Motichoor Chaknachoor | Official Trailer | Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Athiya Shetty | 15th November
Viacom18 Studios
Jab Mauda aur Maudi ho taiyaar, toh kya karegi sarkar? Lekar aaye hai yeh aapke liye shaadi ka ek anokha laddoo!
Presenting the official trailer of #MotichoorChaknachoor starring #NawazuddinSiddiqui & #AthiyaShetty
Releasing in cinemas from 15th November
A Woodpecker Movies Production
Produced by Viacom18 Studios
Produced by Rajesh Bhatia and Kiran Bhatia
Directed by Debamitra Biswal
Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Athiya Shetty, Vibha Chibber, Navni Parihar, Vivek Mishra, Karuna Pandey, Sanjeev Vats, Abhishek Rawat, Sapna Sand, Usha Nagar
Advisory Woodpecker: Prakash Gandhi
Creative Director & Producer: Navneet Baj Saini
Editor: Praveen Kathikuloth
Director Of Photography: Suhas Gujarathi
Sound Designer: Manav Shrotriya
Story: Debamitra Biswal
Dialogues: Bhupendra Singh
Production Design: Tariq Umar Khan
Costume Designer: Shadab Malik
Casting Director: FTC
Music Directors: Bharat - Hitarth, Ramji Gulati, Arjuna Harjai, Amjad Nadeem Aamir, Siddhart Amit Bhavsar
Lyrics: Kumaar,Siddhart Amit Bhavsar,Bharat Menaria
Choreographers: Raju Khan, Uma Gaiti (Sunny Leone Song)
Background Score: Abhijeet Vaghani
Online Editor: Irfan Shaikh
Executive Producer: Asif Shaikh
Line Producers: Shahid Qureshi , Salim Shaikh
Re - Recording Mixer: Nageshwar Rao Choudary
DI Post Facility: Pixel Digital Studios
DI Colorist: Prakash Joseph
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  • willywoo2013

    So the husband slaps the wife and she still goes back to him? Nice movie, we definitely need to go backwards and forget all about equality and women empowerment.

  • S J
    S J

    Athya should do these roles. Or else if she signs bs like SOTY 3 then she’s doomed.

  • AR Khan
    AR Khan

    Freaking Bollywood trailer lmao. 2 minutes trailer told the whole story. Why would everyone still be interested to watch this.

  • RO M
    RO M

    Delhi UP wale dikhane hai to sweater me dikha do. 4 mahine thand padti hai lekin har season me sirf sweater me dikha do unko. Bollywood please use your brain. Sirf 4 mahine hi thand hai udhar 12 mahine nahi.

  • raman kumar
    raman kumar


  • Puspendra Jatav
    Puspendra Jatav

    Mera naam use kiya hai isme


    Athiya's acting..😍👌👌

  • Abdullah Javed
    Abdullah Javed

    Achay actors like (Nawazuddin) k sath kaam kr k Athiya ki acting bhi achi hogai..

  • Santosh Kumar Deheri
    Santosh Kumar Deheri

    Ye kon gaandu h jo 12k tak dislike kiye. H saale gabar kahike Nawazuddin sir you are real actor 🌹🌹🌹

  • Aishwarya Nair
    Aishwarya Nair

    Athiya shetty Rockzz

  • karanveer Singh
    karanveer Singh

    Athiya mam appke aur koi movie ayye gaye kya nawaz sir ke Sath

  • Harsh Thakur
    Harsh Thakur

    Shandaar. 👌👌

  • Murgi Chor
    Murgi Chor

    Worng heroine toh flop he hogana

  • Abra kadabra
    Abra kadabra

    Nawaz is finally getting the opportunity he deserves by good story films. Gone are the days of stupid and story less films of Sharukh, Aamir and Akshay.

