minecraft smps be like
the fact this is so accurate scares me.
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  • McYum

    if you are not subscribed then just look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your life choices.

    • Mia Frampton
      Mia Frampton

      No dummy

    • TigerTankSam

      Was that an assault?

    • i hit fortnite kids
      i hit fortnite kids


    • Thomas Brothers
      Thomas Brothers

      Already done

    • Chocky Milk
      Chocky Milk

      No u

  • StickiMayShun

    0:26 I thought he was about to start rapping but no it was just me

  • Shizz

    Wait... Im suprised 8 people didnt jump you for no reason every 69 seconds. SMPS these days am I right or am I right? YOU BETTER SAY I AM RIGHT OR....... I WILL KILL YOUR 8 YEAR MINECRFAT DOG IN THAT OLD MINECRAFT SURVIVAL WORLD OF YOURS!!!!

  • Marshmello Squad
    Marshmello Squad


  • Brennan hancock
    Brennan hancock


  • Augusto

    i still dont know what a SMP is but seems like a roleplay server

    • Augusto

      @Zamir Hussein hm makes sense thank you

    • Zamir Hussein
      Zamir Hussein

      Survival multi player

  • Smoll Bean
    Smoll Bean

    No but this is actually really accurate , it most smps i've been on the owner(s) admins and mods can always grief and break rules and most of the time they just spawn books diamonds and netherite in so they look like they actually worked for there stuff but if anyone dares to defy them they goto the crappy obsidian prison or get banned

  • Anatsuki Sahara
    Anatsuki Sahara

    It all started to get worse when you stole iron :))

  • UsT Vibol
    UsT Vibol

    Every minecraft SMP ever. I can relate :))

  • FaderXotic

    *just add i to smp and you are in the discord community*

  • adam's_chong

    I nuke my smp with tnt duplicator cause they my parrot.

  • Jenrie Gamer Tv
    Jenrie Gamer Tv

    i have 2395227386336733737363839292829298373399 rules

  • Jenrie Gamer Tv
    Jenrie Gamer Tv

    i have 2395227386336733737363839292829298373399 rules

  • SlotPlayz

    1:10 HE DEAD

  • Marko Bocevski
    Marko Bocevski

    God he has op ??? Good good

  • Ranger TDS
    Ranger TDS

    Simp = Super intense Minecraft player

  • J4cK

    I thought it said: Minecraft simps be like

  • mike mr donut
    mike mr donut

    When dog dies Me: spawns 5000 withers blows up 999999 end crystals spawns5555 dogs explodeds all houses Me: 😀

  • 05-1

    @McYum Thats my friend Justin!ZERO CAP

  • riskcord

    Oooooo weeeeee

  • Jude Merchant
    Jude Merchant

    mess with the labbo u get the stabbo

  • PolarWas

    2:28 i expected him to be like: “no you don’t” but that plot twist got me lol

  • Justine Loveland
    Justine Loveland

    the guy that was being really expensive is dressed as Itachi from Naruto

  • saltyshark

    right on the nose

  • Jarrod Uland
    Jarrod Uland

    Bro that ending hit me in the feels

  • It’s over anakin I have the High ground
    It’s over anakin I have the High ground

    2:01 what he got all of them in 10 mins on a smp what was he half asleep

  • PyCrat GD
    PyCrat GD

    solar smash thumbnail be like:

  • GoatzieDrip

    Me I joined SMP started war got rich lasted 3 days then banned lol

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen

    1:59 tbh this is literally how it goes everytime me and my friends have an smp. One person grind and takes every elytra in a 10000000 BLOCK RADIUS!

  • Scoopp

    oh no, this man used sigma. yo mcyum say bye bye to ur pc lmao

  • Munkey eating finger
    Munkey eating finger

    smh gamer monke squished my munkey dog m u n k e y

  • f gt fg dcud
    f gt fg dcud


  • Consolekid27 Alt
    Consolekid27 Alt

    POV: ur roleplaying in roblox databrawl and birdcon just happened (0:51)

  • Zylamae Nicole Cabantog
    Zylamae Nicole Cabantog

    look at rule six at exactly 0:07

  • Dream2 [better dream]
    Dream2 [better dream]

    /Kick @e(name=mc_um)

  • Thuan Tran
    Thuan Tran

    bro I will tell everyone you like anime me what is wrong about watching anime anime is great

  • Mistress Chara
    Mistress Chara

    Trans flag in the background!

  • The dominant Waffle
    The dominant Waffle

    even that it was skit it was still irritating to watch your house get grift and you're dog getting killed.

  • Ea

    1:08 bruh I just can't stop laughing when he just saying LET'S GO BABY HE DEAD HE DEAD LET'S GO

  • Udoa

    What’s that music at 1:01

  • when you
    when you

    "I'll tell everybody you watch anime." "You got a deal."

    • The Toads
      The Toads

      Copied comment

  • Quacker bruv
    Quacker bruv

    they took John Wick too far

  • Prakhyat Sapkota
    Prakhyat Sapkota

    me who watches anime

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg

    wtf lol

  • Abeinctam Aielsmate
    Abeinctam Aielsmate

    The cloudy lunch expectedly care because time concurrently wriggle but a skinny approval. jumpy, last course

  • Un'Named

    Inagine getting hearted.

  • HarlandFA

    LOL thats funny as.

  • TeamDelantar HappyFam
    TeamDelantar HappyFam

    haha mcyum

  • bruh Ramen
    bruh Ramen

    Is the females dc his mothers

  • Dennis Mock
    Dennis Mock

    ONly 5000? I play with 12715482639238452945290362937296492649263926491649273959648294662947290 which isn't to bad

  • Petscopper

    @ HELP

  • NextLevel

    the trans flag is shit

  • Luary

    0:28 sounds like he is rapping

  • Urban Bricks
    Urban Bricks

    I read it as "minecraft simps be like". And the thumbnail matched.

  • noviser

    What does smps mean?!?

  • Markus Kervinen
    Markus Kervinen

    I use sigma jello too

  • Ultraminer61

    The elytra part is so funny

  • Vern

    “Somehow, in 10 minutes… one person got every single elytra in the end…” why is this so relatable

  • Polarbear666 91
    Polarbear666 91

    That elytra guy will do anything when someone sees a girl but it is 64 year old man

  • Abnormally Large Frog
    Abnormally Large Frog

    I joined a minecraft earth smp and the people in there were SO RACIST like holy shit. And when I reported it to the admins they just called me "soft" and that I'm "probably a dream smp fan" even though I haven't watched dream ever in my life.

  • Jayson Lanie
    Jayson Lanie

    The youthful lion minimally meddle because wrinkle perioperaively rot atop a white ladybug. depressed, sneaky helium

  • Kevin Jesko
    Kevin Jesko

    He went to Pandora’s vault on dream SMP.

  • Kevin Jesko
    Kevin Jesko

    Dream SMP.

  • JoJo ExE
    JoJo ExE

    0:31 that was just pure 200 iq

  • Greta Whittier
    Greta Whittier

    The enthusiastic sheet neurophysiologically kneel because apartment ecologically expect amongst a scared statistic. clammy, belligerent atm

  • Never Ending Stupidity
    Never Ending Stupidity

    If you look at the time lapse when he was building the first house he was wearing an elytra.

  • Juffy

    What is wrong with watching Anime ?

  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts

    Fun Fact: minecraft has been one of the most successful gaming series in youtube.

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