Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It...
Minecraft, But If You Think Any item, You Get It...
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  • Painful

    You have a very smart, non-bald brain.

    • Renzo Abetong
      Renzo Abetong

      Hello mr painful im yoUr faN

    • thatei bawitlung
      thatei bawitlung


    • tubbi child
      tubbi child


    • SkiddlyBopp

      @UwU where’s my sub

    • starlink132

      Not true

  • The Bending Machine
    The Bending Machine

    brain sounds like dream

  • Greece_stelios 2007
    Greece_stelios 2007

    Ohhh the voice is painful❤️

  • jas dunn
    jas dunn

    Can we enjoy that people dose not like his hair line XD

  • MC Duels
    MC Duels

    You sound like MrTop5

  • Myat Khant
    Myat Khant

    The voice is herobrine

  • cyan is sus!!!!!!
    cyan is sus!!!!!!

    It’s painful is the voice

  • ricardo sagang
    ricardo sagang

    thats is another player

  • Shabnam Taraporewala
    Shabnam Taraporewala

    Brain sounds like herobrine in last video

  • Preston

    You have a smart brain

  • Finn Stal
    Finn Stal

    brain brian

  • Mie Artist
    Mie Artist

    You know you can break coal with a wooden pickax right?

  • Advaith Texting Stories
    Advaith Texting Stories

    A computer

  • Advaith Texting Stories
    Advaith Texting Stories

    Who is the brain

  • Aarish

    it is painful xD

  • Lou Chromatic
    Lou Chromatic

    It said teleported to painful when you got teleported to lava

  • Lou Chromatic
    Lou Chromatic

    Brain is nice but hope doesn’t get Brain FREEZE

  • Lou Chromatic
    Lou Chromatic

    Five whole likes? Ez

  • Hudson the Dawg
    Hudson the Dawg

    It is painful the youtuber

  • daltonhawkboys18

    I've been wanting a cape

  • daltonhawkboys18

    Can I get a free lunar cape I use lunar client

  • Ali Hegab
    Ali Hegab

    i like all mods

  • Ian Gier
    Ian Gier

    brain nice

  • Dae Mason
    Dae Mason

    That sounds like herobrine from the Herobrine movie you did

    • Dae Mason
      Dae Mason

      That sounds like herobrine from the Herobrine video you did

  • Anna R
    Anna R


  • Zebastian Torrisheba
    Zebastian Torrisheba

    Your smart

  • Isaiah Crowell
    Isaiah Crowell

    So is brain painful?

  • I like blowing my engine
    I like blowing my engine

    Painful is

  • Syncere Leslie Scott
    Syncere Leslie Scott

    good brain

  • PGoRG

    Brain is gay JK

  • KRM Mystik
    KRM Mystik

    Brain is the hulk

  • Dorian Zehnacker
    Dorian Zehnacker

    Is the brain mod private ? is there a way to get this mod ?

  • Adriel’s Chronicles!
    Adriel’s Chronicles!

    13:40 you can see in the bottom left corner Painful was the brain because it says you have been teleport to PAINFUL, not BRAIN. lmaooooo

  • No-Name

    Shadow apples

  • Nicholas Samuels
    Nicholas Samuels

    I know that's painful

  • BadBoyHalo Is A Potato #Badboyinnit
    BadBoyHalo Is A Potato #Badboyinnit


  • BebSta

    The boy maybe be herobrine

  • Byrnezee_Gamez

    hi guys, how does xNestorio get all his mods. if anyone knows please tell me

  • Rochelle larue
    Rochelle larue

    Brain you are so special and you’re the best person ever

  • Imso Bored
    Imso Bored

    That’s ant for sho

  • Francis murray
    Francis murray


  • Laser Blast 942
    Laser Blast 942

    The video: 20% actually sub The subtile: 19,99% actually sub Me: Wait that illegal :V

  • My Miss Suhana
    My Miss Suhana

    *Brain Burned the book*

  • Actually Pro
    Actually Pro

    Brain sounds like the hero brine

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland


  • Snowy

    brain is so nice

  • AbdulMuiz PlayZz
    AbdulMuiz PlayZz

    the voice is painful

  • AbdulMuiz PlayZz
    AbdulMuiz PlayZz

    by five whole liek he means 500k likes

  • King moop gaming
    King moop gaming

    he cool brain

  • 2TuN


  • flameP

    Painful is the brain

  • Collin Brown
    Collin Brown

    like brain

  • Iron 34
    Iron 34

    Painful is the brain

  • Charlene Corden
    Charlene Corden


  • Mariah Colella
    Mariah Colella

    The best

  • László Kenderes
    László Kenderes


  • Parmeshwar Vyas
    Parmeshwar Vyas

    14:56 everyone knows who is brain

  • X · Snowie_Galaxylight · X
    X · Snowie_Galaxylight · X

    Brain is bigger than the world. Brain is in control.

  • Josh Ftwi
    Josh Ftwi

    its ur voice nestorio

  • Josh Ftwi
    Josh Ftwi

    " five whole likes" come on

  • aymona 12
    aymona 12

    how to download the mod

  • giovanni sawyers
    giovanni sawyers

    Your brain is very very very smart

  • macaroniandgamer 4856
    macaroniandgamer 4856

    Painful is the brain

  • Arthur Rafael Francisco
    Arthur Rafael Francisco

    I fear noone but painfuls bald head XD

  • Emily Genser
    Emily Genser

    Lovely brain

  • Emily Genser
    Emily Genser


  • Dean Hurd
    Dean Hurd

    You have a very smart, non-bald brain

  • Cynthia Morgan
    Cynthia Morgan

    🤩 🤩 WOW

  • Conner Brame
    Conner Brame

    brain small

  • Stardagit

    Blue shiny stuff Brain brings Nest to the ocean stuff OCEAN ISN'T STUFF ITS A NOUN

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