Most Amazing COINCIDENCES You Wont Believe !
Most Amazing COINCIDENCES You Wont Believe !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Most Amazing COINCIDENCES You Wont Believe !


  • Little Kitty
    Little Kitty

    Look at her earrings 👌👌😍😍❤️❤️ They are SOOOOO pretty😵😵 I'm gonna die!!!💀

  • Jover Nanales
    Jover Nanales

    I was watching on my phone and mom say crying i saw a crying toy when im watching

  • Lilly Goff
    Lilly Goff

    Azzie I think that babies drink milk not wine or beer Me I think babies drink wine and beer JK

  • Savoca Criddle
    Savoca Criddle

    THERE WAS SO MUCH ROOM ON THAT DOOR FOR THE BOTH OF THEM like I’m only a kid but I love the titanic my friends think it’s weird but that movie triggers ne

  • A N G E L real
    A N G E L real


  • Bethzy Hidalgo
    Bethzy Hidalgo

    People still get CDs idiot

  • x2abbi_megan 2x
    x2abbi_megan 2x


  • Kaliope Jones
    Kaliope Jones

    A few minutes ago, a crazy thing happened to me. I still can hardly believe it. I looked for a video like this so I could tell everyone about MY coincidence. A few hours ago, I suggested to my dad that we order chinese food. I wasn't actually expecting to get it in the end, but yeah, we got it for dinner. After I finished, I opened my fortune cookie and it read: "Perhaps you've been focusing too much on spending," (which isn't true by the way.) My dad opened his and told it to me: "Perhaps you've been focusing too much on saving," I couldn't have been more shocked, and then I started laughing maniacally. I showed it to dad and we was just as shocked, he said we were fortune twins or something like that. I showed my mom, then later, I suggested that we take a picture of our fortunes together and post them on the list of coincidences, but then he said he'd already thrown his away. Afterwards, I searched for one of Azzy's coincidence videos so I could post it.


    Isn’t that Ozil in the thumbnail??

  • Ruby [Navy]
    Ruby [Navy]

    I’m not old

  • •devilcat• •love•
    •devilcat• •love•

    Yeah by the thumbnail I HAD to click

  • Jeanne LaRoche
    Jeanne LaRoche

    no one; me; she look like camilla cabelo

  • Claire Vivi
    Claire Vivi

    My friends name is the same as mine, her sisters birthday is the same as mine, her moms name is the same as my moms name, and her dads name is the same as my dads name. It’s a super crazy coincidence

  • McDonald’s Man
    McDonald’s Man

    Baby’s need CHOCLITMILK

  • Hannah Hetherington
    Hannah Hetherington

    I can wiggle my ears

  • Vanessa Mendoza
    Vanessa Mendoza

    If you've seen catfish the TV show you will know at exactly 4:25 the man on the right is one of the hosts

  • Slimo Ras
    Slimo Ras

    Uhhhhh you look adorable with big eyes but how do you have big eyes-

  • ninos shine
    ninos shine

    Hi azzy

  • Christmas Creeper
    Christmas Creeper

    3:50 That awkward moment when you watch a video about coincidences and then you see Krispy Kreme and look at the Krispy Kreme doughnut box in front of you Edit:I’m not joking I actually have Krispy Kreme doughnuts in my kitchen right now

  • Ariane Jocknevich
    Ariane Jocknevich

    On the thumbnail , why the heck does the pic show a 20 plus year old but he dies the same time he was born????

  • McKenzie Lachapelle
    McKenzie Lachapelle



    Azzy babies dring water,milk and juice

  • Lucy Sweetman
    Lucy Sweetman

    My friends mam and dad were in the same class now me and him are in the same class???

  • Jalana Weems Vlogs
    Jalana Weems Vlogs

    Who else loves Aztec? ❤️😂 read more

  • Leni Linscheid
    Leni Linscheid

    ...Wait what

  • Amaliia Siier
    Amaliia Siier

    Bro I’m eating that Cereal 🥣 right now

  • Xavier Mares
    Xavier Mares

    Do you want to battle me with my pokemon

  • Shamam Ali
    Shamam Ali

    The spiderman 1, just could be a boy with his identical brother !

  • mena seven
    mena seven

    LOL Nesquick cereal looks like rabbit dropping.