  • Maliha Marium
    Maliha Marium

    Athiya shetty's acting is full on point, much good then other celeb kids who can't act but come to Bollywood .everyone in this movie is great on acting ,even the little kid acts well ,watched it today and really enjoyed it , light comedy *


    must watch movie . I'm from Bangladesh

  • Shivaprakash Dharmayat
    Shivaprakash Dharmayat

    Wtf advertising

  • optimus prime
    optimus prime

    How many likes for athiya's improvement 👍

  • KuldeepSingh Rajput
    KuldeepSingh Rajput

    1 no hai yrr movie 😂😂full comedy and nawaz bhai acting 👌👌👌😍😍

  • KuldeepSingh Rajput
    KuldeepSingh Rajput

    Nawaz bhai 👌👌👌👍💥🔥 bahut badiya

  • Sharma Shilpi
    Sharma Shilpi

    Jabran ki heroin h ye kaha se lag rahi heroin

  • Siddharth Sharma4169
    Siddharth Sharma4169

    I like nawz acting

  • Shakeel Khan
    Shakeel Khan

    Super b yaaar

  • Imad Nazar
    Imad Nazar

    movie was vera level😃😃😃

  • Carryminati Fans
    Carryminati Fans

    Are tum ankh bnd kro aur burjkhalifa ke bare me socho felling apne aap aajyegi😍😂😂

  • Debabrata Mukherjee
    Debabrata Mukherjee

    Suggest this type of similar movie

  • blessed with muslim smiling queen
    blessed with muslim smiling queen

    Nice movie...I'm cried..lastly

  • joykumar meetei
    joykumar meetei

    Watched today.. Amazing acting and really good movie

  • Alexandra Venus
    Alexandra Venus

    This movie is a must for comedy lovers🙌🙌

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow

    Dowry and physical abuse are sins!! Crime! Such a cute movie with wonderful message I loved watching it ❤️ why movies like this don’t make 100cr? Well done Athiya

  • vivika kashyap
    vivika kashyap

    This movie is amazing I have seen this

  • Karan 77
    Karan 77

    Chhe BC nawazudin or ye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • glittery glitter
    glittery glitter

    Love love love the movie great job

  • Entertainment Channel
    Entertainment Channel

    Hume bh bht tameez sy phli bar phela pyar hua hai 😂😂😂

  • Kasuri Boy
    Kasuri Boy

    Gaitonde Bhai in Marriage Crisis.

  • krishika singh
    krishika singh

    Athiya's Acting- on word *Wow* and Amazing movie overall!

  • UserName Here
    UserName Here

    kon kon recommend karta hay ke yeh movie main dekhoon in 2020 ? i rarely watch bollywood movies

  • Mortuza JR
    Mortuza JR

    best movie it is...

  • Sazzad Hossen Rabbi
    Sazzad Hossen Rabbi

    best movie.....

  • Coogs92

    it has been so long since i've seen a great bollywood movie, loved it!

  • aryan khan
    aryan khan

    Close your eyes and think about burj khalifa😂😂😂😂

  • Sachintha Randil
    Sachintha Randil

    What a bad trailer. Whole movie is here. What the f .

  • Kawsar Mia
    Kawsar Mia


  • Sweet Mango Travels
    Sweet Mango Travels

    Nice work.

  • NIKHIL Singh
    NIKHIL Singh

    Karuna pandey as Mausi ji... Was. Brilliant... The way she executed the task... Speechless... She was one of the best character of the movie...

  • SheLooksToMe

    Very cute film, just watched it on Netflix. Sad to hear though that the director says her actual cut didn't make the film, that producers cut it up even more or something? :/ Would love to know what was taken out!

  • Jannatul Haney
    Jannatul Haney

    Can you anyone please tell me the language belong to which area?

  • Avijit Biswas
    Avijit Biswas

    Awesome movie. Acting, story, music, script are awesome.

  • Dhea twing
    Dhea twing

    So cool 😀👍👍👍👍❤

  • Asad Zia
    Asad Zia

    It is more than funny and nice movie.

  • DanceLeena

    The best part i like about this movie is Athiya shetty performance....Not only Athiya is glamours but she got amazing acting skills ,. I would love to watch her as an actress in future Bollywood movies too....I hate Kirti senon,jacline,shradha kapoor,jahnavi kapoor,anushka,ileana d'cruz...

