Milanese buttonhole/ Boutonnière Milanaise
Création d'une boutonnière Milanaise.
Maria Callas- Casta Diva- Norma, Bellini

  • Accademia moda & design
    Accademia moda & design

    Asola lucida...... Wonderful

  • Kirk Davis
    Kirk Davis

    The Milanese buttonhole dose not require knots, it just adds unnecessary extra work.

  • marshalcraft

    Doesn't help you are left handed. But i get it, like normal button hole except you wrap the gimp too. Quite clever.

  • grillandy

    where is the ruler from in the beginning?


    great work their,. they ain't nothing like handcraft,.

  • Ben Heinatz
    Ben Heinatz

    Absolutely fantastic. I loved the opera in the background while fashioning the most beautiful buttonhole ever.

  • nataraja87


  • chauwun1

    where can I buy the Milanese thread online?

  • Amer Ejjeh
    Amer Ejjeh

    hello, amazign video. may you advice me what is the quality of the threads and cordon you use and from which company?

  • Ricardo De Almeida
    Ricardo De Almeida

    Magnifique!! Salut Hugo moi aussi je suis Portugais, j'aurais besoin de tes conseils pour faire des boutonnière Milanaise. ça te dérangerais de me donner ton Facebook? Cordialement

    • nicolas rizzo
      nicolas rizzo

      Jolie boutonnière demain je mis met

  • Geovan Báez
    Geovan Báez


  • Mauricio Calderón
    Mauricio Calderón

    What do you put inside the stiches?

    • nataraja87

      Another common name for that "thread" cord is gimp. It gives definition to the buttonhole and strength.

    • HugoHeyV

      +Mauricio Calderón It's a large cotton thread shutted in silk, it's this thread is called Milanese.

  • Consuelo Perez
    Consuelo Perez

    The Music is as Heavenly as the work ! thank you (cheers with Red Wine)

  • Peter Jahns
    Peter Jahns

    Thank you very much for this incredible inside on these fantastic looking buttonholes. I have one question though. Do you first stitch the form the reverse side with a regular button hole stitch (minus the gimp thread) and THEN you stitch the top using a regular button hole stitch again and then grabbing the gimp thread in every second stock - It this the correct interpretation?

  • Li Chen Adam
    Li Chen Adam

    It's really beautiful but how does 1:35link to 1:40 ? The line on top of buttonhole is good! How?

  • Marysia Paling
    Marysia Paling

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial, which I have tried for the first time today. I love the look of this style, but can you tell me, what size bite of stitch should I take for the buttonhole stitch, before I take the stitch into the first stitch is showing beyond the gimp......................I would love to get this perfect like yours. Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with us all. Kindest regards, Marysia.

    • marshalcraft

      I don't think can be explained. But perhaps what you could do is, pick a interval and stick with it. Good consistancy is more important. Leave extra large interval first, then go smaller will always look nice i think until you go to small interval and start bunching up. Think it depends on the silk twist size. thicker thread obvisouly need more spacing than thin thread.

  • Jan Maleček
    Jan Maleček

    Beautiful. I went to tailoring school for three years and they did not taught us this hole. Using butt of the needle for finishing the bridge seems like a useful thing too. It makes me want to start sewing again.

  • alejandro medina
    alejandro medina

    i have hear that it takes an hour to be made is that true?

    • S Brindha
      S Brindha


    • HugoHeyV

      No :) Just 20minutes to make this buttonhole !

  • MRJOSEPH19791

    Sei italiano?

    • MRJOSEPH19791

      ciao, si si sono milanese grandissimo mostri a tt la tua passione....go ahead man!!!!

    • Hugo C
      Hugo C

      Portoghese, ma vivo in Francia. ^^

  • vincent buctolan
    vincent buctolan


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