  • Kazue Hikari
    Kazue Hikari

    So...I have a friend named Addina Damia Zahra...I’m-

  • Amber Tran
    Amber Tran


  • Kerry COX
    Kerry COX

    babys can have milk,waterand baby food duh

  • Audrey Manahan
    Audrey Manahan


  • serene akhtar
    serene akhtar

    Koinkidink. I used to say coincidence somewhat like that 🤣. Azzy I feel you

  • Beatle

    Why is azzyland eyes so big?? Is it just me??


    Rest In Peace the amazing creator of marvel Stan lee

  • Jozsef Lovas
    Jozsef Lovas

    u now that girly that was *swimming* it was in hungaria langwig im hungaria

  • Elephant Maci
    Elephant Maci

    Is it bad that i have never seen titanic

  • Marlie Blanchard
    Marlie Blanchard

    Baby’s can’t drink normal water but they can drink sugar water and water for gas

  • Isabella dance
    Isabella dance

    I hate the titanic because he died😭😭😭😭😭who else thinks that😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • XxwolfieplayzxX

    One time me and my mom saw a licences plate that said POOPY

  • Rihards Rozītis
    Rihards Rozītis

    Im 9 but i drink pink sampee

  • Sherri Burgess
    Sherri Burgess

    I’m 10 and know a lot

  • Troll Pokiemon443
    Troll Pokiemon443

    Just like Marco Polo

  • Alyvia Atchison
    Alyvia Atchison

    I though that jack could fit on the door

  • lilyanna marie
    lilyanna marie

    You made a mistake when you saw the one ear up on the doggie I'm on the thing we're like the license plate was it said one ear up

  • Gavriella Santiago
    Gavriella Santiago

    08:27 there was room on the door but if jack woulde'v gon on de door it would sink so both wil die THE MORE U KNOW😂😂😂

  • Lydia Alarcon
    Lydia Alarcon

    They Gana Sale The Nutri Bullet And it gat Stolelen 😂😂😂

  • nessly ramos
    nessly ramos


  • Kirsten Preussner
    Kirsten Preussner

    3:04 same azzy i think my cat can understand my dad My dad was sayin she fat bc she was pregnant and Milo looked at him like "why would u say that" with the saddest look in her eyes

  • Ysabel Syed
    Ysabel Syed

    Water is bad for babies

  • Karma Pellazari
    Karma Pellazari

    I love your ear rings Azzy

  • mauria Terry
    mauria Terry

    I think there was room for both of them

  • Chloe's World
    Chloe's World

    The listens plate says 1earup and the dog has 1 ear up

  • ballin' nerd
    ballin' nerd

    breast milk is very related to marojauna thats why it calms babies

  • ballin' nerd
    ballin' nerd

    she didnt notice hermine

  • Aesthetic Wxlf
    Aesthetic Wxlf

    1:47 she forgot hermoinie ;-; ( idk how to spell her name)

  • Sai Muraad
    Sai Muraad

    Harry Potter based on True story mmmmm!!!!

  • Chan Sook Yen
    Chan Sook Yen

    Hello whoever is scrolling down da comments and sub to kitty mavis

  • Nightmare_ Erupted
    Nightmare_ Erupted

    Actually spider man is another boy not Stan lee the person who plays spider man is still alive

  • Ariella_chip&kayla

    And weird

  • Ariella_chip&kayla


  • Sonito Austiro
    Sonito Austiro


  • Alejandra Zuluaga
    Alejandra Zuluaga


  • Lacey and Kingsley and Macie are rats Vlogs
    Lacey and Kingsley and Macie are rats Vlogs

    My brother has diabeates

  • LegomonkYT

    At the baby part, (where it says about baby needs and beer and stuff) When I was 9 my bio dad made me drink beer when I took my meds, and when I saw that... Memories came, bad memories

  • Ira The Narwhal
    Ira The Narwhal

    The “born in 1988 thumbnail” how do you give birth to a full grown man?

  • Mars :]
    Mars :]

    Baby’s can’t have water until 6 months old Omg while I was typing she said baby’s can’t drink water until 6 months old😂

  • Dávid Rózsahegyi
    Dávid Rózsahegyi


  • Mukti Rai
    Mukti Rai

    My cat understands me...

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