My Fiance Did The Eye Tracker Challeng.. *Bad Idea*
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  • Maren and Reese Vlogs
    Maren and Reese Vlogs

    Josh : every time it go’s right to the nipple Me:haha 😂😜🤣

  • Hattie Muirhead
    Hattie Muirhead

    Ive Just Watched The Naken Challenge Lol x

  • Amy Alfred
    Amy Alfred

    Hi you're the best

  • poobers1

    I really don't like katie

  • Grace Ellul
    Grace Ellul

    Josh needs to do this challenge now !!

  • Mia West
    Mia West

    That thumbnail is not her ex...🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s not in the creepy way! I obviously didn’t like spy on on him or anything but I just watched the video where josh looks like her crush to get her reaction... he has black/dark hair, lol! No hate!! I don’t mean it in a bad way at all! I just noticed it and thought it was kinda weird.. love you Josh and Katie!🤟🏻👑❤️

  • alexis sandino
    alexis sandino

    Katie watching Riverdale 😂 Archie Andrews ❤️

  • Chloe Griest
    Chloe Griest


  • Thomas Maalouf
    Thomas Maalouf

    It sas mi berthday the 1st june

  • Rayan Tabbaa
    Rayan Tabbaa

    haha lolo😂

  • Luna Doggy
    Luna Doggy

    If they put harry styles up there, that would have ruined the whole thing, every girl looses when harry comes up

  • Abigail Pommier
    Abigail Pommier

    Just sayin who would just want to do a quick check 😶

  • Zach Leist
    Zach Leist

    All i have to say is:❤ yall! You guys are really the perfect couple ever!❤❤❤

  • Lovejoy Ngani
    Lovejoy Ngani

    When are yall getting married

  • Jomantha Frieslaar
    Jomantha Frieslaar

    I Love you two sooooooooooooooooo much ❤️

  • Bob Name
    Bob Name

    Yall should do the spin the weel challenge

  • Aziza Thompson
    Aziza Thompson

    Josh:Look at the screen, Close your eyes and keep em shut😂😂

  • Elizabeth Chin
    Elizabeth Chin


  • Marie Ann Collado
    Marie Ann Collado

    That picture of guy after archi is Gerald Anderson from the Philippines HAHAHA

  • Deykita Aguilar
    Deykita Aguilar

    U guys done adding challeng to the dictionary😂😂 Just joking for ppl who cant take jokes

  • Liv Marie
    Liv Marie

    Anyone else realize at 1:39 they both put their hands up at the same time lmao

  • Dummy B
    Dummy B

    KATIE should compare Josh and her Ex for a prank.

  • mixed videos
    mixed videos

    Id suggest you give her a hall pass cause shes very thirsty hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Gianna Kauffman
    Gianna Kauffman

    Tell your boyfriend that you need to talk about something really important and serious, which you certainly cannot do without his advice as it is a tough decision. Sit silently for a while and when he agrees to help you out, ask him something minor like which colour dress should you wear or even your lipstick shade. Lol!

  • Savvy Doot
    Savvy Doot

    i don't have a bf but i'm cheating on him with this video

  • Amaria Dorce
    Amaria Dorce


  • Just Nat
    Just Nat

    Katie you should do the chocking prank

  • Mille Lind Nielsen
    Mille Lind Nielsen

    Prank idea you should pretend that you are cooking good and you spill boiling Water on yourself and pass out ps im a Big fan 😂😘😁❤️

  • Jennifer Willey
    Jennifer Willey

    Yeah he should try a pregnancy simulator

  • Valkyrie Cain
    Valkyrie Cain

    Anyone else notice Katie's pants are the same colour as their couch?

  • Allegra Kuc
    Allegra Kuc

    For all y’all wondering and looking for this comment like I was her ex it at 10:26 have a awesome day/life luv vlog there the best reply to this comment a nice message to share your kindness to the world pls help this get to the top 😘

  • Hanna Pratt
    Hanna Pratt

    Zach Efron is my bae don’t even think about him😂

  • Lindsey Maiorani
    Lindsey Maiorani

    Watched the one with Josh first, so now I'm excited to see this one.

  • Emma Blossom
    Emma Blossom


  • Zoey’s Life
    Zoey’s Life

    Does anybody notice how the Jatie fit leggings are so fire 🔥 that they match the couch!!!

