My Fiancé & My Ex Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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My Fiancé & My Ex Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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    • jonjon 100
      jonjon 100

      What is they socials

    • Muanaide Amimo
      Muanaide Amimo

      You don't ship to Mozambique.

    • Jace Harrison
      Jace Harrison

      I'm so confused, are they gays are transes?

    • Eva :)
      Eva :)

      Drop them socialssssss

    • Verónica R
      Verónica R

      Will it be in spanish any time soon?

  • dux ducis
    dux ducis

    He looks like their child

  • Sheralee Ripikoi
    Sheralee Ripikoi

    The fiance's face when he heard that his partner cheated on the ex. Probably thinking, once a cheater always a cheater

  • Chris Espinoza
    Chris Espinoza

    I know the fiance had a sex change but I'm not sure if the boyfriend did, wonder if when they were together living in the same place they were both still female

  • MfWetWet

    The fiancé and the dude look like they could be brothers

  • MfWetWet

    The fiancé and the dude look like they could be brothers

  • Tamia Keghoro
    Tamia Keghoro

    4:26 the look that he gave her 💀💀💀

  • Real WiLL
    Real WiLL

    Nigga how I get my skin like this

  • يوميات طالبة جامعية - ريتا الخطابي
    يوميات طالبة جامعية - ريتا الخطابي

    There is a man and and woman with their child ... Still waiting to see the 3rd man

  • Essie B
    Essie B

    How come all these people are bisexuals in these videos... is that so common ?

  • りえ

    Why does the current fiancé seem too eager to have a 3some with the ex??? Gross.

  • Nora _B03
    Nora _B03

    why do you all have to blame him, just because he looks young?

  • Tiffany Benjamin
    Tiffany Benjamin

    1:55 Producer: Woah woah woah wait

  • Obi Mana
    Obi Mana

    I saw a comment that the guy looks young bc he’s trans

  • Paige Jordyn
    Paige Jordyn

    She looks like a younger version of Demi Lovato

  • Karime Venegas
    Karime Venegas

    The ex is so sweet

  • AudRey Makuni
    AudRey Makuni

    0:42 😂😂 I replayed that a lot while laughing at the irony.

  • Jeramiah Bowles
    Jeramiah Bowles

    And they broke up

  • Cassie Montejo
    Cassie Montejo

    Straight dumbfounded they blasted him about that feet thing.

  • Kali Moore
    Kali Moore

    why would HE cheat on HERR

  • Danielle Jude
    Danielle Jude

    All three of them were so cute playing this game Tye is just so cute in the corner

  • Hola Muda fukas
    Hola Muda fukas

    Dude I want to date THE FUCK outta the ex

  • Selama Crawford
    Selama Crawford

    The ex looks like Alisha Boe from 13 reasons Why , wowwww 😍

  • Serkan Gök
    Serkan Gök

    Is everyone gay in Amerıca or this is thr concept of the channel ?

  • Chase Rape
    Chase Rape

    How would he go from her to a dude. What’s wrong with people these days

  • Christopher H
    Christopher H

    Oooo they just outed that boy for picking his feet lol

  • stargirl91291

    She looks like Jessica from 13 reasons why

  • WINNER Kid
    WINNER Kid

    Anyone else things that the guy (which ik was once a fem) STILL has FEELIMGS FOR the ex?

  • Saya setuju,
    Saya setuju,

    Wait wtf is this, boy dating girl and dating boy? fck

  • Hannah Young
    Hannah Young

    The ex and the fiancé look like they’re at a parent teacher conference for their kid (the boyfriend) Also she’s such a sweet ex!!

  • Emily Beckett
    Emily Beckett

    The transphobia in this comment section is RAMPANT y’all insecure little shits need to CHILL

  • Rebecca O
    Rebecca O

    Damn these all look like children.

