Most Haunted Hotel in Florida | Biltmore Presidential Suite
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby stay overnight with Corey Scherer and Jake Webber in Florida's most haunted hotel the Biltmore in the presidential suite. They talk to mediums and historians to get to the bottom of why this hotel is so haunted with the paranormal.
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Check out everyone who helped in the video:
Witch: @gabyherstik
Medium: Hector Espinosa
Historian: Dr. Paul George
Edited by: @HHillierSmith & @Benjamin_Cook

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    Colby: “My NeW yEaRs ReSoLuTiOn WaS tO gEt RiD oF mY dEmOnS” Sam: “We AlL hAvE dEmOnS, dOn’T wE?” Me: “WaIt WhAt!?

  • Raya Phillips
    Raya Phillips

    when i was younger i’d have dreams of me standing in my driveway and tall men in top hats walking around me... sometimes i’d wake up terrified and a tall guy with a white face would just be standing over me and he’d comfort me. i saw him recently in a dream, except he was warning me. the dream was i was in disney world and i got murdered but right before it the tall guy was warning me to watch out

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    Ahri Pavlicek

    at first i thought my laptop was goin crazy until colby was like "woh dude somethings up with the camera" and im like. "oh ok bet im good." also just remembered that in the 3rd-4th grade me and my friend would play the ouiji board and shiz and ngl i was kinda scared and it actuallt worked like damn.

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    plot twist:the shadow man is the BFG trying to help corey is it just me who got shoulder pain after this

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    Norrah Waterman

    I want to cam with you Sam and Colby and I am not afraid of anything because I was born a Friday the 13 in March

  • GrandPa Bertha
    GrandPa Bertha

    You guys should go to the St. James Hotel in Selma Alabama, DESCRIPTION: Located just an hour away from the Gaines Ridge Dinner Club and built in 1837, the St. James Hotel is one of the oldest operational facilities in Alabama. During the Civil War, soldiers used the hotel as a place to discuss battle strategies, and when the Battle of Selma took place, the entire town of Selma pretty much burned to the ground, but the St. James Hotel remained standing. After the Civil War ended, a man named Benjamin Sterling Tower became the new owner and allowed a group of outlaws, led by the famous gang leader, robber and murderer Jesse James, to stay at the hotel one night. Several guests have reported seeing the spirits of Jesse James and his girlfriend, Lucinda, as well as a man fully dressed in clothing from the 1800s in rooms 214, 314 and 315. Lucinda, a lover of the scent of lavender, allegedly leaves the lovely scent in her path, alerting guests to her presence. James’ black dog also haunts the halls of the hotel, as evidenced by guests accounts of incessant barking with no dog in sight. You can book a room at the St. James Hotel today, and if you’re brave enough, request room 214, 314 or 315.


    Don’t as his name three times

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    Adriana S

    okay, all of a sudden i got a major headache

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    Adriana S

    this is the most haunted channel on youtube. my whole body was shaking the whole time.

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    Zodiac signs are celestial spirits I know one thing ♌️ the Lion is the leader for the celestial

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    Shameless Edits/Comedy

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    Shameless Edits/Comedy

    19:05 got me shook bro😳

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    Byrontheduck lainez

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    Jazlynn Tankersley

    Hi Sam and Colby Corey is not the only one who sees the shadow man me and my best friend Vanessa see him too one time she was staying at my house me and her was going to do the midnight man but we din't not after what happened so me and her was outside it was dark so me and her was just talking then i saw him and i told her to look where it was and she said she see him too she got scared so we went in then she got up in the middle of the night i thought she was going to the bathroom but she didn't she was standing at my closet i just when back to sleep like i didn't see anything then when we both woke up she said she was tired i thought her what happened she thought i was crazy but me and her i crazy i think i got the shadow man from my step brother because one time me and him was walking to my my friends house and he told me to stop he said do you see that and i said yes we lived across a graveyard so i told him it could be a coffin but he told no they don't stand like that i told him you are crazy i was only 6 at that time Vanessa told me that she see the shadow man in her brother's goku poster me and her are only a 11 years old me and her said we are going to be like you guys some day because me and her watched horror movies like forever now me and her love evil things and we would love to explorer haunted places like you guys some day.Also i see things in the choner of my eye but then when i look over there there is noting there my grandpa said my eyes are messing with me but if other people are seeing something that i see too i don't know what to do Corey said he see's the shadow man but his has a top hat and a cane but mine don't so there is more than one shadow man so there is shadow people

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    Air Animations

    *Jake and Corey screaming* Sam: 😧 Colby: *doesn’t say anything looks dead inside* Me: what the heck is going on

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    I was born on Halloween... am I like cursed? Lol

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    Go to the station hotel in Dudley UK. Children died there. Theres a ghost that haunts Room 214

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    15:30 The 5 second Preview of Hangover 4

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  • Siegfred Bauer
    Siegfred Bauer

    The camera and audio freaks out

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    You realize it's just a Florida Man ghost wanting Bud Light because he died in some stupid way. Like surfing a crocodile

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