  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh

    Very entertaining movie. Story is just awesome and Acting is perfect. Concept of the movie is also very good.

  • joshi sieana
    joshi sieana

    Devanshi serial kusum sundari

  • vipul singhal
    vipul singhal

    Star kid don't give such movies....keep it up 👍👍

  • aarthi anbalagan
    aarthi anbalagan


  • patrakar

    Athiya is a fucking unimaginable discovery. First few scenes you look at her and smell nepotism but as the movie progresses further this girl just blows ur mind. U remember Dhadak whennJahnavi struggles to get the accent. After 2 scenes she just becomes Ani and u forget this is Shettys daughter.

  • Zeeshan Sher Afridi
    Zeeshan Sher Afridi

    What a movie yaar.... 100 out of 100...superb movie of 2019...

  • Sunil Kumar Yadav
    Sunil Kumar Yadav

    Kitna chutiya movie banaye ho 2:12 pura barbad kardiya mera

  • Mohammed Younus
    Mohammed Younus

    Ankh band Karo Burj khalifa ke bare me sounchi feeling apne ap aajayegi🤣🤣

  • Mohammed Younus
    Mohammed Younus

    OMG 24million I think only for Nawaz uddin

  • mamta rai
    mamta rai

    Athiya's acting has improved. Hope we can see more of her acting in the future.

  • Abrar Khan
    Abrar Khan

    Atiya looks like a man 😂😂

  • Deepa Patel
    Deepa Patel

    The only reason why Athiya Shetty became an actress is that unique 'Shetty' I think. I mean, how can she be an actress out of 1000 talented actresses giving auditions in Mumbai? This can't be anything other that Nepotism.

    • Deepa Patel
      Deepa Patel

      @Rabia Banu , to be very frank, in our country, this is really a very negative point for people to have different options on the basis of their dynasty. As far as personal luxury is considered, obviously it'll be different. But in an industry/organization/reputed firm/profession, everyone should have the opportunity on a same level. Be it Shahrukh Khan's daughter, or Hina Khan. That is what I mean.

    • Rabia Banu
      Rabia Banu

      How you grit, how much can you grit makes a difference. It was never destined to be easy and never will be, each generation has their own obstacles that they have to face and concur.

    • Deepa Patel
      Deepa Patel

      @Rabia Banu Do you even know how much efforts are given by an ordinary person to even reach till this point? Only if you see, you realize. This is happening in almost all fields of career in India, slowly deteriorating the conditions for a hard worker out there.

    • Rabia Banu
      Rabia Banu

      I spite of being the focus they did give every character a good chance to show their acting capabilities 🥳

    • Rabia Banu
      Rabia Banu

      Deepa Patel nepotism can give a grand chance, but being a fav of ppl is up to the person and their luck, she seems promising, better than many new comer.

  • fab 75
    fab 75

    Its a simple and realistic movie😍athiya acted really well...

  • JaGaT PaKsAnWa LiMBoO
    JaGaT PaKsAnWa LiMBoO

    Supurp movie... Watching from Nepal 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵

  • rainbowxxbat

    Shit I, I can’t stand this actress.... sorry Nawaz bhai yeh movie fudu hai


    1:40 - 1:42 the best moment of the trailer xD I laughted so hard

  • Ramil Mashhood
    Ramil Mashhood


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Just done watching in Netflix and must say all the characters did really well. The actor has already left a mark in the industry but the actress surprised me. She really shines and her acting was really good. Does anyone know what other movies has she worked in?

    • Ashar Irfan
      Ashar Irfan

      Athiya done an amazing job. We can clearly see on the trailer how much she improved her. I think she should sign more content driven films because she is now ready to cast.

    • Saurav Singh
      Saurav Singh

      Bro hero and mubbarka

    • Saurav Puri
      Saurav Puri


    • Desi Tech
      Desi Tech

      Random Guy same here just left watching this movie on netflix. I wish i could watch it at cinema.


    Awesome movie, very natural script and acting , too good and a must watch

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