More Dunkey More Problems
The hit single from my new album "Yo Peter, pass me the meatballs".
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  • NateOfUSA

    Go big mode!

  • Henry Ferrell
    Henry Ferrell

    This has no right to go so hard

  • Dalton Wendt
    Dalton Wendt

    This boys bout to blow up.

  • sqcer_

    why is this shit so fucking perfect I LOVE IT

  • Klarp

    This is genuinely good wtf

  • GameKnight

    I like the implication of dunkey living in the sewers😂😂😂

  • Priest

    ah yes, this song sparks joy.

  • Mikey Mittens
    Mikey Mittens

    that ending thoughhh !!!💯💯💯💯💯damn

  • Walph Waggum
    Walph Waggum

    "hey coolio are you with dre? oh marshal too? yeah come here I got something to show you." "Also get out your lyric note pad!"

  • Mulham Bajaber
    Mulham Bajaber

    Reminds me of nas songs , great performance

  • magaroni n cheems
    magaroni n cheems

    everyone's favorite black rapper is back

    • Mikey Mittens
      Mikey Mittens

      ok lmao

  • Kingmertel

    Lyrics: [Verse 1: videogamedunkey] Dunk's back, old beat, new rap 'Bout to hit you on the head with a phenomenal track I used to go so hard that they thought I was black Because my bars were so cold that they thought I was Knack Rhymes are so money I could put you through college Jokes are so funny that you end up with knowledge I'm like passing the ball from Daffy Duck to Michael 'Bout to save fifteen percent by switching to Geico Damn, Dunk, how you get that sound so funky? Got that new mode on and I'm slamming like Chunky Peanut butter is the favorite food of Winston Got the call from Carlton, we going to Princeton [Chorus: Kelly Price] I don't know what they want from mе It's like the more monеy we come across The more problems we see I don't know what they want from me It's like the more money we come across The more problems we see [Verse 2: videogamedunkey] Drink too much and you can drown in your sorrow You had a rough day, but there's always tomorrow Grab a wet cloth, wipe yourself off And when I'm in New York I gotta hit up Sbarro Gotta grab my bowl, gotta have cereal Try to put me on some lame shit, I'm always saying no Rather be a pain in the ass than go with the flow Rather be like Jar Jar Binka than Michael Winslow Still throwing gas in the flame Still putting every channel to shame Still, Paulie don't remember my name Still feeling like I'm under-acclaimed Still the number one ranked player on every single game, yeah (Yeah) [Chorus: Kelly Price] I don't know what they want from me It's like the more money we come across The more problems we see I don't know what they want from me It's like the more money we come across The more problems we see [Verse 3: videogamedunkey] How much money do we need to make it? Always doing better before Uncle Sam takes it You can pay 2K to buy a very large object Or spend a mill' in Cali' just to live in the projects New hat coming into Dunkey's Castle Just remember, pay a visit, or your shoes get canceled You downloaded this, I download DAMN You wanna be like Donald Draper, but me, I'm going ham Receipts going longer than the arms of Lanky Now I'm so far away, I can't see if you're cranky Been in this game too long that I'm feeling Jurassic And while you're down there, you better check out my graphics Only so much of this weak shit I can take 'Cause I'm too real, and y'all are too fake What's hard work for you, for me is a piece of cake I'm like Biggie, you're like Drake [Chorus: Kelly Price] I don't know what they want from me It's like the more money we come across The more problems we see I don't know what they want from me It's like the more money we come across The more problems we see

  • Anaas jo
    Anaas jo

    the music video is the best part of this actually

    • Chris Cisneros
      Chris Cisneros

      And the lyrics.

  • Alex Thiel
    Alex Thiel

    This is probably the greatest rap ever written

    • Mikey Mittens
      Mikey Mittens

      no cap

  • Al Piston
    Al Piston

    Blackest rapper ever

  • Ducky


  • Tadek Łazuka
    Tadek Łazuka

    This shit is so uplifting, I can't believe it. Dunkey u a genius

  • Richard


    • claytoncd


  • John Smith, But Orion is Anti-Gay and Transphobic
    John Smith, But Orion is Anti-Gay and Transphobic

    I went from brown to black

    • claytoncd

      Yeah im trans race tbh

  • Gunnar Charles
    Gunnar Charles

    The only rap I can listen to seriously

  • Jeffrey Ramos
    Jeffrey Ramos

    Nahhh this shit slap dumb hard. He had more bars than most these new age rappers. This needs to make the billboard I don’t wanna hear shit else. Donkey really is Triple OG certified with this

  • Rattus

    Dunkies thugs when?

