Mom Judges "Etsy" Products.. that I made.. but she doesn't know that!!
Mia Maples
Today we are reviewing "Etsy" products.. butttt with a twist b/c i made them!! (shhhhh)
The real Etsy products VS. Mine!
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  • Mia Maples
    Mia Maples

    If you want to watch my mom and I review the REAL etsy products, next to my DIY’s.. click the link :)

    • comment commenter
      comment commenter

      You should follow your moms lead. You look better without makeup.

    • Lua Smith
      Lua Smith

      This is my first time watching your vids and I already subbed 😊

    • Lua Smith
      Lua Smith

      Mia Maples You should have gotten air dry clay because you need a cilm for that type of clay also use more clay and started with a pinch pot But other then that you did great 👍

    • Roblox with Jade and Angie
      Roblox with Jade and Angie

      Mia Maples u r a good actor if I was that kinda peep that could make u one I would me no good vocab ool

    • thedeslynnjaquias

      haha she is so fun

  • Alina Elisabetta
    Alina Elisabetta

    You are both soooo adorable!!

  • Kasey Ingham
    Kasey Ingham

    i’m over here feeling sad about the wholesome kid that mias mom thought made that pillow even though i know they don’t exist lol

  • Korina '_'
    Korina '_'

    So I just found your channel and you're so pretty, like?? Wow I'm gay

  • ashley duckworth
    ashley duckworth

    Don’t mind me.... I’m just coughing up a lung from laughing so hard!

  • Kaytie Broadhurst
    Kaytie Broadhurst

    This is the sweetest woman alive hahahab

  • Emma Snyder
    Emma Snyder

    can we talk about the intense mom instincts she has???

  • Lola Summer
    Lola Summer

    Haha this is so entertaining and sweet! What a feel-good video😊

  • Starryeyed1801

    OMG this was so funny. My eyeliner is gone 😭😭😭 Nice video. Mom was great 😭😭😭

  • Mak625

    Her mom comes in at 10:38 if anyone is like me and just wants to watch that part🙄

  • Grace Doyle
    Grace Doyle

    I love your nails!!!

  • no

    Very cool mom

  • Lauren Dubinsky
    Lauren Dubinsky

    your mom is adorable!!!

  • Casey R.
    Casey R.

    Your mom is such a sweetheart, even when criticizing others! Also, as a fellow mom, I know she had a massive flicker of panic inside as she tried to mentally playback everything she'd just said about everything when you admitted they were all

  • Concetto Rametta
    Concetto Rametta

    You really can’t fool mom! She kept saying “She had the vibe of a child making it for mom, and flashbacks....”

  • Kaylee Bodden
    Kaylee Bodden

    I laughed so hard that I had to subscribe!!!! Your mom is so cute

  • Giselle Tkach
    Giselle Tkach

    Beginning of the video she knew she showed us the projects and then when she got the stuff she was like "okay so y'all don't know what they are, these are what I'm making" 🙄

  • Janika S
    Janika S

    Sand paper works

  • kixhax K
    kixhax K

    your mom is an angel

  • Kathleen Streit
    Kathleen Streit

    I am not usually into this kind of video's but this is hilarious. Tears in my eyes from all the laughing :D

  • XxNarwal_ KøøkiysxX
    XxNarwal_ KøøkiysxX

    My dad: “face your fears!” Me: “ok” Also me: -drowns myself

  • YearlyDogs

    9:15 you absolute wuss

  • sophia k. martinez
    sophia k. martinez

    you have the prettiest mom!

  • Alison Elizabeth
    Alison Elizabeth

    What’s your moms accent?

  • Glamour.Beast

    This was literally the cutest! please do more videos with your mom❤️ you are so cute together 🥰🙌🏻

  • Krystle Rees
    Krystle Rees

    Thank you for the laughs!!! Great video❤

  • Melody Fowler
    Melody Fowler

    Every time she doesn’t want to be mean she goes...... “AwWwe!”. 😂😂😂😂

  • Jeannie LaFavor
    Jeannie LaFavor

    I basically subscribed instantly. This entire video is gold and your mom is a hoot.

  • Alexandria Penaherrera
    Alexandria Penaherrera

    Are we related? I'm nothing like you but my mom is almost identical to yours from the looks to the personality. This video was so cute and funny!

