MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Gameplay Trailer MK11 (2020) HD
MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Gameplay Trailer MK11 (2020) HD
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  • Avalanche TV
    Avalanche TV

    Nintendo; Here’s the Joker... Fans: REALLY?! DC?! THAT SOUNDS... Nintendo: from Persona 5! Fans: Ah what?! MK11: No problem, we got the real Joker

  • The Ancient One
    The Ancient One

    they should add all the DLC characters from the other games into this one like fuckin Kratos, Freddy, Jason, Predator, Alien, Leatherface,

  • Shadowser _14
    Shadowser _14

    I need this music

  • I suck at everything
    I suck at everything

    What a queen

  • MrRamon HD
    MrRamon HD

    Que Pasaría Si El Joker Existiera En El Mundo Real?

  • MrRamon HD
    MrRamon HD

    0:45 *I'll Save The Day*

  • Joseph Gillespie
    Joseph Gillespie

    He has Joaquin’s facial features.

  • Molnár Robi
    Molnár Robi

    Did they modeled him after a pornstar?

  • MrRamon HD
    MrRamon HD

    Es Más Divertido En La Vida Real Ok No Disculpen Mi Habilidad Psicópata

  • Dalitszz

    Better than Spawn

  • Nyle Walker
    Nyle Walker

    there was too much in this trailer i originally wanted to be the joker when we first saw him i said - he was gonna be my main- and then when he came out everyone was like UUUUH JOKER ME stupid 5 year olds

  • Ace Bashige
    Ace Bashige

    Fanboys joker, like any Idol company, would sign home.

  • Edgadus Abr. 1998
    Edgadus Abr. 1998

    The trollest character

  • Nightcore King1000
    Nightcore King1000

    Still no song of this does any one know background soundtrack?

  • Claudia Aylan
    Claudia Aylan

    k grande xdxd

  • RooByrne24

    Remember when we were worried about this guy?

  • Deshawn Brown
    Deshawn Brown

    Joker doesn't belong in mk. Evil wonder woman. Or evil batman does.

    • chardee LIVES
      chardee LIVES

      But they always have a case of being heroes Joker always been protrayed as evil why would they altered characters? Save it for injusice boy

  • DJ.TK.Kobra.17

    Did the hostage in the wheelchair just say "I don't wanna die" real quick? 1:30

  • pierre cliche
    pierre cliche

    Might as well put Batman. He would be better

  • Sans the Horror
    Sans the Horror

    its still gold. spawn trailer is nothing against Mistah J .

  • F. B. I
    F. B. I

    Noob saibot skin = Shadow Shaman in dota 2

  • Satbir Kenth
    Satbir Kenth

    I started off hating joker in mk11 but wow that is the JOKER

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen

    I have an army. We have the Joker.

  • The Amazing Mr.Airplane
    The Amazing Mr.Airplane

    Spawn Trailer was cool. But Joker trailer is still so much better. They killed this one.

  • [LÉ GOOP]
    [LÉ GOOP]

    Fatality Name: “The Crack Up”

  • goodgame YouTube streaming
    goodgame YouTube streaming

    о джока хорощто так

  • ⁅Greαt Grαnd Fαther Lʊrd King–Emperor BelÎrαl–Mαle⁆
    ⁅Greαt Grαnd Fαther Lʊrd King–Emperor BelÎrαl–Mαle⁆

    At 1:40 flashback time. Robin oh no don't die. Dodge the Joke-crowbar Jason, it's your only way~

  • irkenus

    The Joker is my favorite guest simply because he’s voiced by Richard Epcar.

  • TheOfficialPSI

    "The bucks I'll make selling them in Gotham!" It's not

  • Clarence Fuller
    Clarence Fuller

    Give me his trailer music

  • Eliel Sousa
    Eliel Sousa

    I still prefer the 90s mortal kombat

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell

    The bucks I'll make by selling them in Gotham

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell

    Go Joker!!!

  • Гульмира Тошева
    Гульмира Тошева


  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez

    Does anyone know how to get the kombat pack I just need some help getting it

  • p.n micky treasure island
    p.n micky treasure island

    Mk11 joker I had that January 28 mk11

  • Luciano Pereira
    Luciano Pereira

    😲😲😲o que aconteceu com mk?!?

