Minecraft Manhunt Analysis (3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH)
This is a series where I analyze what happened in a Minecraft Manhunt and why it happened. I talk about my thought process, and show bonus clips. Let me know if you want to see this become a series!
Video: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-RTXS4MMngnA.html
Main Channel: @Dream
If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future for future videos, let me know! I may start doing this more often, but it does take a decent amount of effort!

  • Bryce Walker
    Bryce Walker

    Me: * sees this video not understanding what it was * Me watching the video: "ooooh big brain time"

  • Zella M
    Zella M

    i love watching these simply because his voice is so satisfying to me.

  • I. shankar
    I. shankar

    Dream is like a anime character who thinks million of things in his mind bruh he beat doctor strange in predicting the future.


    Dream:Sapnap Yotube captions: zapdap Me: Muffinhead

  • Noah SS
    Noah SS

    My iron’s were cooking.

  • iiAstro editz
    iiAstro editz

    im listing to him and i think he's saying I only have 1000 iq

  • Memelord 423
    Memelord 423

    I couldnt tell for 2 weeks til i decided to look at teh description

  • Local_Bxtch

    The horse one still baffles me🤧

  • Brant R.
    Brant R.

    How about a hunter series where you can see each other's health?😏

  • craftz XD Tkfdd
    craftz XD Tkfdd


  • x2

    Short info: Dream put the wrong video in the descrition. You can find the right video under it-my.com/watchvideo/video-Y7t5B69G0Dw.html

  • yousef eldarrat
    yousef eldarrat

    in the thumb nail is that dream?

  • Cassie Winchester
    Cassie Winchester

    i would watch an unabridged version of past manhunts tbh

  • Kenneth Roberts
    Kenneth Roberts

    Come to aid animal friends -DREAM

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose

    Idk what you can and can't code but I think it'd be interesting if you did a challenge where everyone's goal is to beat Minecraft and kill everyone else BUT you can see each other's health... so basically everyone is a speedrunner and a hunter at the same time..

  • Deo Lakshmana
    Deo Lakshmana

    Plot Twist: Dream was the person on the thumbnail.

  • Ere The mii from the Wii
    Ere The mii from the Wii

    His video is exactly 20 minutes

  • FieryPhoenix190

    11:04 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • Sabi Henning
    Sabi Henning

    Why didn't he keep that bit with the horse in the original video?

  • VitaliK Bukhantsov
    VitaliK Bukhantsov

    At the end, when you pushed sap nap off the cliff you should have gone down for his armor.

  • Sofia Salerno
    Sofia Salerno

    I feel smarter just watching this.

  • Rylee Thompson
    Rylee Thompson

    his brain is so powerful like what

  • SmellsLikeAnvil

    My favorite Disney princess year ago: Vanellope My favorite Disney princess now: Dream

  • ConKai Saint
    ConKai Saint

    9:59 that skeleton is happy

  • ashtheonion

    dream becomes mickey miuse 7:45

  • Lucas Kang
    Lucas Kang

    Dream: Every mob was on my side. Third Wither Skeleton: Well yes, but actually no.

  • Sáng Nguyễn
    Sáng Nguyễn


  • Shadow Storm
    Shadow Storm

    DREAM:founded a strong hold Me:trying to make a dirt pickaxe in crafting table and swearing like anything

  • AudioKiller

    anyone else notice the video in the description is the wrong video?

  • Noah Shaver
    Noah Shaver

    soooooo smart


    Indide dreams head

  • YoloYester

    Nice stock image lol

  • Mohd Sharif Mohd Sheh
    Mohd Sharif Mohd Sheh

    11:12 diego brando's line

  • Dizzy A.
    Dizzy A.

    What about the end portal tnt scene? Or was that another video

    • Ktjthhc 2
      Ktjthhc 2

      That was the grand finale

  • Mustafa gaming
    Mustafa gaming

    Ahh ................. .......... ......... Dream is better then teknoblade

  • Dreamy Doggo Y.T
    Dreamy Doggo Y.T

    I wouldnt want to be in an irl fight with Dream. He got some fast reaction time

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson

    When dream uses a prequel quote: A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  • lemon_ cake
    lemon_ cake

    Everybody gangsta 'till Dream reveals hes the man in the thumbnail

  • Moonchi Watermelon
    Moonchi Watermelon

    What if you yell really loudly while you have a lot of health so they think your low? It would at least confuse them for a second or so, and that would probably be enough time to eacape. Ngl it took me like 5 minutes to come up with this. I only have like 5 brain cells

  • Glaceon Poke
    Glaceon Poke

    Plot twist: Dream is the guy in the thumbnail

  • AdeptL

    12:14 vietnam flashbacks

  • Nancy Gusniaty
    Nancy Gusniaty

    dream is pewdipie

  • Soad Mamoun
    Soad Mamoun

    omg your so coll and your the baest youtuby evre wow

  • J.P

    Each scene is like a movie, and when he analyses it, it just emphasizes the whole thing making you think it could actually be made into a movie.

  • Infinivoid Gaming
    Infinivoid Gaming

    Anyone realised that in the end it was bad vs bad?

  • LeCoin

    I need more !!

  • Terrarific

    I felt like a disney princess 👸😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Kacheris
    Michael Kacheris

    Holy crap Dream is so flippin smart.

  • Mariestacyhalluja

    i just watched that one

  • UnPrankAble 666
    UnPrankAble 666

    The fact that you can make all of these split second decisions in one game is so awesome

  • Starstruck Artist
    Starstruck Artist

    Post the 4v1 analysis! I really wanna see the thinking behind the tactics that you used in the vid, I haven’t seen them before. Especially the leaves, thats something I wasn’t expecting.

  • Shadow Blonde
    Shadow Blonde

    I love seeing how smart Dream is !!! 👇

  • Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis

    I think the link is to the wrong video lol

  • Darrel Arno
    Darrel Arno

    "I killed my dog because it's getting in my way." Me: NOOOOOOO

  • Suat Bulgaria
    Suat Bulgaria

    how does he even think of so many situations and options in such little time

  • Kentucky Bruce
    Kentucky Bruce

    18:44 why does the block disappear?

  • E8144818

    Everyone else watching manhunt: 'Wow Dream is a literal god' Dream watching manhunt: 'So here's another mistake I made'

  • Yang Xiao long
    Yang Xiao long

    Shield: *has more knock back than a sword* Dream team: ⚔🗡

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Can I just say DanTDM: come on I want the souls sand speed boots Dream: trading with a piglin and gets them

  • Arroyale 345
    Arroyale 345

    Sapnap was begging for dreams help and dream did nothing. Wat a monster

  • Rift_Brarilboi78

    His brain is so big it doesn’t fit in his head


    Thanks for the education (:

  • KibaSanSan

    Wait a second... soul sand texture is screaming faces?? I thought they were swirls for the longest time!! :O

  • W Gries
    W Gries

    Why does no one talk about the surprise tool for later from Mickey Mouse?

  • Spencer oximina
    Spencer oximina

    so this is dream mind but this is me when I'm dreaming

  • deine mutter
    deine mutter

    Why did he stop doing these

  • Comrade Alpaca
    Comrade Alpaca

    15:20 ngl that shot looks cool

  • Aldi Infinity
    Aldi Infinity

    Dream have many MLG achievements! MLG horse mlg water bucket mlg strider mlg boat etc.

  • _ kravkin
    _ kravkin

    "I felt like a disney princess" Man really do be Snow White.

  • prettilysapphire

    7:45 Dream became Mickey Mouse

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