehmet Akif Saygın
    Mehmet Akif Saygın

    why he playing with air pods

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    Ain’t no way they’re 16 and under

  • domosix

    He wearing AirPods

  • Deborah Tate
    Deborah Tate

    Peep when the lady in the back ground say hell naw

  • Demarco Goss
    Demarco Goss

    Is Mickey listening to music during a game?

  • DeAmiyn Elston
    DeAmiyn Elston

    On foenem grave these refts bougs asf we can’t even wear ear rings but they can wear air pods

  • Mr. Drawing Time-Lapse
    Mr. Drawing Time-Lapse

    That guy who pushed Mikey looks like flight.

  • Wristy

    this u16s them boys look like seniors

  • ItsKhazi

    1:55 they gettin hype when they bro got clamped up🤣💀

  • YvngGuala

    6:02 💀

  • Linda Agbara
    Linda Agbara

    Did anyone notice the score board 0_0 19-2 i thought home already scored.........

  • Moxii

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy 💕 My Dream is 512 subs before September ! Help is appreciated and God Bless You

  • Moxii

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy 💕 My Dream is 512 subs before September ! Help is appreciated and God Bless You

  • Jordan Webster
    Jordan Webster

    6:00 dude shut up 😭

  • NYC

    He better enjoy all that fame now, selling his soul to be cool with the white people, it won't last forever, the same people you see on the way up is the same people you see on the way down. The white people will take all that Fame and money away as soon as he makes his first mistake or messes with the wrong white girl.

  • Nick Wong
    Nick Wong

    so trash

  • Ricky Ciccia
    Ricky Ciccia

    Number 5 was stealimg the show, fr

  • Tedd 43
    Tedd 43

    When was this game?

  • XNG films cunanan
    XNG films cunanan

    Lmao who was number 1 in the white jersey. Anyone know who tf he is? HAAHAHAHA

  • Viral Toxicity
    Viral Toxicity

    He rarely touched the ball

  • In the Paint Pitchin'
    In the Paint Pitchin'

    BallisLIfe Covid Edition Mikey Makes the Game Look Too Easy

  • Christian Saeler
    Christian Saeler

    Swear I thought Mikey had AirPods in

  • Scooter Family
    Scooter Family

    2:15 "Kobe"

  • Lil Speedy
    Lil Speedy

    Man I hope Mikey don’t peek his peers are getting better


    6:08 you hear number 1s mom scream?

  • TheLivingWeirdo

    This nigga didn’t even go crazy and they lost at home 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Cal Lando
    Cal Lando

    I thought he ran with the Compton magic tho???

  • Martin Pham
    Martin Pham

    He switched da team?

  • KervinLordHD

    Why they play at a crusty gym?😂😂

  • Charles Nana
    Charles Nana

    Y’all really need to watch out for #15 (Chauncey Wiggins) his most recent offer is from Missouri State and he has 12 Official offers from Major D1 schools like Georgia and Clemson Edit: He’s also going to be playing Basketball at Grayson High School alongside Ian Schiefflin (2021 Prospect) this upcoming school year.

  • WaveyyQ

    😱 I just thought about it .... Mikey vs. sharaffe cooper or however you spell it

  • WaveyyQ

    Wow... Im from Atlanta & they suck😑 just a disappointment to da city

  • mannymaniacYt

    5:58 hell naw 😂😂😂

  • GlaxGaming

    Mikey chilling w AirPods on court lmao

  • Jaden Scott
    Jaden Scott

    That’s my school amazing

  • Aaron Vercetti
    Aaron Vercetti

    This game in 9th ward 😭

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation Mintah
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation Mintah

    hol up are those airpods in his ears

  • Out play Nation
    Out play Nation

    What did Mikey have in his ear

  • It’s.jamiyah._ !!
    It’s.jamiyah._ !!

    6:01- his voice killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭 !

  • hAhAtdOg

    is this recorded before or they suddenly just forgot that there's covid 😷

  • Jerry Nabarrete
    Jerry Nabarrete

    hit or miss tik tok

  • Aziah Phillips
    Aziah Phillips

    Dont he look like deestorying

  • Jemel Robinson
    Jemel Robinson

    Mikey plays no defense...

  • charlie ferrari
    charlie ferrari

    That gather up at 6:35 was so fuckn cold

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    mikey supposed to be with 2022 don’t he

  • Robert Hartfield
    Robert Hartfield

    There 16 it’s just the up in coming generation are small as fuck and you have like 6 kids that are tall people will hate but lil less talent now

  • Devin Jasmin
    Devin Jasmin

    Dude really playin with AirPods in lol

  • Dav Ford
    Dav Ford

    Whoever they was playing trash asl🤧

  • ItstripleE

    The only good players in the white team was 2 and 4💯.

  • Woochan -
    Woochan -

    6:46 what is that oompa loompa doing there 😂 💀

  • V

    What kinda camera angle is this?

  • Jackson Raisbeck
    Jackson Raisbeck

    6:37, I need to see his birth certificate

  • Mike Hevey
    Mike Hevey

    Not to be a pussy but is corona just canceled or

  • yoZeqzy

    tell me why i know number 5 he used to go to my school his Tyree and he got a sister name Paige his last name Eliot the link is him playing in my school it-my.com/watchvideo/video-NjR1qPtzYOc.html

  • Jake Nixon
    Jake Nixon

    You can’t have otf on ur jersey and get killed

  • Owen

    Wth on Mikeys ears


    He been wit youngboy to much

  • EC42 xTB
    EC42 xTB

    Derrick fisher the referee ain’t it😂😂

  • Hosmo Ent
    Hosmo Ent

    Who else thought I was desestroyinh when he was younger on the thumbnail

  • TBreezyTV


  • Zach Drehmann
    Zach Drehmann

    Why this dude play 16u still lol.....emoni bates been playing 18u since his freshman year which why he signed to msu and mikey only chance is kansas

  • Karson_2 5
    Karson_2 5

    1:15 that’s an celebrated

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul

    Mikey is not 17

  • MRpenistennistickleweiner

    Mikey a nba version of yb 😂

  • Tony Hemetona
    Tony Hemetona

    That's a lot of corona there

  • Aryonna Johnson
    Aryonna Johnson

    Bro I’m going for Mikey all the way bro,I do all his moves on my court and dunks stay safe we are all in this together 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Real Sports Talk
    Real Sports Talk

    This man playing with air pods on that’s elite

    • Don Dada
      Don Dada

      He’s not hooping with air pods

  • Quezhoops

    They don’t be feeding dis man the ball

  • LucysInfluence

    Umm corona anybody? Tf is this

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