  • Gauge Pinkston
    Gauge Pinkston

    Holy crap this is awesome also did dc actually approve of this

  • Sekiro

    Can someone write what he haved say? 1:01

  • Elsa Mandzhieva
    Elsa Mandzhieva

    Awesome mix of Batman origin`s Joker and Injustice 2 Joker.

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong

    They need to put Deathstroke in this game, get it because his name is DEATHstroke

  • ToastyLin GamePlay
    ToastyLin GamePlay

    I like the joker!

  • Toy Freddy Gaming
    Toy Freddy Gaming

    “I’ll save the Day” 00:46 and Shoots the opponent in the face 00:47

  • lol

    Nintendo: We got joker Netherrealm: We got the the joker everyone knows

  • brian barreto
    brian barreto

    Que falta de imaginación

  • incubator thatboy
    incubator thatboy

    His moves are Phenominal. But the design is a%$. They should have gone for something close to Injustice 2 Joker.

  • Bright


  • Clarence Fuller
    Clarence Fuller

    I need that joker trailer song

  • D.O.A

    Hopefully they made him older !!!

  • Aldiggy2000

    a taste of dc vs mk 11 .. tastyyyy. This makes me hunger for DC vs MK 2 .. but M rated, gloves come off

  • brick man
    brick man

    So anyways i start blasting 1:56

  • Kashi Kagë
    Kashi Kagë


  • Von Wayne Vlogs
    Von Wayne Vlogs

    can anyone help me? i just bought the mk11 game yesterday and it automatically updated the game, almost 40gig of it. but when it comes to the 180MB final update for the version 1.14, it would not download and would send an error message. as you all know, if the updates are not complete, you cannot go online. no rewards, no everything if not online. what should i do? i hope someone out there knows the solution to this problem. i tried deleting and reinstalling, tried rebuilding data too, tried pause and play on the download tab, nothing works. need help!

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    It would be funny if this joker was in smash Bros

  • InedibleHail418

    I have the joker

  • Louie Man Gaming
    Louie Man Gaming

    Do you think there will be like a legendary pack of MK11 for the Nintendo Switch?


    cheaters joker

  • Mariovo5

    totally different soundtrack!

  • shaquille peterson
    shaquille peterson

    The joker looks like ellen

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon

    I see Joker talking with a guy who Love Mileena. J: "So you are in love with that toothed girl?" Guy: "Yes and I will marry her!" J: "And I thought that I am Insane one here."

  • Torch Head
    Torch Head

    I like to see a hawaiian shirt skin like from The Killing Joke and a Dr. Maniac skin for Goosebumps fans

  • Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique
    Julio Víctor Manuel Schaeffer Manrique

    Meanwhile in Netherrealm's Characters Department... Ash Williams: I can't believe they ditched me out again for a Guy Fawkes wannabe with makeup. I've been requested 2 games ago and what's my consolation prize? Being stuck in a cat-and-mouse game where I can't speak! Can you believe it, buddy? Doom Slayer: *looks in his direction, agreeing.* The door opens, revealing a stranger with a spider-themed attire and mask, with a somber attitude with it. Both guys look to the female, and give her a seat. ???: I swear, if I don't the get the recognition me or my universe deserves, someone is going to feed my little friends! Ash, looking kind of credulous and confused for the stranger's words, goes to her place and speaks. Ash: hey miss, you must be new in this business. Who are you? The stranger looks at him, almost weary for something that happened to her, helped by the sensation of dread she was emanating. Stranger: I am Taylor. Taylor Hebert.

  • DarkSonicDSTH

    guys joker released in my b-day ;-;

  • AgusDasher72

    Skrillex soundtrack. Name: What?

  • Zefer

    Know who I want for MK11? Talon from Middle-Earth:som/sow Why? Warner Brothers owns the rights to those games and the possibilities with him are endless

  • J3SS3 _G
    J3SS3 _G

    So your are telling me you guys where gonna put in all the jokers from all of the movies but you guys didn't even bother putting in the joker from gotham. How disrespectful. Nah jk lol

  • NickSplat Ft.
    NickSplat Ft.

    What’s the background music in this trailer

  • Aqua of Light
    Aqua of Light

    I want to know where I can find the song that plays in this trailer :(

  • MultiMuchacho

    Or you could just play injustice two

  • seiboko

    Name of the song?

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