  • nettaP

    mom is so cute. this was adorable.

  • Emily Kidd
    Emily Kidd

    Awe your mom is so sweet though.

  • tarraing

    I love your mom omg she’s so funny

  • Adria Ciute
    Adria Ciute

    You've got a really cool mum.

  • alex c
    alex c

    Still my favorite video of all time haha

  • Addalyn Isaacson
    Addalyn Isaacson

    mia’s mom -“hahahaha aweeeee hahahaha”

  • Ineedtosleep

    Why were you scared to go into a store by yourself....?

  • Faith T
    Faith T

    You two are gorgeous...

  • Jess Powell
    Jess Powell

    Just looking through the comments to see who else knows she could of stitched the pillow how she cut it then flip it inside out and both the good sides would be showing

  • Esha Deo
    Esha Deo

    i genuinely laughed so hard

  • Dustin Cousineau
    Dustin Cousineau

    I LOVE your mom. This is the first video of yours I’ve seen and she’s so sweet

  • Lauren Ferguson
    Lauren Ferguson

    Omg I loved this so much. Funny and wholesome and awesome

  • Wendy Pearce
    Wendy Pearce

    How lovely is your Mom.

  • Cherished Playtime
    Cherished Playtime

    Interesting video. While the phone cases look pretty, I feel like the textures on them would uncomfortable. The cat planter looks like a cute DIY though. It’s almost like the Pinterest Fails photos and videos. Your attempts were good though.

  • Alissa Geyer
    Alissa Geyer

    Does anyone know what foundation she uses?? It’s FLAWLESS

  • DabRee Tv
    DabRee Tv

    As a ceramic artist, im cringing a bit but also very impressed of that you made it that well

  • Ash V.O.
    Ash V.O.

    Her mom's an amazing sport. She's trying so hard to be positive even before she knows x)

  • Spicy. Scribz
    Spicy. Scribz

    bruh I'm an actor and honestly I will give you an oscar

  • Nicole Mercedez
    Nicole Mercedez

    I love this ! Your mom is so cute

  • Cierra Nicole
    Cierra Nicole

    I wish your mom was my mom!! She is so sweet ☺️💗

  • Maumie13

    Its hard to see how you lie so hard to your mum :O

  • Pricilla

    Craft stores are the only stores I don't feel nervous in...all others- absolutely.

  • kristen wilkins
    kristen wilkins

    this was so cute omg i lost it at the mason jar

  • Lor

    Your mum is absolutely lovely, and I really just want to give her a big hug!

  • Squishy Dino
    Squishy Dino

    I loved this, it was hilarious

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C

    I cant stop laughing. Your mom is the sweetest thing LOL

  • May Smith
    May Smith

    Love your mom!!!

  • Kitty90

    This is my first time watching your videos... I think. The title made me think that your mom would be reacting to products you sell on Etsy, but she didn't know you sold them.

  • Elizabeth Cember
    Elizabeth Cember

    Your mom is being so nice about the things even when she doesn't know it's you.

  • sedmidivka

    Funny, I put 1.5x speed and it sounds perfectly normal 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Cindy VH
    Cindy VH

    Just stumbled across this video and I love you two together!!

  • yo lo
    yo lo

    is your mom drunk?🤢

  • hmerle

    Your mom is so cute and positive about them all hahah, supersweet!

  • Elva Lalita
    Elva Lalita

    11:43 when she finaly show her mom the product

  • Shaylen Maxwell
    Shaylen Maxwell

    This was hilarious and adorable and as an Etsy seller I got an extra kick out of it 😂

  • Fia Prendy
    Fia Prendy

    I hate fake nails normally, or at best I find their existence generally annoying (like when I see girls with those huge ones that look like brightly coloured talons) but yours are STUNNING and I wanna get mine done like that omg 😍

  • LPS Creamsicle
    LPS Creamsicle

    She doesn't have her mom in the video until nearly halfway in the video, wtf?

  • The Farmers girl.
    The Farmers girl.

    Love this! Etsy seller here! Farmstead Comforts 508 candles.

  • Keely hm
    Keely hm

    Your nails😍

  • Hi There
    Hi There

    I’m blue an abade abadaaa

  • noelle harper
    noelle harper


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