Most INSANE SWIMMING POOLS You Wont Believe Exist !
Azzyland - Most INSANE SWIMMING POOLS You Wont Believe Exist !
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  • TTPS P5H20 WONG Hing-yu
    TTPS P5H20 WONG Hing-yu

    I have been to the lazy pool

  • Elizabeth Galdamez
    Elizabeth Galdamez

    Her: shows a picture of a fish like creature. Me: being afraid of fish literally almost passes out

  • Hala Emad
    Hala Emad

    And a few more I don’t really like

  • Hala Emad
    Hala Emad

    The pools are awesome, but why would they make that waterfall pool. I wouldn’t take a trillion dollars 💵 to go next to it.

  • Ida Dias
    Ida Dias

    2:44 azzy said my name 😅😅 (Victoria falls)

  • The Ennard and Emma twins!
    The Ennard and Emma twins!

    I remember when Azzy said something about a huge giant pool like if you remember too it was really nice of the pool I wanted to swim in it because I haven't went to swim in a while so ye I want to!!!

  • Nancy Murphy
    Nancy Murphy

    I moving there

  • Princess Seraiya
    Princess Seraiya

    How much coffee do you drink are you a person who says you wake up it's time for coffee have a shower It's Time for coffee go to work it's time for coffee get fired it's time for coffee and at 5 it should be time for coffee

  • The Viper Nasos
    The Viper Nasos

    Im from greece here is proof. Γεια : hi

    • The Viper Nasos
      The Viper Nasos

      Can you travel in greece if i see ya there ill faint...

  • Madison I Wilson
    Madison I Wilson

    i went to an infinity pool in Cuba that was next to the ocean

  • Emily Panchyshyn
    Emily Panchyshyn

    This was posted on my name b-day


    Ive been at the lazy river with the sea through bottom. I visit a-lot so- yeah- its in a hotel in- uhm- Asia somewhere

  • marija Babinski
    marija Babinski

    why dose the waterfall have my name the name on the profile is my mother name

  • Rayline Brown
    Rayline Brown

    What part of Canada are you in I'm in Ontario

  • HorrendousHarveyTV

    Can't touch my swag


    Victoria falls is at a place called Zambia

  • Lisa Cucinella
    Lisa Cucinella

    ,. ,, I

  • Nicole Ramage
    Nicole Ramage

    And I live next to a Creek in America🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Nicole Ramage
    Nicole Ramage

    What if infinity pools were popular because I know you'd have one and I would have won but they're rare and they're only good next to water!

  • Caselyn Aprilla Rockiano
    Caselyn Aprilla Rockiano

    me:*reacting to the devils pool* also me:i need search on internet AFTER GOING TO SEE WHAT THE INTERNET SAYS me:im freaked out 20 people have died!?! i need to tell my friends to not come here if corona ends and they go vacation to africa nature just nature WHO EVER MADE THIS why just why made it out of nature out of all things nature is what you choose who ever made this better be respondsible for the deaths you made because of the pool you made that place needs to be shut down

  • Sofia Kits
    Sofia Kits

    Me living in greece

  • Kaya Sok
    Kaya Sok

    0:59 butts

  • Περσεφόνη Ε.
    Περσεφόνη Ε.

    Lol I am in Greece now 😂😍

  • King Thomas
    King Thomas

    Travel with me 👀❤️😍

  • Alice B
    Alice B

    I wouldn't go on that first swimming pool ever! Not even if I won lots and lots of money afterwards!

  • Assault Wolf pack
    Assault Wolf pack

    I all most got stuck when I was swimming in the sea and I all most died because the seaweed got on my foot and I am now staying safe for the sea but I don’t care I just go anyway

  • PuffyLittleCookieKitty(*.)w(*.)🍪^///^

    OwO azzy deserves all those pools

  • Maimuna Said
    Maimuna Said

    Africa my home

  • 2011cuteguy

    You can travel if your in your own car in quaretine

  • Danny

    Let me know how the infinity pool in Toronto went

  • Danny

    I thought Niagara Falls was the largest waterfall in the world

  • nyaindahouse life
    nyaindahouse life

    Seaweed does still wrap around ur feet and ankles cuz I went to the beach 3 weeks ago trust me it does

  • levi Ackerman
    levi Ackerman

    ÔwÔ.... I love you! and your the best! ❤️ never hate yourselves also be safe!!!!

