My Entire Gold Gun Collection VS GOLD!!!
Get your Gold AK shirt here!!!
Thanks to for the AMAZING job they did on my AK!!!
Watch me vlog.
IF you love animals
"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

  • aTuckingFypo

    I just came from a video that was called when your a show off Fitting

  • Роман Томченко
    Роман Томченко

    You miss golden HighPoint ))

  • Riley Pocket
    Riley Pocket

    The singer ordered the shirt already in my number is number 31 the avenue highway Gardens ok and please can I have a fresh coin I don't want to be bent have holes in it at all please demo please note please I want to clean coins



  • Norlee Jinang
    Norlee Jinang

    I like your video...can you give me one gun..😂😂...plzzz...thank you.

  • Knox Wilkey
    Knox Wilkey

    2:58 he almost killed us

  • RuBuLi -
    RuBuLi -

    That pistol grip on the ak ruins it all

  • mr.unknow gaming
    mr.unknow gaming

    He grind so hard to get gold camo

  • CDL Link
    CDL Link

    Matt if it's legal you need to get a drum mag for your tommy gun

  • Gage Strausser
    Gage Strausser

    Got a gold 50bmg

  • Jack M
    Jack M

    8:00 James Charles when he sees a girl

  • Eco

    A golden 50 BMG would be epic, but i would also love to see a golden double barrel.

  • the StuffPerson
    the StuffPerson

    I like how he could have just closed the box and none would have come out.....

  • Jordan Kemp
    Jordan Kemp

    You sell any of your gold or silver? I got 💸

  • Gianluca Gambini
    Gianluca Gambini

    I like the Tommy gun and ak

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller

    Been grinding on cod I see

  • Gaster sans UL sans
    Gaster sans UL sans

    I winced watching that beautiful chest get ruined. P. S. Your collection is incomplete a golden 12 gauge

  • Jerald Tores
    Jerald Tores

    Where is the gold 308?

  • Jadedcrayfish 35
    Jadedcrayfish 35

    Gets a gold rpg now that’s what I’m talking about

  • Tony Muchiri
    Tony Muchiri

    Last piece of the puzzle is 'THICC'... We know you like them 'Extra Thicc'

  • Erik Hatterscheidt
    Erik Hatterscheidt

    Anyone know where you can get custom coins done like the ones in this vid?


    How does this man not have Dark matter yet

  • Silvio Hernandez
    Silvio Hernandez

    Imagine the 50 cal in gold 😍

  • Robert Milton
    Robert Milton

    MAT YOU NEED THE GOLD 50 BMG, then the colection is complete

  • lilbunch 13
    lilbunch 13

    Let’s skip the fact he randomly got grillz

  • LastBreathSmoky98 plays games
    LastBreathSmoky98 plays games


  • jericho thibault
    jericho thibault

    Midas form fortnites drumgun

  • Kyrtysse Bass
    Kyrtysse Bass

    You should do a gold 20 gauge

  • SCZufelt

    Wait... But how did he get the unopened Skittles gold?

  • Miko

    The people who get the broken coins are gonna be lucky Bc he shot it


    So many gold guns he almost has them diamond

  • Kevin Esparza
    Kevin Esparza

    You need a gold 50cal

  • daskarman

    That AK 😮!!! You don't have to fire a single bullet you blind your opponent I want!!!

  • The Neliz
    The Neliz

    I like it i love it i need ittttt

  • Aqleem Fatima
    Aqleem Fatima

    His poop is gold to

  • Aqleem Fatima
    Aqleem Fatima

    Dis guy is richer then evryone

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    Matt should get a gold plated .500 magnum

  • Aaron Fleisher
    Aaron Fleisher

    Matt's ready to become a Balkan mobster.

  • Михајло Керовец
    Михајло Керовец

    Greetings from Serbia, I like the collection...

  • Everyone in the Comments
    Everyone in the Comments

    I love how the desert eagle (50ae) always spits shells at your face (both shots hit his head/ear pro) but it is still my favorite handgun to shoot (first round the casing actually cut into my forehead! Only time I have felt my eyepro is 100% needed haha)

  • Colt Porter
    Colt Porter

    I think you need too go back too the shot guns and get a gold plated shot gun

  • Bob Shatney
    Bob Shatney

    Bought a couple shirts the day this dropped hoping for a gold coin. Didn’t get one so I’m a little disappointed, but the shirts are still awesome.

  • Liam Keomanivong
    Liam Keomanivong

    It is a ak47

  • fordtuff1965

    Matt love all the gold plated guns. The ak is dope. However. I dont believe your gold collection is complete. Where is the 50 call. Rifle.

  • Fr Get
    Fr Get

    He’s got the Midas touch

  • Precise ́ The_Lyricist
    Precise ́ The_Lyricist


  • LeAnne Whatley
    LeAnne Whatley

    Get a gold 50 cal

  • Ashwyn More
    Ashwyn More

    Why did I know there was going to be an ak under there

  • roqueg09

    golden m249

  • *Derp *
    *Derp *

    He must’ve done a lot of grinding for those gold camos. He might shoot for the diamond camos next, who knows?

  • Micah Playford
    Micah Playford

    70% of a demo ranch video is “ouch, bullets are hot”

  • Mihajlo Milosavljevic
    Mihajlo Milosavljevic


  • brady Elliott
    brady Elliott

    You dont have a goold shotgun

  • bigjim and the twins
    bigjim and the twins

    Matt if you ever do a gun giveaway I really liked that gold Tommy gun

  • Sir Geoffrey
    Sir Geoffrey

    Omg this was perfect chance for the lv.1 theif and lv.99 boss 😂

  • The impeccable BALK
    The impeccable BALK

    You should get Brandon Herrera two convert The gold AK into a full auto. Then that would be the greatest AK ever

  • luke stalnaker
    luke stalnaker

    you need a gold 50 BMG!!!!!!

  • Alex Daniels
    Alex Daniels

    Gold on pearl,pearl on ebony

  • Paul

    so i have a kimber 1911 chambered in 45 acp and i was looking to get it gold plated where would i have to look to see about getting that done

  • xXBlackJamXx

    he'd be a golden crook boss

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    9:43 play at x0.25 speed, the bullet shell hits his head LOL

  • r3ngokuking



    Ak daddy would approve

  • Gene Wood
    Gene Wood

    So got my AK shirt. Order it less then 24 houst from OPT, saw that a week later they still had a few hundred left... "While supplies Last" must now mean, yo whom ever WE decid gets one and not first ordered gets one.... although he did say "Anyone who orders in the first week WILL get one." Srry Matt. That was a LIE

    • Gene Wood
      Gene Wood

      Just gut turning disappointment

  • Zack battistella
    Zack battistella

    Here’s an idea. That a good bit of the gold coins and try to get a bullet stuck in them and send those in the packages for us fans

  • CJ Family
    CJ Family

    Me when I am beginning IT-my 0:00 Me when I get a lot of views on IT-my 0:27

  • Willy Thompson
    Willy Thompson

    He's gotta get a gold .50 bmg and bring back 50 call Friday

  • Hero's domain
    Hero's domain

    i got a coin i forgot about this just made my day

  • S. E. Hernandez
    S. E. Hernandez


  • golden burrito
    golden burrito

    I want to see a golden Thompson

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