Miss Kitty Vs. Ceaser, Sky, Tati & More | Black Ink Crew | #AloneTogether
Being the Brand Ambassador of Black Ink is way harder than you think.
#BlackInkCrew #VH1
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    Dutchess is sooooooo scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bruh.

  • Dorothy Mays-Pitts
    Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    Drama drama drama over misfit men ladies get your acts and lives together losers. DPitts

  • jeffery thomas
    jeffery thomas

    She ran from kitty

  • Jeremiah Schaffer
    Jeremiah Schaffer

    okay I can't lie that kitty shouldn't have just come up to 113th and flat out call them raggedy because if she really thought about it its dumb to go into a WHOLE SHOP full of people and flat out call them raggedy

  • Nyesha Harris
    Nyesha Harris


  • Allyshia Bright
    Allyshia Bright

    Bitch .. I’m dyin at Walter ...😂😂😂

  • Laurae Fielding
    Laurae Fielding

    the way miss kitty talks to other people is just ridiculous .... good she left !

  • Brazyygirl Val
    Brazyygirl Val

    Bae just wanted to have a problem with kitty . She so messy🙄

  • Kerstien Marie
    Kerstien Marie

    Ceaser baby mama mega mind head ass 😂 kitty so unbothered she’s really mature

  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa

    Kit looks funny trynna pass the security when it showed dutchess and kit

  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa


  • jessica jessicaa
    jessica jessicaa

    Dam I cant evennnnn. Kitty has my mouth I need to chill lol I've been in these situations and ugh smh #notevenCool

  • African Beauty
    African Beauty

    Kitty, dutchess, tamar keke wyatt all pisces. Pisces we crazy

  • African Beauty
    African Beauty

    Thank God Dutchess left! She is great! Boss lady and all

  • Nijzah Waterman
    Nijzah Waterman

    how you spray pepper spray and dont nobody react to it

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    Baby Mama really wants Caeser back now coz he getting more successful 💰💰

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    Tati did Kitty wrong... Girl if you're not sure about what happened shut ur mouth...see what happens when u assume what was happening...and tell everyone what u were assuming was true.. I would've been angry as Kitty too...i dont even like her...but they did her wrong on that scene

  • Apaitia Malupo
    Apaitia Malupo

    The show is all about the drama and nothing about their art and tattoos 😒

  • Emily R
    Emily R


  • C NK
    C NK

    lol all the girls look like chunky wife 😂


    Kitty stay getting her ass beat

  • Clera Babaya
    Clera Babaya

    Messagers get shot 😂😂

  • Breana Morris
    Breana Morris

    she really do look like a pomeranian 😭😭

  • holy_moly.donutshop Sparks
    holy_moly.donutshop Sparks

    How does kitty promise to whoop all these asses when she see em ...but never whoop NOBODY'S ASS!? Promises, promises...

  • Nizya Paulk
    Nizya Paulk

    If you pay attention dutchess started that situation in her home. Kitty sat down to talk but if that what you doing we both can handle it like that. Dutchess lame and problem would have lost that fight. You "attempted" to pepper spray someone but missed trying to argue bout a man that you were with anymore. Thats why the bible sayes dont have sex until marriage. Ppl leaving all these souls ties having sex with people thats only there for a season. Get your mind right Dutchess house would have been destroyed messing with me. Tati, Bae, Donna and even Sky cant keep a man. They all was searching for a story line. Shows what most do when money on the table. They were NeveR Miss Kitty friends. #Facts





  • Stacxz Severight
    Stacxz Severight

    Kitty was way better

  • The MetaChristian
    The MetaChristian

    When do they actually do tattoos

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe

    And this is why I drink water 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣

  • Jazzelle Williams
    Jazzelle Williams

    Kitty always beefing with someone

    • Jazzelle Williams
      Jazzelle Williams

      And sky should have smacked the shut out of her as soon as she got in her brother face like that

  • Kay bay
    Kay bay

    atp, kitty needs to be off the show 💀

  • Jaleesa Screen
    Jaleesa Screen

    Is it me or does Ceasar and his babymama look alike 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thesourpatchkidd

    I will say there is a major difference between Kitty when she first showed up, Kitty when she was with Cesar (1st time) and then Kitty after. Those first two Kitty's did the most it was literally like Dutchess 2.0. But then she came down to earth and became a normal, 100% lovable person. When she first walked in the shop she did the most for no reason and Cesar really did turn her into Dutchess while he was dating her, had her thinking she was the Queen of black ink. I get why Sky had a problem with her then cause she wasn't trying to be anybodies friend- she was trying to be Dutchess. Also why did she go to meet with Dutchess? You claimed to be her friend, hung around her and her man and now you're with him. She can call you every hoe in the book sis you earned it.

  • Brianna Brown
    Brianna Brown

    You are a after the fact type a dude anywayz!! LMAO 23:56 Tati😆😆

  • m k
    m k

    I love Kitty, but why did she come in calling everybody raggedy when they first met her?