  • Marvin Castro
    Marvin Castro

    It got more than 50,000 so where is the video

  • Adilio Folagar
    Adilio Folagar

    I hetaJosh and Katy together

  • Ellie May x
    Ellie May x

    Brian Redmon was your ex??

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie

    Do the vid

  • Makayla Pitt
    Makayla Pitt

    Not gonna lie I would fail 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jaiden Fynn
    Jaiden Fynn

    Katie please do one video for Josh the video has 75k

  • Emma Tomlin
    Emma Tomlin

    You never did it on josh

  • Sophiemaire

    Josh should do it x

  • bob ross
    bob ross

    did anyone else notice that the word " Challenge " in the thumbnail was missing the "e" at the end.... no... just me... ok

  • Shelton_ Jillian
    Shelton_ Jillian

    I haven’t seen a josh version of this

  • Caden Simmons
    Caden Simmons

    Do it on him

  • Sophie Pappas
    Sophie Pappas

    I love how when it got to Justin Trudeau they were like who is the old guy and josh is full on wearing a Toronto raptors jersey.

  • Nylah_playzgacha 1
    Nylah_playzgacha 1

    Do it to josh I wanna see were he be looking

  • Sienna Cheers
    Sienna Cheers

    What app did they use?

  • Ella Ratliff 2
    Ella Ratliff 2

    the video has 75k thumbs ups sooo i guess katie gets to do this with josh now yayyy!!

  • Chloe Perez
    Chloe Perez

    Legit where her eyes went mine went first !!!😂😂😂😂

  • Chloe Perez
    Chloe Perez

    Did anyone notice in their intro when she grabbed the unicorn floaty in the back round a man was scratching another mans back nope only me ?😂

  • Rebecca Andersen
    Rebecca Andersen

    Time to do the vid for josh

  • alwa 123
    alwa 123

    Isn’t that Brian Redmon in the miniature?

  • Jessica Cazarez
    Jessica Cazarez

    boi [;

  • anne 7
    anne 7

    Just saw this couple and this vid is so funny HAHAHAHDHS omg gurl same, my eyes r just going straight to their abs like srsly

  • Rahnie Bear
    Rahnie Bear

    I love you guys so much ! 😁 🥰😍

  • Emily BEATON
    Emily BEATON

    Katie is right your eyes go to the bigger picture

  • Rebekah LeMesurier
    Rebekah LeMesurier

    Me: A Conservative Canadian Also me: Sees Justin Truedau, a liberal Me again: gags This is just my point of view it’s not for hate please don’t hate on me

    • Rebekah LeMesurier
      Rebekah LeMesurier

      Oh where I live we don’t do much research on the US in school. Plus social ended last semester

    • Hannah Zakman
      Hannah Zakman

      Rebekah LeMesurier it is we have conservatives and liberals in the us. My dad was a senate chairman

    • Rebekah LeMesurier
      Rebekah LeMesurier

      I thought the political system in the US was democratic and republican

    • Hannah Zakman
      Hannah Zakman

      Rebekah LeMesurier nope

    • Rebekah LeMesurier
      Rebekah LeMesurier

      Jay Playz are you Canadian?

  • Laetitia Zamor
    Laetitia Zamor

    Everyone should also subscribe to their friends della vlogs they are close to 450k

  • Jesse Bjork
    Jesse Bjork

    She was getting annoying that whole video 😂

  • Cactus Girl
    Cactus Girl

    Can we take the time to notice that Katie’s leggings are the same color as the couch.

  • Mya Rhine
    Mya Rhine

    Omg you guys watch riverdale i love that show i didnt think that you new them a d katie said archiekins

  • Uwem MacBeth
    Uwem MacBeth

    Yaassss do it with josh next

  • Olivia Girl
    Olivia Girl


  • Ezlife 101
    Ezlife 101

    Josh is such a sweet boyfriend Like if you are part of the Jatie Fam!

  • Sara Haque
    Sara Haque

    They forgot e in challenge in the title 😂😂😂

  • Aubri Hodges
    Aubri Hodges

    Followed y’all on insta and I’ve been subscribed to y’all before y’all even got one million my post notifications are on

  • Marika Bazaleli
    Marika Bazaleli

    Riverdale fans 👇🏻

  • Kian Jero Canlas
    Kian Jero Canlas

    *couples of all time*

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