Multi-Agent Hide and Seek
We’ve observed agents discovering progressively more complex tool use while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek. Through training in our new simulated hide-and-seek environment, agents build a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, some of which we did not know our environment supported. The self-supervised emergent complexity in this simple environment further suggests that multi-agent co-adaptation may one day produce extremely complex and intelligent behavior.
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  • SoLetThisGunBindUs

    We're looking in The Talos Principle O_O

  • Subscribe or I will eat your cookies
    Subscribe or I will eat your cookies

    *soon they will come out of computer and make their own body and take over humans*

  • X33 Ultrasound
    X33 Ultrasound

    Imagine if AI in the year 2119 are teachers in schools, teaching programming, maths, statistics, science.

  • Netneeding Systems
    Netneeding Systems

    I love their happy faces when they find themselves together, so happy and friendly like high AF hahaha

  • Netneeding Systems
    Netneeding Systems


  • ARN

    Can you please simulate the evolution of humanity next thanks

  • Двоюродный дедушка дяди бабушки мамы подруги Олёши
    Двоюродный дедушка дяди бабушки мамы подруги Олёши

    Great, now we can't hide. Only run

  • SkeleCrafter

    So how long is it until humans can discover box surfing???

  • NB

    put them in the source engine in a racing setting and see how long it takes for them to learn how to bhop and strafe

  • Nelopee

    *ai learns to understand its own life form and taps into Wikipedia via your computer and becomes the most intelligent thing on earth and soon are able to access the worlds most secure networks and causes would war 3* “Oh shit”

  • Random Robo
    Random Robo

    I wonder why this was in my recommendations. Anyway, really cool video.

  • xHyper Nova
    xHyper Nova

    What if we’re just simulations making smaller simulations

  • FTWGaming

    What if they just... Trap the seekers?

  • Carlos Vencroy
    Carlos Vencroy

    It's all fun and games until one of them stops what they're doing and asks itself why it's doing it what is doing

  • 林凌

    so they failed to learn to build a cage for the seeker

  • Ahmed Altayeb
    Ahmed Altayeb

    I did contribute in translate this into Arabic translation ^_^ hope it is good enough this is my first contribution, thank you for the great work and fantastic video


    AI: Lock up everything before taking shelter. Humans : Lock up the seekers in a jail.

  • Exp877's Random Stuff
    Exp877's Random Stuff

    how do I download this game?!

  • Mike Arnold
    Mike Arnold

    WE DID NOT EXPLICITLY INCENTIVISE ANY OF THESE BEHAVIOURS. When the world ends and machines take over; these words will ring throughout history.

  • MinecraftDoodler



    Way to ruin hide and seek

  • Myles Brown
    Myles Brown

    There’s a video like this out there we’re the future humans live, they’re showing us off right now

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    sub to awoke

    wait i wanna play this

  • Aqua bukan Ades
    Aqua bukan Ades

    Why don’t the hiders lock the seekers?

  • Levent Acemi
    Levent Acemi

    Next video: AI learns blocking seekers

  • gumowy123

    A multiplayer game like this would be fun

  • Jai Manatvaal
    Jai Manatvaal

    There faces when they are caught...

  • Kirboi

    I want to play this game.

  • Shashank Kumar
    Shashank Kumar

    Wait till these agents are replaced by atlas robots (weilding guns).

  • Allen A
    Allen A


  • Dylan Bilic
    Dylan Bilic

    Hiders: yo we are going to block the entrances of the room we are hiding in Seekers: well then we are going to use a ramp to jump to you Hiders: well then we will just stop you from moving the ramp Seekers: well we are going to *abuse the laws of physics and move blocks while we are on top of them by using the ramp and then jump to you* Hiders: well then... ...uh... win.

  • Minh đỗ
    Minh đỗ

    one day robot can see all ur browser history without touching ur laptop

  • Philip Yan
    Philip Yan

    Hmm..Is our world just one iteration of a simulation?

  • A Brittish Panfish
    A Brittish Panfish

    we are doomed when they learn how to accelerative backhop

  • Phil Thicc
    Phil Thicc

    Everybody gangsta till AI learns box surfing

  • P1X3L D3L74
    P1X3L D3L74

    Detroit: Become Seeker

  • wat1243

    If only we could download this it would be so cool

  • Galactic Pirate
    Galactic Pirate

    All these people reffering to prop surfing/bhopping/ literally any source engine exploit... They don't even realise this was done on the source engine

  • Yoga Mokalu
    Yoga Mokalu

    Short and easy to understand, good job team

  • MooseyFate

    I hope this kind of technology makes its way into game AI soon. I love seeing the kind of emergent stuff AI in games can do that even the developers didn't think of

  • Xsauced

    Alibaba Intelligence

  • Kayky Gabriel
    Kayky Gabriel

    2:00 run!

  • Lexandritte

    Now plug them into Minecraft and we can have Singularity in about five years.

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    deep mind

    But can they cure cancer?

  • Jaebez Bleah
    Jaebez Bleah

    I love the cute little faces of joy every time the seeker finds the hider.

  • M4rkoz

    Wow, would like to play this game in multiplayer

  • Jason Lima
    Jason Lima

    How do we speed this up?

  • João Pacheco
    João Pacheco

    Simply fascinating...

  • Nicko G.
    Nicko G.

    Box surfing seems a bit glitchy.

  • Nathan Huisman
    Nathan Huisman

    In a couple of years, AIs will hack their reward code to give themselves infinite reward

    • igor claudino
      igor claudino

      We call this "masturbation"

  • 김재욱

    Let's play this on a huge server! With AI agents!!!

  • Miguel Carlo Gallano
    Miguel Carlo Gallano

    What if humans were playing with ai as well

  • TheEpicSandwich goc
    TheEpicSandwich goc

    Ai is dumb as fk... why don't the hiders trap the seekers in instead?

    • BakedBeans

      because that'd be harder to do. all they needed to do to win is to not get caught, so there'd be no reason to trap the seekers in

  • Caleb Cruz
    Caleb Cruz

    Dead by daylight really downgraded

  • Im On Da Web
    Im On Da Web

    Dang I wish normal people could run this simulation

  • Agitated

    Fake news

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    Yo this game looks sick is it on steam?

  • Don’t touch my phone Gamer
    Don’t touch my phone Gamer

    Ai really be learning how to glitch

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    Jordan Bigby

    I’m very disappointed too say I’m here from TikTok 😔

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    That's freaking cool

  • dxxPacmanxxb

    This is not in-depth enouuugh

  • xX_Kjcomputer_Xx

    -until the hider are smart enough to lock the seeker inside the cage

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side

    *This will be implemented in future robots and then they will learn that we are destructive to yourselves. And then decide that they are the ones best suited to protect us from us. And thus we begin our journey into robotic slavery.*

  • Pseudo X
    Pseudo X

    He attacc He protecc but most importantly He surfs in buccs

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      The Lavian

      Dead meme bro

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    Lucas R

    So basically it’s slavery with extra steps

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    Okay seriously wtf, all IT-my comments are just quoting the videos now. This is seriously weird.

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      mattox hutto


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      Lucas R



    Better . Far far better

  • i love love song
    i love love song

    Tech them to speak

  • Shivam Dhoot
    Shivam Dhoot

    Which 3D simulation program did they use? Pretty cool stuff though!

  • SpaceDave1337

    You should make this a Videogame somehow

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