  • Jagriti Baruah
    Jagriti Baruah


  • Samuela Leštáková
    Samuela Leštáková

    The boyfriend looks like a kid ngl. He even laughs like one; 0:29

  • Rhys Taylor
    Rhys Taylor

    His voice said 🐈

  • Amedeia Kotik
    Amedeia Kotik

    I dunno but i kinda think that his fiance , like his ex , i dunno is just the look, how does he look at her , maybe i am wrong.

  • Amedeia Kotik
    Amedeia Kotik

    Lmao this guy looks like he didn't finish middle school yet

  • Oomie Says
    Oomie Says

    Everyone in this video is beautiful

  • Sri Raja Vignesh
    Sri Raja Vignesh

    That guy laughs like a 2 yo 😂

  • Gilles Kitoko
    Gilles Kitoko

    Are thy both Transgender ?

  • Pall Woods
    Pall Woods

    Good girl

  • Adam El ardaoui
    Adam El ardaoui

    None of this shit looks normal

  • Desiree Saucier
    Desiree Saucier

    Some very beautiful people ❤️❤️

  • jevan

    im confuse asf

  • Mishi

    Best friend boy and a lovey dovey ex lol its cliche I thought they were just stories where u turn gay for ur friend but God I never been so happy for being wrong 😂😂

  • The Common Commentator of Youtube
    The Common Commentator of Youtube

    Hold up are they all of the female sex? (not gender)

  • Snoopy Dos
    Snoopy Dos

    Why am i getting a vibe that both the men are transmen. Lol. Nothing offensive just that i feel like they both are in transition period currently

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman

    I be pissed of my bloke left me for a bloke

  • Anna Burt
    Anna Burt

    3:13. his face broooo😂😂😂

  • BlueMermaidJojo

    Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Jessica from 13 reasons why?

  • Lindsay Closr
    Lindsay Closr

    Lil mosey?

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz

    When you realize they all females 😲

  • mags K
    mags K

    the ex literally looks like a 5th grader

  • Shafira Annida
    Shafira Annida

    3:12 thought i lost my internet connection lol

  • Brianna Terese
    Brianna Terese

    There’s so much to talk about here. Ty and Davion look so much alike, especially their style. They all lived together. They really trying hard to get Zonta to have a threesome with them and I bet this won’t be the last time she hears about it lmao. And Ty picks his feeeeeet omg. 😖 And Ty cheated but Davion didn’t know. 🤣 Lordy.

  • Someone From The Realm Of Stupidity
    Someone From The Realm Of Stupidity

    bruh literally before the asked about the 3some question I was like omg they're actually cute like I'd literally do a 3some and then the question comes up and Im like :O

  • Lindo Silango
    Lindo Silango

    This nigga look young asf

  • Amy See
    Amy See

    This is mad weird

  • Kao Lee
    Kao Lee

    ok but can she be my gf

  • Faustina Solomon
    Faustina Solomon

    They both look like they're the parents and their mutual person looks like their kid

  • Arabella McCullough
    Arabella McCullough

    This dude looks 13!?😂

  • My self-confidence Is non-existent
    My self-confidence Is non-existent

    The fiancé said he had cheated on all of his partners on another video too 💀💀💀 they shouldn’t be together they are both cheaters

  • Ana Sophia Restrepo
    Ana Sophia Restrepo

    They really did expose him on the feet picking and the cheating

  • 123 245
    123 245

    He admitted to cheating on every ex in a cut video. It was the lie detector video where the trans guy admitted to cheating on everybody

  • Jonny Offthaleaash
    Jonny Offthaleaash

  • IThink_ BLM
    IThink_ BLM

    tai looks underage. he looks 12. is this legal?? check his ID loool

  • Flo Yeow
    Flo Yeow

    Is it just me, but I spent the first 5 minutes of this video trying to figure out what's the 3 way relationship of this group...

  • Mokhtar El
    Mokhtar El

    This is so messed up

  • CA Dee
    CA Dee

    This girl is definitely a queen material! Gorgeous, simple, and very relaxed. She deserves the best!

  • ContourGT500

    Only a few seconds in and I can tell ALL 3 are biological females.

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