Miley Cyrus - Adore You (Official Video)
From the album “Bangerz”. Download it now on iTunes:
Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Adore You (C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • David Galán Cyrus
    David Galán Cyrus

    Love this song ❤️

  • Zulhafifi Zulkifli
    Zulhafifi Zulkifli

    Im so lonely and i hear this song . So good

  • Nitesh Majera
    Nitesh Majera

    Just missing old Miley 😍❤️💓

  • Camila Rivera
    Camila Rivera

    An Miley cyrus 😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖👑

  • Anthony Snider Art
    Anthony Snider Art

    I love how people just judge Miley like she’s not human. Okay. So she dresses weird and touches herself and is weird. So?? I love that about her!! Madonna and lady Gaga have done the same thing but you people who bitch about Miley don’t bitch about the other stars!! Give her a break for once!! If you see her now at least she’s being herself and showing her personality after being on Disney for so long. So haters fuck off

  • Trish Blessed
    Trish Blessed

    Yesssssssssssssss.....all my LIFE

  • AC4

    Play the Playstation Launch Sequence and this at the same time.

  • patima Beatifl
    patima Beatifl

    You styping

  • retarded aunt
    retarded aunt

    Weird video, masterpiece of a song

  • Sole Food
    Sole Food

    2020 and this is still a vibe

  • the boss's bitch
    the boss's bitch

    2:40 That smile. _That damn smile._

  • Rock Gabriel
    Rock Gabriel


  • srsdn journal
    srsdn journal

    this song in my playlist since 2014 💗 when I get through my heart broken then I fall in love again and now it's been my song with the memories and I'll never erase this from my phone.

  • Military Love
    Military Love

    linda voz ,hermosa cancion ,preciosa ella

  • Isabela Carolina
    Isabela Carolina

    Crianças de hoje nunca saberam o que foi série boa na Disney e as vozes que reveleram, saudades só queria voltar...

  • Peter lustig
    Peter lustig

    My favorite Transgender ❤

  • Kerry Ana
    Kerry Ana

    Février 2020

  • Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez
    Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Miley Cyrus - Adore You ( Official Video ) musical Cansion noelia 📼 Radio 👄 Live Reggaeton Official Video

  • Queen !
    Queen !

    I adore Miley more than anything else

  • Queen !
    Queen !

    she's the most gorgeous human on this planet and her voice is fucking heavenly

  • Sabrina Mel
    Sabrina Mel

    Fevereiro de 2019, alguém ?

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes

    Soviet hot pack check out Miley Cyrus and unless not hunt the same DNA Group by

  • Luiz Felipe Bettiol
    Luiz Felipe Bettiol


  • Dahboo_4_Dayz

    I miss this Miley :(

  • josaphat cadoché
    josaphat cadoché

    I like this music

  • DAVID Fdez
    DAVID Fdez


  • major

    I love all this

  • Annie M
    Annie M

    Beautiful song

  • Jairo Carp
    Jairo Carp

    I'm still listening to the album Bangerz by miley cyrus, I'm not tired of listening to it

  • Japhet Reid
    Japhet Reid

    im not into the view of this masterpice. just simply hear all the feelings and all the lyrics made for a very special person. 💔 i pray for healing

  • Eddie Barbour
    Eddie Barbour

    Rip kobe💛💜

  • Melissa Holmes
    Melissa Holmes

    Feb 15 2020 love you Miley

  • Антон Грънчаров
    Антон Грънчаров

    Who is here after Cardi B's story on IG?!

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    2020 e eu aqui ! Essa música marcou minha infância

    • well Oliver
      well Oliver

      A minha tmb


    Soooooo sexy😍😋

  • Molka Sghaier
    Molka Sghaier

    oh god 2020❤️❤️🙏🏼

  • QMCPOP '
    QMCPOP '

    I’m late but happy valentine day ❤️

  • matheus brandão
    matheus brandão

    this r&b miley is everything

  • Abhiruchi Masurkar
    Abhiruchi Masurkar

    Wow song

  • Ismael Vargas
    Ismael Vargas

    Awecho jejeje

  • Paulina Gomez
    Paulina Gomez

    Just close your eyes and listen, it hits

  • Alisson Kayke
    Alisson Kayke

    Quem veio depois que ela postou no Instagram ❤️

  • Eve Rose
    Eve Rose

    Who is here on valentine's day? Love this song , love Miley Cyrus 😘😍

    • Ms. R
      Ms. R

      2 days after


    🔥🔥 1:16 💓💟❤ 👇 👇🧡

  • pipe monster
    pipe monster

    History cardi b

    • David Galán Cyrus
      David Galán Cyrus

      pipe monster yess!! ❤️

  • Christus und Blitz
    Christus und Blitz

  • Melfa Silaban
    Melfa Silaban

    2020. Anyone??

  • suraj vishwakarma
    suraj vishwakarma

    I don't have anyone then how can i enjoy

  • Lucía Cortez
    Lucía Cortez

    Te amo mucho Miley

  • mr.amirmahdi

    Why am i here /:

  • Shub Dhiman
    Shub Dhiman

    Love this song 🥰❤️

  • Nick Sylva
    Nick Sylva

    Happy valentines Day humans 💗

  • Neno Mihajlović
    Neno Mihajlović

    Who is here in Feb 2020!

  • Julia Swett
    Julia Swett

    you’re probably here because of Miley’s Valentine’s Day post

    • Snigdha Mathai
      Snigdha Mathai

      Yesss 😂😋

    • Ms. R
      Ms. R

      Lol... Not really but this deserves a like.

  • Issac Piro
    Issac Piro

    Hey whos here 2897?? Hit that like button y'all... Foh

  • Mohamed Dribeez
    Mohamed Dribeez

    I am coming from the last poste Instagram 🙈

  • Ewelina Klimczak
    Ewelina Klimczak

    Piękna piosenka!!!!

  • Daniel Loco
    Daniel Loco

    👀 👅✌️

  • Jame Calap
    Jame Calap

    Who is here 2020 ?

  • TrentiyTv

    I totally forgot about this song .... damn this song is so good 🥺

  • Phillip Crandy
    Phillip Crandy

    I adoer you miley Cyrus so hot 😛

  • abida asif
    abida asif

    Omg such a boring video and song

  • Nicolly Amaral
    Nicolly Amaral

    Linda ❤

  • Kesharedswag


  • James Carter
    James Carter

    She clearly want the d

  • Geisha Snowden
    Geisha Snowden

    LOVE U MORE Miley Cyrus 😍

  • Panthera Felidae
    Panthera Felidae

    *So she got in that tub before Harry Styles??* *_no wonder it's pink_* 😂

  • Karen Godden
    Karen Godden

    My Favorite song of Mileys🤗😙

  • Chuck Segovia
    Chuck Segovia

    2020 I need her more

  • ch8eyoung ً
    ch8eyoung ً

    people were so quick to judge miley for changing when she became older and it’s gross she’s a grown woman she is allowed to do what she wants with her life

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