Mom & Sister React To My Fastest Car! (1,000+ Horsepower Mustang)
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  • itsjusta6

    What y’all mad at today? 🤔 By the way, go subscribe to my other channel for me. 🙏🏼

    • Matthew Petty
      Matthew Petty

      Being slow😔

    • Cameron

      Anyone know the song that was playing during the outro?

    • NorthernKale

      I can't see my forehead

    • Greg Polyakov
      Greg Polyakov

      Im mad at how white your sister is

    • Tyler Friesen
      Tyler Friesen

      Yo I got a question what is your sister’s Snapchat tfriesen768

  • Bull9142

    When she said it looks like your bumping it up a lot... I could swear I heard his car laugh a lil bit haha

  • Bull9142

    Why didn’t you take Lucifer.? Welll we did as in your along for Lucifers ride... Oh ... I guess I haven chosen death...

  • Jayce Hamm
    Jayce Hamm

    Can we talk about where are the cops

  • Mike roseberry
    Mike roseberry

    I'm trying to see what mama's ass is looking like!

  • Snap name: Off3xos
    Snap name: Off3xos

    13:13 no wonder they call it satin. Cuz holy shit that sounds mean asf


    -two hands on steering wheel, which shows you are scared of driving -you are not flooring, which doesnt surprise her or put her against the seat back support -changed the gear too quick, not allow rpm to go high


    you are changing the gear from 2nd to 3rd too quick and also you are not flooring the gas pedal. let 2nd gear go further. i drive forklift more impressed than you with 1000 horse power mustang 16:50 nervous? you are driving like normal teenage do regularly or me on way to work daily, how do you expect her to be impressed?


    i drive my e46 more scared than that she would be screaming to get out of the car like my brother once toll me after a short ride with me that he will never be in my car again

  • GalaxyGamer_YT Misty
    GalaxyGamer_YT Misty

    Will you get a ACR?? 🤔

  • sidrialgr

    Why would someone go through all the gears, get to 190mph and then put it to neutral? Buddy, if you need to brake from that speed you are gonna need all the engine breaking you can get.

  • Dylan Hensley
    Dylan Hensley

    God bless my hands are sweaty

  • Marc Lilly
    Marc Lilly

    She wasn't nervous on the second run in the mustang, she was having an orgasm

  • Blue the Wolf
    Blue the Wolf

    11:28 reppin Night Lovell I see. A man of culture

  • Живко Михов
    Живко Михов

    At 2:30 this sounds like some robot sounds from the movie Transformers.

  • illyrian SHEFIDIN
    illyrian SHEFIDIN

    Is he trying to convince his family that this crowd killer is safe?

  • TheNewArts

    I respect the content but i'd never put my mom and sister's lives at risk like this but that's just me

  • XxJaffaCakeBoysxX

    anybody got his sisters ig?

    • David Bell
      David Bell


  • rsprodftw1

    This is the first video I've ever watched of yours. I really liked it! However, that black '16 GT seems like such a pain in the ass to drive LOL. Love it though!

  • Tavs sencis
    Tavs sencis

    sooo much flex coming from you xddd

  • Rae Sanders
    Rae Sanders

    His mom is so fine 😩

  • Joe Moms
    Joe Moms

    What’s the snap

  • Thismanjah Gaming
    Thismanjah Gaming

    Whats the outro song

  • Damier too funny
    Damier too funny

    Imagine having a car that fast and Doing a pull with one hand bc u have to shift 😂

  • Ahsan Muntaha
    Ahsan Muntaha

    Do yall talk with harry 😯😯

  • Terry Thompson
    Terry Thompson

    You said it man she is alot like you awesome video as allways bro keep em comeing

  • Anthropophagus

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that his mom looks like she's his big sister, age wise?


    I don't know why I don't like this guy and his attitude,his humour etc.. ..l..

  • Simple FN
    Simple FN

    Imagine he made a slight little turn while going 190

  • Kimura

    Makes a video about driving his mom and sister, doesn’t drive them until 13 minutes in

  • Prime Shadow
    Prime Shadow

    I don’t get why people do this to their engines. It’s so bad for them and they’re such nice cars. I mean it’s cool until your engine dies. I’m taking about burnouts btw

  • Seth G
    Seth G

    What happened to Harry tho?