  • Londiwe Sishi
    Londiwe Sishi

    Dutshess handled that convo like a boss🔥

  • Crome Stryker
    Crome Stryker

    Too much drama cant this show be more about other things than fighting

  • Princess. Nasiaa
    Princess. Nasiaa

    "That's why ur babyfatha want meee" *I died*

  • Breona Hawkins
    Breona Hawkins

    KITTY YOU DESERVE BETTER SIS MOVE ON !!! YOU ARE CLASSY. They trynna bring you down to their level of low vibrations!

  • Tmarie Detangled
    Tmarie Detangled

    Signature was staged did yall see Cesar face

  • Wanda Harris
    Wanda Harris

    Women remind that man that His Daughter is learning how a woman should be treated by his action

  • Naturally Say
    Naturally Say

    They need to talk to Sky she the one that dropped the bomb and ran then trying act like she wasn’t the one that brought the rumor up.

  • Payment Nxhehek
    Payment Nxhehek

    She said Pomeranian face oh my lord she came for her neck

  • Maggie Cruz
    Maggie Cruz

    Tati is messy as hell.. she was not a real friend to Kitty. Girl code and Loyalty. Tati doesn't have either, she is messy asf

  • Lili Beanii
    Lili Beanii

    I don't believe in any of that rumor w/ Ryan. Highly doubt a person who so call see you in action would not have a picture or video & it not like it out of respect due to friendship because Tati in the end spread the rumor & still jeopardize the friendship yea OK!!...

  • Leilonie Harper
    Leilonie Harper

    kitty giving me very much ME vibes😂😂😝

  • Prettyluhmiya Prettyluhmiya
    Prettyluhmiya Prettyluhmiya

    Kitty.sit down

  • Johnon's Videos
    Johnon's Videos

    How come Dutchess looks like Brooke, can throw hands at Donna, but she can’t throw hands at Kitty?

  • Keeng

    When do they have time to do tattoos? Also, they are not grown.....just giant children.

  • MiaaaBiaaaTingz

    Tried to spray my girl den dipped I’m done bye-😭😭😭😭

  • Natasha Okpala
    Natasha Okpala

    Kitty do the most

  • Floyd PattersonII
    Floyd PattersonII

    Such stunningly beautiful women but with inner qualities that cancel all the beauty out. Everything you wouldnt want in a woman....................after the cigarette. A set full of Cardi B's

  • Jenny Jones
    Jenny Jones

    The females in that shop have Always been Jealous of Kitty's Beauty and Eloquence! Period!

  • paige daviess
    paige daviess

    Sky needa get tf out. Straight up. She crazy as hell

  • Camiya Marshall
    Camiya Marshall

    kitty get into it with everybody😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Barbara Lora
    Barbara Lora

    I dont really keep up with Black Ink, but I always side with just & righteousness. If Kitty ain’t do nothing and they feel pressed just because, then im with Kitty, period. What happen 💅🏼

  • Mistique Entourage
    Mistique Entourage

    There was no reason for Kitty to treat London like that. You cannot stop a person from talking about what they want to talk about. And you can't go around threatening to put hands on people because they do want to march to the beat of your drum. And you can't kick her out of a restaurant, house or state that doesn't belong to you. You dont have to listen to what she is saying you could Tune her out and who ever else wants to listen will listen. If the trip was going to be solely about celebrating your mother it should have been a family and close friends affair. However it was said that it was a trip to celebrate your mother and it was also a business trip. Even the scene with the promotion party that London threw which was an excellent idea was disgusting because Kitty and Tatti behaved so disgusting and full of envy. London has probably moved on to higher heights now that she is gone from black ink.

  • Mistique Entourage
    Mistique Entourage

    How do you go into someones home and try to fight them? Smh disrespectful.

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams

    This is why I drink warter🤣🤣

  • oscar swanigan
    oscar swanigan

    The best part was kitty, and dutchess, did you see how kitty was wrestling with the security? too funny!!

  • Angel Thank GOD For Angel's
    Angel Thank GOD For Angel's

    "Its not my fault, y'all shape like a pack of Newports"...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Man when I tell you these confessionals be taking me straight to the door 🚪🚪🚪🚪

  • Jeongin is baby_Straykids
    Jeongin is baby_Straykids

    *Sky- ima finish this drink* *Kitty- don't leave* *Sky- Don't tell me what to do* *the glass hits the table* *Walter- *jumps up and walks away* *Me- *dies of laughter while rewinding that part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣*

  • Pgimmie Gimmiebaby
    Pgimmie Gimmiebaby

    What u heard Y’all raggedy 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • Allyson Wroblewski
    Allyson Wroblewski

    "This is why I drink waterrrr" omg favorite part

  • JVX

    theres no way that was really pepper spray and noone in the room reacted to it.

  • Camarea Raps
    Camarea Raps

    Young bae swear she didn’t want no negativity and wanted to squash the beef, but hit her with her coat💀. She could of just left like she said she was going to, she didn’t have to cause more drama🤦🏽‍♀️.

  • MAnKa RichHo'mmie
    MAnKa RichHo'mmie

    TOO Much DraMa 🏃 LoVe The ShoW 👌

  • isabella onneng
    isabella onneng

    anyone realise in all the fights kitty is always there and that shows she is the trouble maker

  • Anthony Holloway,
    Anthony Holloway,

    she never said yall were raggedy she said the shop was raggedy and it was 🤷🏽‍♂️

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