My Boyfriend Kissed My Twin Sister...
Mariah and Bill
I can't believe how crazy this was! We hope you enjoy this video, make sure to watch till the end to see what happens! Love you all!
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  • Aidan Huffman
    Aidan Huffman

    Is she really your twin

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price

    Look at the spikes in COVID-19 in Indiana during this time: Is being uncomfortable in a mask worth your life?


    I have that same ninja turtle pillow

  • Jahia martins
    Jahia martins

    U look like ur twin alot

  • kailani cullen
    kailani cullen

    I saw the key part lol

  • Martina Tinklepaugh
    Martina Tinklepaugh

    Mariah: you have to do 👁👅👁 Bill: HELL NOOOOO Like if your a true fan of Mariah and Bill! 💛

  • Vicki Cuthbert
    Vicki Cuthbert

    why did the cover say that u guys kissed and u did"t

  • Alycia Gaytan
    Alycia Gaytan

    The most adorable people on this planet😻😻

  • Saúl Mejia
    Saúl Mejia

    You two are so funny

  • Tasya Anjani
    Tasya Anjani

    Hiii!! Mariah and Bill im fanss❣️❣️

  • Hannah Baker
    Hannah Baker

    They look different

  • Angel Aguilar Charizard Gang
    Angel Aguilar Charizard Gang

    Wat the heck Megan rly wanted to fight she even called Mariah a B

  • Roxy the Wolf
    Roxy the Wolf

    You guys look identical and I love your videos!💕💕

  • Jamirah Morgan
    Jamirah Morgan

    the way Megan leaned in it had me biting my finger literally i actually thought you were about to kiss

    • Mileena Speicher
      Mileena Speicher

      ... that was crazy

  • Jaceclia Cody
    Jaceclia Cody

    i love ur videos😍😍

  • Kylie Spencer
    Kylie Spencer

    They look IDENTICAL but if her sister had straight and longer hair then it would be crazy

  • ZacStayDrippin YT
    ZacStayDrippin YT

    Bro they look exactly the same thats crazy

  • Allison Sego
    Allison Sego


  • Life of an Elephant lover
    Life of an Elephant lover

    YES they are identical

  • Matthew Rockwell
    Matthew Rockwell

    You guys look kinda alike but I can totally tell the difference

  • Mine Craft
    Mine Craft

    I dont have instagram...

  • Galaxy Girl tv
    Galaxy Girl tv

    I have to get one with valve because I’m just a little kid and I don’t want to school and I can hardly breathe with them

  • Sayra Espinoza Segura
    Sayra Espinoza Segura


  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams

    This is so weird

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade

    Where’s your mask at the store

  • Megan North
    Megan North

    I love you guys and I've had a bad day and you guys have made it a lot better

  • Arianna rees fisy
    Arianna rees fisy

    Mabey 10 years i hope

  • Goated Matt
    Goated Matt

    4:26 , you eat one side you eat the other?

  • Madison Pardington
    Madison Pardington

    Yall I love your vids 💖

    • Madison Pardington
      Madison Pardington

      I think Bill is one of the nicest and kindest boyfriend

  • Melody Flowers
    Melody Flowers

    Omg he kissed her Mariah must be mad 😠🥰🤩😇😂😂😂in act

  • the best girl alabd
    the best girl alabd

    They look bit same

  • Remco Tempels
    Remco Tempels

    2 weeks later : my boyfriend got ass wooped

  • Brittany reali
    Brittany reali

    I love you guys

  • Liam Parker
    Liam Parker

    Meg has a pointier nose the Mariah.

  • youtube button
    youtube button

    I would like the video if you didn't clickbait this video

  • Junior Allen
    Junior Allen

    How though that she was talking about megan the salian i cant splep the best

  • Tommy Pizza
    Tommy Pizza

    T t

  • NinjaGamer21 _Shakira
    NinjaGamer21 _Shakira

    They look kinda different

  • Phoemela Hernandez
    Phoemela Hernandez

    ;-; I hate people when they cheat ;-;

  • SNAPPY Kings studio
    SNAPPY Kings studio

    Mariah can you prank bill you want someone else

  • Kaliandra Clemenson
    Kaliandra Clemenson

    Im a bitch when im hangry to

  • STELLA Pirce Rice
    STELLA Pirce Rice


  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson

    Megan has a spot with no hair on her right eyebrow

  • Ben Pomerantz
    Ben Pomerantz

    They look a little different

  • Thecoolgirls VandG
    Thecoolgirls VandG

    Ur sister is really really pretty like u

  • Mariah Diaz
    Mariah Diaz

    The only difference is the lips 🙂

    • Bella Jackson
      Bella Jackson

      I think Maddie looks younger

  • katlyn rawe
    katlyn rawe

    They look kind of different because Mariah has darker hair an Meg has lighter hair

  • The Good
    The Good

    Yes they look the same

  • Razaanah Amien
    Razaanah Amien

    # team twins

  • Tyler Grant
    Tyler Grant

    Your girlfriend is so cute

  • Everett Laws
    Everett Laws

    Hiii guys i love uuuuu im. team mariah

  • Erin Hain
    Erin Hain

    I'm just enjoying my BAGeL

  • Erin Hain
    Erin Hain

    It's a CHEYALENGE Meg looks younger

  • Trinitee Hovland
    Trinitee Hovland

    I watch your too toks

  • shreyas suvarna
    shreyas suvarna

    Both of them have different jawline

  • It’s_DJNLS

    No they look different

    • Bella Jackson
      Bella Jackson


  • It’s_DJNLS

    I love u guys This is how many people love them I love u 😘 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Ruby Clee
    Ruby Clee

    Mariah is so cute

  • Nid Random stuff
    Nid Random stuff


  • Anti - Girl
    Anti - Girl

    i totally think mariah and meg look alike i mean they’re twins

  • David Owens
    David Owens

    You guys are the cutest couple you better not break up

  • Rosalinda Granados
    Rosalinda Granados

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos🥰🥰

  • Rosalinda Granados
    Rosalinda Granados

    Am not being mean but you copy the jatie fam

  • Nathan LaComb
    Nathan LaComb

    No offense but why do you Gotta say Hengrui isn’t it angry

    • srikanthdoddi

      Hangry she is angry sh

  • TTV Sc0rpZe
    TTV Sc0rpZe

    As soon as i saw this part 8:38 i new this vid was gonna be 🔥

  • MrZem YT
    MrZem YT

    Thai how many people think Mariah has 🎂

  • Zoe Denise
    Zoe Denise

    They look identical

  • Zoe Denise
    Zoe Denise

    They look the same but if megan had longer hair and straightened it they would look like each other

  • Poison Mason
    Poison Mason

    I think they look exactly the same

  • Amy Orndorff
    Amy Orndorff

    I hatttttteeeeeeee spitters

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