  • Peachy 232
    Peachy 232

    Sometimes i forget dunk e has 6 mil subscribers

  • phobos258

    fucking greatest thing i've ever seen in my entire life.

  • seth iddings
    seth iddings


    • Mikey Mittens
      Mikey Mittens

      thats a 10 dawg you buggin

  • Dalton Wendt
    Dalton Wendt

    I play 5 seconds of the original and switch it to this boys remix every single time.

  • Octopoos

    Roses are red. This comment is text. Yur like Bubsy. I'm like Gex.

    • Mikey Mittens
      Mikey Mittens


  • Jack F
    Jack F

    Came in expecting a joke came out with a new ringtone. You never disappoint dunk you do you boo boo

  • Wyatt Apooch
    Wyatt Apooch

    Leah's a beautiful woman. you're a very lucky man, Dunky.

  • Carter Paine
    Carter Paine

    He’s rapping with a USB steering wheel

  • Kitty Kaash
    Kitty Kaash

    Hype playlist 2021

  • King MBZ
    King MBZ

    so fucking good dunk god makes me realize aint no one does it better then you

  • The Moe Szyslak Experience feat. Homer
    The Moe Szyslak Experience feat. Homer

    Never forgetti, Dunkey beat Sky in Smash, mom's spaghetti.



  • Swole Doge
    Swole Doge

    videogamedunkey has dominated the music industry with this beautiful work of art. No one will ever be able to top this masterpiece

  • Dante LAN-I-ER
    Dante LAN-I-ER

    I listen to this daily just to smile.

  • Cooopear Nisbetti
    Cooopear Nisbetti

    Can you put this on Spotify please?

  • Teh 0wnz0r
    Teh 0wnz0r

    cant wait for "Yo Peter, pass me the meatballs" to finally drop

  • Brostepher Jones
    Brostepher Jones


  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes

    damn these lyrics just flow good, dunkey maybe have a side hustle in music.

    • Mikey Mittens
      Mikey Mittens

      no cap

  • The Sparrow
    The Sparrow

    My ears hurt after the Dream mask song so I had to come here and cleanse them out

  • One Up Realty
    One Up Realty

    we love u dunk

  • Roderick Alden
    Roderick Alden

    I would've liked the video if only the mic was plugged in.

  • TerraSai

    People already think Dunkey is black. This isn’t gonna help 🤣

  • aapex

    I know dunkey jokes a lot but this is generally so good.

  • Troilland Ford
    Troilland Ford

    How'd he manage to rap with a usb steering wheel?

  • Vertigo


  • Blade_des


  • D0rit05

    This is better than Dream’s new song.

  • Satanic Chocobo
    Satanic Chocobo

    Damn this is almost as good as the Jackie Chan album.

  • Sklumf The 2323
    Sklumf The 2323

    i know what im listening to for the rest of the year

  • digiboy

    This beat goes hard as hell tho

  • Sam

    “Dunkey my favorite rapper⛷” -Kanye West

  • Elytriferous

    holy fuck yeah babyyyyyyyyy

  • Spencer Henske
    Spencer Henske

    spotify when???

  • CTP 1111
    CTP 1111

    Oh you like money too? We should hang out!

  • CZcorgi

    This slaps so hard

  • CZcorgi

    Why is this not on Spotify?

  • Pablo Complains
    Pablo Complains

    7 out of 10

  • Sick Pic
    Sick Pic

    this gotta be the best yet

  • Captain Shark
    Captain Shark

    I'd give this a decent 6 out of 10. I think this has potential but that biggie smalls cover of this is better.

  • Jack Juras
    Jack Juras

    Spotify pls

  • Righteous Mcdouble
    Righteous Mcdouble

    Hmmm I’d rate it about a 7

  • antonioo524

    i never knew how much i needed to hear dunkey rap

  • saad hayl
    saad hayl

    my man would end careers if he start beefing

    • Shourik Banerjee
      Shourik Banerjee

      He's beefing with Fantano for giving him a "Decent"

  • Punished Eric
    Punished Eric

    When are you going to this on Spotify? or even Urf rap, I fucking hate league but that still slaps, if you need beats you should totally just out-source for them, plenty of hip hoppin rippity rappers looking to make some dough on the interwebs.

  • Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva
    Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva

    "Aw, thats cold, thats cold" - Will Smith after listening to this rap and thinking dunkey was knack

  • Bambi Mau
    Bambi Mau

    More rapid rhyming

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller


  • zigi Tj
    zigi Tj

    I keep coming back to this

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