  • masood akhtar
    masood akhtar

    Coronavirus over there are oh coronavirus is there

  • The rose With the Willow
    The rose With the Willow

    Hi AzzyLand

  • Minty Leaf
    Minty Leaf

    Sounds amazing but wouldn’t you have the same problem with a ball pit?

  • Yui Wistle
    Yui Wistle

    Nature does what it want to do, it doesn't care if you fall

  • Ev Jordan
    Ev Jordan

    I feel u Azzy I want to travel too

  • IsDatLizzy

    Me: seeing my home country OMG THATS MY COUNTRY

  • ItzLesliezYt

    I wanna go to Nemo 36 (the deepest pool) to practice holding my breath but I’m short and I might pass out also I’m 10

  • Dorsa Ghahremani
    Dorsa Ghahremani

    I love you Azzy

  • Brooke Rcat
    Brooke Rcat

    Luv u azzyland ur so funny and idk if ur gonna read this put if u do i luv u azyyland🧡🧡

  • Amaya Cobb
    Amaya Cobb


  • Amaya Cobb
    Amaya Cobb

    I when to the first

  • Siena Bindless
    Siena Bindless

    relaxing but creepy!

  • Seth Hepburn
    Seth Hepburn

    The unicorn one was what's inside

  • langit biru
    langit biru


  • Raylyn's Playpen
    Raylyn's Playpen


  • Dude not so perfect
    Dude not so perfect

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments. Have a nice day! :)

  • Art mart gaming
    Art mart gaming

    Azzy: this pool is in greece. Me: IM IN GREECE?!?!

  • Marsxbee

    It’s freakin 4AM and I just ran into my chair so I felt kinda sad but when I watch you Azzy you made me super happy

  • krafts and activities with karin
    krafts and activities with karin

    Is there one video where azzy doesn't react to things

  • Angel friends
    Angel friends

    Who else was like how are your intestince not tore up when the dude went stomach first in the water from high distance

  • Emma meow meow
    Emma meow meow

    Where is my favorite French IT-myr

  • xxStephie_Singsxx

    Me: -watches video- Video: - pool in greece - Also me: iM gReEk

  • Its just trin
    Its just trin

    4:28 I laughed way to hard at this🤣

  • Kailey iPhone
    Kailey iPhone

    Azzy: 20 people died no thanks Me: *gets keys* Mom: we’re are you going Me: to a pool Mom: ok?.........

    • Fiery ice Crystals' _gacha
      Fiery ice Crystals' _gacha

      Lol tf

    • Ave Playz
      Ave Playz

      Reeeeeeeeeeeee don’t fall!

    • Lilian S. De Rivera
      Lilian S. De Rivera

      Corona:I have found more victims!

  • Kailey iPhone
    Kailey iPhone

    Me waiting for a pool with a unlimited food:👁👄👁

  • anglea&ballora

    I know I need to travel

  • Ana Reyes
    Ana Reyes

    i tach sewe and i that it was green sand and my uncle toled me it was sewe but i ded not now 😮😮🤗🤗

  • Alaynah Jo
    Alaynah Jo

    Did you and Jordi break up someone said you guys did and I don’t know if it is true

  • Srini

    Azzy:💻ththththtth on her computer Me: satisfied Hope u stay healthy

  • Srini

    Azzy:💻ththththtth on her computer Me: satisfied Hope u stay healthy

  • khairul hakimin
    khairul hakimin

    Wait don’t be mad but Azzy show a picture thumbnail the story of phophets If you search it you find the thumbnail I respect all religions

  • Bells Birchall
    Bells Birchall

    Nice kingsman reference. Love that movie

  • Riauna Carelse
    Riauna Carelse

    I don't trust those pools

  • Gamingwithkarl


  • Winter Sky
    Winter Sky

    Man, I cannot go to a pool yet and watching this makes me want to go in a pool so bad

  • Acacia Wielgo
    Acacia Wielgo


  • Phillip Forkner
    Phillip Forkner

    My boyfriend and I are so scared and when I said boyfriend this is my dad from a long time ago he died a long time ago tho:(

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