Most unusual BEDS that are not only for sleep
Most unusual BEDS that are not only for sleep
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are looking at the most unusual beds that are not only for sleep! Some of these beds have the most interesting designs you have ever seen. Which ones would you sleep in?


  • Cindy Roman
    Cindy Roman



    Some info the water bed in that photo is actually in a playground in genting...sooooo whoops its comfortable btw

  • Brittany Pinney
    Brittany Pinney

    I love it

  • Elizabeth Shaffer
    Elizabeth Shaffer

    Azzy can you say anything to me like talk to me is this you can what's your phone number

  • Elizabeth Shaffer
    Elizabeth Shaffer

    I love my bed so much too

  • Elizabeth Shaffer
    Elizabeth Shaffer

    There's really a standing bed I never knew that that's cool

  • Elizabeth Shaffer
    Elizabeth Shaffer

    How many beds are there

  • Phil Myers
    Phil Myers

    I'm tired but it's 1:31 pm my bed is confey

  • Spencer Bowers
    Spencer Bowers

    how do you get out in that bed how do you get out HOW DO YOU GET OUT

  • Alfonzo Terrones
    Alfonzo Terrones

    I want a water bread because it like it’s so good like oh my cousins they have a lot about it but mom is a rooftop and it’s very very sad but I think it’s very good

  • Catalina Toranzo
    Catalina Toranzo

    5:45 my hotel had this when I went out on Christmas! My parents had a normal bed but I had this epic bed B-)

  • Kathy Small
    Kathy Small

    I want the vertical bed 🛌

  • Meredith Wilson
    Meredith Wilson

    But you would haft to call really loud for them to find you and if they don't hear you you haft to be in hunger and thirst till someone is going to bed!USING YOUR BRAIN

  • Taylor Schott
    Taylor Schott

    I like to sleep in darkness too, but i have to have a little bit of light so that if i have to get up to use the bathroom, i can find the door and i wont be bumping into things. if i have to, i dont mind if there,s a bright light like from the tv or something, but anything brighter than that, i cant sleep through. i used to be able to sleep in pitch black darkness when i was a kid, but as i,v gotten older, i,v become more and more paranoid about cockroaches and spiders crawling on me in my sleep.

  • Foxy love guinea pigs plus
    Foxy love guinea pigs plus

    Thneed vill is we’re the ones ler made the Lorax the Dallas thing

  • Yumey Martinez
    Yumey Martinez

    I don't sleep is that okay

  • Let's Get This Party Started
    Let's Get This Party Started

    great song!

  • Liz Emmons
    Liz Emmons

    1234 ceiling bed yes ceiling bed

  • Clinton Kline
    Clinton Kline

    I love these beds that are so cool

  • Paulina Wycz
    Paulina Wycz

    There is a problem with the couch cirlcle bed it's definitely really heavy

  • Dom Gelao
    Dom Gelao

    I have that magnetic bed and I’m sitting on it

  • aria siwady
    aria siwady


  • aria siwady
    aria siwady

    I want you to make a triy not to laugh

  • Ant Jones
    Ant Jones

    Love you

  • Lindsay Lors
    Lindsay Lors

    Hi azzy

  • Heaven Aldonana
    Heaven Aldonana


  • family skilnyk
    family skilnyk


  • chell Catledge
    chell Catledge

    Omg I really want a bed that you can make your own 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 the ball bed 😱

  • Donna Douglas
    Donna Douglas

    I only watch Azzlyland😊☺️😄👍👌🏽🌃💖🔇🇳🇱

  • Donna Douglas
    Donna Douglas

    Azzly come to perth in schottlind in your video 😍🙏🏽👧🏽🦄🐥

  • lilly vlogs
    lilly vlogs

    With the sofa one what if it opens while you are sleeping on it

    • lilly vlogs
      lilly vlogs

      Am I right or am I right

  • Nyamsuren Munkhzul
    Nyamsuren Munkhzul


  • Hervic Laurio
    Hervic Laurio


  • #foxsisters love
    #foxsisters love

    Azzy: maybe I am a vampire Me: then you would be burning😎😎😎😎 But no offense

  • Arianna Casillas
    Arianna Casillas

    the rocking bed its like if u rock in it instead rocking u roll all around the house lol

  • Kim Corral
    Kim Corral


    • Kim Corral
      Kim Corral


  • Kim Corral
    Kim Corral


  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz

    I love you azzyland please givw me and my cousin a shout out!!😇💚

  • Caelin Cohick
    Caelin Cohick

    🤣 you are a vampire 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aubrey Abdullatif
    Aubrey Abdullatif


  • Caelin Cohick
    Caelin Cohick

    I love my bed but I also hate my bed.....

  • Sebastian Pagan
    Sebastian Pagan

    Who else is watching dis in quarantine


    OMG i just won’t to mete you

  • Sonny Skalická
    Sonny Skalická


    • Sonny Skalická
      Sonny Skalická


    • Sonny Skalická
      Sonny Skalická


  • Nathan Flores
    Nathan Flores

    You are a good chanl

  • Fizie Haidi
    Fizie Haidi

    my son also ate dirt he was training to be a ninja and then he fell

    • Fizie Haidi
      Fizie Haidi

      we wore in japan but were malaysian

  • Stephanie Carrington
    Stephanie Carrington

    Duh nuh duh I'm the bat bed!

  • William Wingfield
    William Wingfield

    Boom Shaka locker

  • Jessica Glubb
    Jessica Glubb

    baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do

  • Garnett Herron
    Garnett Herron


  • veni sabar
    veni sabar

    I see I like you songs

  • Alicia Young
    Alicia Young


  • Sarah Reyna
    Sarah Reyna

    This is how many times Azzy sed “BED”

    • Daniela The Banana
      Daniela The Banana


    • Sarah Reyna
      Sarah Reyna


  • dante wagner
    dante wagner

    i guess im a vampire because i love my grandma more than sleeping

    • dante wagner
      dante wagner

      @Nathan Flores btw i put a like on your reply (:

    • Nathan Flores
      Nathan Flores


  • yasinim66

    i love you azzy

  • Sandi Parada
    Sandi Parada

    I’m sorry you have the cron fires

  • Millie Cadena
    Millie Cadena

    I am someone and I’m not vampire because I don’t eat blood like seriously I don’t eat blood

  • Edgar Castaneda
    Edgar Castaneda

    I like to eat

  • Kevin Papavasiliou
    Kevin Papavasiliou

    Once when I was little I Eaten a worm

  • blue moon
    blue moon

    Can i have a shout out pls you dont have to...🙄😁🙄😁🙄😁🙄

  • Amy Bronstein
    Amy Bronstein

    for the magnet one what about jewellery like piercings

  • Alicia Neugent
    Alicia Neugent


  • Amber Ferry
    Amber Ferry

    I see how do you ever heard of the app called start music app calledI have no idea what it's called don't mind my spelling but I'm have you ever tried it Star music app or something like that

  • Amber Ferry
    Amber Ferry

    I kinda understand why they made that standing up at the first bed she showed because like when you're sleeping in a regular bed your spine stretches out but like during the day you like your ears find just not stretch out it just is like being stuck together so if you sleep standing up in that thingyour spine stretch out and you'll be the same size every night and morning

    • Blaze_ _Gaxxa
      Blaze_ _Gaxxa


  • Rainbowglittergirl


  • David Depaola
    David Depaola


  • sparklechicky

    My name is Stephanie hello

  • sparklechicky

    I like your shoes

  • Amaya Lewis
    Amaya Lewis

    i have a water bed

  • eballer21

    Azzy do you love to be in your 🛌 our sleeping

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