Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You...
This is Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You... This was interesting.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • salso

    i want the mod name

  • tfg Boys
    tfg Boys


  • Channing Chernly
    Channing Chernly


  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen

    17:44 did he just said "FOR NARNIA"

  • Shuk Mei Lau
    Shuk Mei Lau


    • Shuk Mei Lau
      Shuk Mei Lau


  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Imagine fist fighting the wither like this


    The first creeper im start this mans whole career

  • Mihovil Novoselac
    Mihovil Novoselac

    Tapl you are so cool

  • sarah parry
    sarah parry

    Don't give up on your videos I sober d ok

  • sarah parry
    sarah parry

    Me and my brother loves you so bad this is you r luck to take

  • Rubesss J
    Rubesss J

    i meen ender dragon

  • Rubesss J
    Rubesss J

    wonder dragon sucks

  • Rubesss J
    Rubesss J


  • Rubesss J
    Rubesss J


  • gulia

    17:39 FOR NARNIA

  • MB


  • The Shrub ツ
    The Shrub ツ

    *Google wants to know your location.*

  • XxTheLegendGamerHDxX fan
    XxTheLegendGamerHDxX fan


  • Superjump100 Plays games
    Superjump100 Plays games

    this is a weaker version of the effects of drinking Yorkshire tea gold but not perfectly balanced

  • Sharon Walton
    Sharon Walton

    9:49 hi

  • Cd

    Image that the creepers are zombies

  • KenziN Crewmate Cyan
    KenziN Crewmate Cyan

    The Warden : I will kill players with a netherite armor in 2 hits! TapL : Are you sure about that?

  • Vibe the Gamer
    Vibe the Gamer

    This is not a time but it works like it is a time 59:59 it only works if You pause the video

  • Nur Fathiah Iswadi
    Nur Fathiah Iswadi

    It's look fun

  • Matthew & Jennifer& Nate Ellis
    Matthew & Jennifer& Nate Ellis

    He throws pig step into a lava I guess it’s an offering

  • Luaca da squid
    Luaca da squid

    Doomguy when sees icon of sin

  • Kaleb Nelson
    Kaleb Nelson

    next time u do this u should see how long u can last in the void

  • Firebird _Gaming
    Firebird _Gaming

    How did u get the mod like can u send a link please

  • Macaroni Without cheese
    Macaroni Without cheese

    Armor is for small brains

  • Tonie Scrimpshire
    Tonie Scrimpshire

    And he ain't even worried hahahahhahahahahhaha

  • Tonie Scrimpshire
    Tonie Scrimpshire

    Evening that day he was probably gone for 309 hours and he still hasn't died hahahahhahahahahhaha

  • Tate Kranzler
    Tate Kranzler


  • Sheik Bah
    Sheik Bah

    A person said a no no word no here he said die ßîTCh

  • احمد البجحان
    احمد البجحان


  • Sarah Mwaura
    Sarah Mwaura


  • Anna Yugay
    Anna Yugay

    tapl be a hungee boi lol

  • TOFUU Rangek
    TOFUU Rangek


  • terry rudford
    terry rudford

    The amazing butane anatomically note because bush affectively interest circa a adhesive tanker. useless, luxuriant cloud

  • Toms sports 36
    Toms sports 36

    TapL for fifth hunter sign by liking

  • Danielle Michalka
    Danielle Michalka

    TapL Break chicken normal people kill chicken

  • Seán Murphy
    Seán Murphy

    love the way he dies at the start

  • Hamster cult
    Hamster cult

    Make a vid of u having that many then make 2m zombies after u

  • Hamster cult
    Hamster cult

    Btw u can get 72736272762727 hearts!

  • Hamster cult
    Hamster cult

    0:00 watch that part

    • Hamster cult
      Hamster cult

      IT WOKRS!

  • Liya Tang
    Liya Tang

    Creepers do more than one heart

  • Mohammed Faruque
    Mohammed Faruque

    you put gold amor

  • Mohammed Faruque
    Mohammed Faruque

    why you dont tsake damge

  • Dante_the_gamer_demon

    I have an idea for a video not sure if you have done it but it’s every time you take damage you teleport

  • bobgog123

    You should of killed the dragon with. A stick

  • Ultima Wolf
    Ultima Wolf


  • Penguuiun

    Creative mode with extra steps

  • aopoi gopl
    aopoi gopl

    Oh fine,i gess you are my little pogchamp

  • Eli Persilot
    Eli Persilot

    Ping pong

  • Matsatso Kalandadze
    Matsatso Kalandadze

    not bad video

  • k kk
    k kk

    The alive paul partly receive because station simultaneously beam behind a curly centimeter. rightful, ashamed castanet

  • Luigi Di Cristofano
    Luigi Di Cristofano

    12:29 "Im gonna break every singly chicken"-Tapl "Im going to kill every single block"-me

  • Robert Schwertfeger
    Robert Schwertfeger

    This is a good representation what "exponential growth means"

  • DignityDied

    At the end he didn't have his full health so he could've set his spawn point next to the portal then put his stuff in a chest then go to the end then jump off the void and boom 137 million hearts all full

    • DignityDied

      @Sydrum Games Yes the End portal

    • Sydrum Games
      Sydrum Games

      Do you mean the portal in the overworld?

  • Rachel Shoop
    Rachel Shoop

    Man the number 134 mil looks cursed if your really a Minecraft player

  • Musta VG
    Musta VG

    it will be better to make that the creaper don't explode untel you get a flint and steel

    • Sydrum Games
      Sydrum Games

      They still explode

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Give mod link

  • Ohana Rezantes
    Ohana Rezantes

    I like Java

  • sffsd sfsf
    sffsd sfsf

    The seemly cardboard allegedly phone because beggar concordingly calculate including a sedate cupcake. piquant, gifted need

  • generic videogame fan guy
    generic videogame fan guy

    this entire video is just the average teenager's metabolism.

  • Jeff Charles
    Jeff Charles


  • Korosh Nejad
    Korosh Nejad

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • John McDermott
    John McDermott

    Who else had his voice swapping ears? (Headphone people)

  • ůnīcöřň with lazyness
    ůnīcöřň with lazyness

    "pInG PonG" there you go🥺

  • Dyo Lac
    Dyo Lac

    His name is Tapl

  • Dyo Lac
    Dyo Lac

    His name is taplin

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