    • David Bell
      David Bell

      He does his own thing on IT-my

  • Marcus Oliveira
    Marcus Oliveira

    Today's teenagers cannot enjoy a moment without a cell phone or headphones in their hands. Unfortunate

  • StanleySimmons REACTIONS
    StanleySimmons REACTIONS

    I hate cars that make you feel like your not going fast, that defeats the purpose of having a fast car. I'd have much more fun in a 300hp Miata

  • GitDat

    How are you changing the boost levels like that?

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Congratulations for risking your family's life.

  • Chris shaw
    Chris shaw

    When your cars so disgusting that mom try’s to stop you from shifting once more 😂😂 I love it lol

  • Tobes

    Sister in the backseat got the strong ass neck muscles 😎

  • Mia Tonucci
    Mia Tonucci

    the mom is freaking out the whole time xD

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    I would buy a tesla over this noicy gassoline sucking money sinking machine.

  • Randall Mcnutt
    Randall Mcnutt

    Your sister is awesome! Her boyfriend has no chance of impressing her 😁

  • Clayton Weeks
    Clayton Weeks

    Your sisters cool as hell for wanting to jump in the supercharged stang. Most youtubers their family is just like "meh" Shes actually interested and asking questions about the cars

  • Zafar Khan
    Zafar Khan

    Am I the only one seeing the gear nob not aligned correctly, it's freaking me out

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson

    Your sister Chillen cross cross applesauced going 140 listening to beiber

  • Ethan Dewild
    Ethan Dewild

    Sister talking.....gavin floors it making her rethink her decision of riding in satan😂....but she already said she's not scared so she played it off like nothing happened 😂

  • Ethan Dewild
    Ethan Dewild

    Ok there's no way he hasn't been 200 on the street 😂

  • Kingpin 1220
    Kingpin 1220

    When she said turbo that mustang is fast

  • GHO5T

    Bruh his mom looks surprisingly young

  • Chris Holm
    Chris Holm

    i do the same thing with my rubber!!

  • Bob VB
    Bob VB

    Love your videos and have been watching you when you had the camaro the first time. Great job and great cars. I'm 51 and get excited when you guys do new things, conquer new challenges, and face different failures and keep going. Good job to all and look forward to more videos. Thanks for being here to watch. Take care and be safe.

  • Lance Russell
    Lance Russell


  • weRage Quit
    weRage Quit

    White Moms are simply the best fr 😹

  • F

    Where was this

  • Mc Fudge
    Mc Fudge

    Pinnacle of douche

  • Marko Cvorovic Picka
    Marko Cvorovic Picka

    Yo sister is good looking but the mustang Ps. I m not a pedofil im her age

  • bigflyguy :/
    bigflyguy :/

    If im saying this correctly youve been working on the black stang for several years and it has turned out sexy as hell i love it😍. Been here since the beginning ☺

  • DynoSauR

    Your mom's hotter than Stiffler's.

  • Erick

    8:35 her face doe lmaooo

  • Getze M3M3s Hans
    Getze M3M3s Hans

    Jdm incoming: broooo my Honda Civic would smoke that thing!!!!!!!

  • xHalalBoi

    I love their bond

  • ltosnap

    (They must not watch his channel)

    • ltosnap

      pUmP tHe CoOlAnT

    • ltosnap

      car go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • XxGamingninjaxX

    12:54 my fav part about the video 🤣😂 “doesn’t sound like my car when I start it 😰” 🤣🤣

  • Aamari Eubanks
    Aamari Eubanks

    She said i feel like turbo! "Well there's 2 of em in here" 💀🤣😂😂😂

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin

    Turn off the traction control and hit in 1st.

  • CDLMist

    The night lovell thoooooo

  • Zachary Barga
    Zachary Barga

    I don’t think the mustang is built for turning tho, just accelerating and braking

  • Jake Unknown
    Jake Unknown

    rockin night lovell

  • Tarik Saric
    Tarik Saric

    My Golf 2 GTI is faster then this😂

  • WaveyGames

    I thought you were Hispanic

  • Jl

    i likw that night lovell tune

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