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Player returns to Minecraft once again, but this time he's out to beat Minecraft and set a new speedrun world record. Will Player and his faithful pig companion Veterham become the next Dream and beat Minecraft is record time? Or will he once again be a noob and die instantly? Make sure to check out the entire video to find out!
A NewScape Studios Production
Cory Crater
Ryan Stewart
Elizabeth Dettmann
Mary Clark

Austin Bradley
Dan Stearns
Elizabeth Dettmann
Liam Manning
Mary Clark
Background Artists:
Ariana Perry
Austin Bradley
Catherine Galbraith
Elizabeth Dettmann
Mary Clark
Tihara Ezzo
Voice Actors:
K. William Scott
Ryan Stewart
Henry Arrambide
K. William Scott
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  • jurassic gaming
    jurassic gaming

    Player : speedrun speed run

  • Gusionツ

    No one talks about he had no armor in the whole video

  • CoinVoyage Command blocks
    CoinVoyage Command blocks

    So thats why when i try speedrunning the villagers are like screaming to protect emeralds

  • Paulo Sergio
    Paulo Sergio

    no vídeo NICE f

  • Elizabethh Leguizamonn
    Elizabethh Leguizamonn

    World récord: 8 minutes.

  • mariam said
    mariam said

    0:42 why does the villager sound like squidward

  • yingxiang wu
    yingxiang wu

    0:42 undertale

  • blox5fun

    why player why u killed Iron golem doing his business and happy for you Player I dont like love I want speedrun and he killed the iron golem wow that mess up

  • Jenny Oh
    Jenny Oh

    Veteran=Veterham Villager=squidward Player=Ste-SPEEDRUN Captain=Ghastain Etc Etc...

  • Key Alfa47
    Key Alfa47

    1:52 NOOOOO! Simba references! :'(

  • Njm Aldeen
    Njm Aldeen


  • Veronika Novotna
    Veronika Novotna

    The villiger sound is like squidward

  • linh linh
    linh linh


  • Spacewilliam2014


  • Melody Cal
    Melody Cal

    sad cute villiger

  • tabi 123
    tabi 123

    Speedruner so evil

  • Creepy The creepy creeper
    Creepy The creepy creeper

    Even if they beat the ender dragon they still wouldn’t have the world record...

  • A person gets society
    A person gets society

    Fun fact: did you know that dream faked its speed run

    • zark Ahmed
      zark Ahmed

      Dream is an it?!

  • Gren World
    Gren World

    Жду перевода

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    3:40 I want porkchop! VeterHam: *Mutates into hoglin brute*

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    3:20 "I'm going to be the next Dream!" Technoblade: "No one will be the next ME! HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the potatoes, villagers!"

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    When you say speedrunner, do you mean "nuisance?"

  • Bin MrhZ
    Bin MrhZ

    What the heck is going on in your house today and you can get it to work on the house and then I have a couple minutes to go to the house to pick up some of the my house and in 🏡 it all I is want can you do i

  • Pierre Gabriel
    Pierre Gabriel

    Eu odeio a parte que o cara da Vila morreu o filho ficou no braço meu Deus do céu apaga esse vídeo

  • Michael Burton
    Michael Burton

    The villager sounds like baldi

  • rezal kurnia oficial
    rezal kurnia oficial

    Yes love how the village sounds like squiward

  • Jacob Dolman
    Jacob Dolman

    Speed runner

  • →Some Roblox Fan←
    →Some Roblox Fan←

    I thought the Veterham was honna mention TechnoBlade.

  • chetan kollati
    chetan kollati

    Poor baby villager


    On a phone sometimes it's pretty hard lol... Like clutches and when you play on split contrils

  • bunny fortnite
    bunny fortnite

    Speed run Speed run!! 🤣

  • Mojang Langthasa
    Mojang Langthasa

    Coc theme fire ball wizard

  • 吴名氏

    player actually needed 16 eyes to fill that portal up... look at the end portal to find out why 8:01

  • Mohammad Fadaleh
    Mohammad Fadaleh


  • thediamond gamer
    thediamond gamer


  • ZK Mortal
    ZK Mortal

    0:40 Squidward! Lol

  • killerzombie

    8 mins record

  • Weekagowel BG
    Weekagowel BG


  • Weekagowel BG
    Weekagowel BG

    lol 7:07

  • Estefano  1605 y santiago el pro
    Estefano 1605 y santiago el pro


  • Sridevi Balivada
    Sridevi Balivada

    It was soo sad when he destroyed the village I almost cried

  • John carl Espiritu
    John carl Espiritu

    The villager voice sound like squidward Famous pig Techtonic blade: u serious about that?

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez

    Could have just used a horse so we can find more villagers but okay

  • KJ Gaming Mapping
    KJ Gaming Mapping

    1:39 he killed all the villagers and burnt their houses

  • シオロタワー

    Why player love speedrun just relax

  • Erik Rivera G
    Erik Rivera G


  • Elena Nenasheva
    Elena Nenasheva


  • Elena Nenasheva
    Elena Nenasheva


  • harry xu
    harry xu

    I think what veterham says is exactly what the definition of hermit craft


    he wacked that poor blaze

  • Gamer Craft 7472
    Gamer Craft 7472




  • Comrade Commander
    Comrade Commander

    Did someone say hog rider!

  • JC

    Actually i never played minecraft survival and i never get to beat the ender dragon

  • Codfish yt
    Codfish yt

    The villagers sound like squid ward

  • Red

    The villager sounds like squidward

  • JMC

    Then there was a pork chop eaten by player I guess

  • maritess calanoga
    maritess calanoga

    Nvm dream is better then him

    • Saklab. .
      Saklab. .


  • •Bloomy•bear•

    how do they make baby villager isn't all the villagers in minecraft are males they cant crossbreed right?-

  • Jacqueline Vitug
    Jacqueline Vitug

    Technoblade but hes more powerful

  • H1kari_OtK

    2:04 fatality

  • Senk Studios
    Senk Studios

    The villager sounds like squidward….. AND I LOVE IT

  • alan walker dogs 👍
    alan walker dogs 👍

    Where dream

  • Xero7689

    Captions: "But the penguins are way over there" *Points to Piglins*

  • the joker
    the joker

    Me sees video: Instantly thinks about dream

  • Ginnie Gill
    Ginnie Gill

    Starwars quotes GO

  • Strange Guy TV yet
    Strange Guy TV yet

    Star Wars ref

  • RealDriestBugGames

    1:31 that face on player makes him look like he constipated

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