My gf is a gold digger
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  • Mason Hunter
    Mason Hunter

    what are u doing stepbro

  • Lorimae Dusaran
    Lorimae Dusaran

    I have a friend name ricky and we were best friends and I'm fat and he tells me a joke called " me ricky no like fat pig "in a terrible English one tooI was laughing so hard

  • Abel Berrones
    Abel Berrones

    His dad is a goldigger

  • Dylan Saephan
    Dylan Saephan

    The thumbnail xd

  • Sailor shinpie Funworld
    Sailor shinpie Funworld

    Wow four seasons hotel I been there 4 or 6 times I think

  • Avaniixbb 15
    Avaniixbb 15

    Jessie is my hest friend... I think?

  • NoobMasterO8

    oh nvm

  • NoobMasterO8

    the four of us YA MEAN THREE

  • Roblox King
    Roblox King

    i know i should be paying attention to the story but i just realized LV stands for Louis Vuitton

  • Satiric MEC
    Satiric MEC

    Ur father has cooties Cooties=obnoxiousness

  • Thea Davide
    Thea Davide

    I like the :v face

  • Nyia Beautiful
    Nyia Beautiful

    Me: Sheese thats why you cant trust people , when you meet a girl and go on a date,after that date you have to go home pray to god and see if it is a gold digger or a good women that will take care of you! :p welp ty for yall time +im out!

  • the_roblox_girly roblox girly
    the_roblox_girly roblox girly

    Him: "Sure babe An old woman -_-

  • Dreyden Adams27
    Dreyden Adams27

    like they always say 2 uglys make a perfect


    Anybody realise that Jessy spelled "meant" wrong?

  • Jah'kwez Gordon
    Jah'kwez Gordon

    you haf to tell hm know or never is up to you

  • Jesse Delgado
    Jesse Delgado

    Will there going to be a part 2 ????

  • Storm

    That thumbnail tho

  • ItsMoral

    I don’t know why I binge these vids, I’m just bored 😑

  • Skippy Dinglechalk
    Skippy Dinglechalk

    Golddiggers exist because of Simps

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    This got me dead he said you going to marry her he said Oh Hell NO I'm marrying her daughter.

  • Juleen Richards
    Juleen Richards

    I like your story tell him please

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash

    Finally a boy!

  • Sandra Un
    Sandra Un

    That’s so messed up that your son works for you and you can just walk up to him and say your his father

  • Mahabubi Mahathap
    Mahabubi Mahathap

    Her necklace 2:05

  • Mahabubi Mahathap
    Mahabubi Mahathap

    Hot blonde 20 year old ..... like Jessie Me: 👁👄👁 Me: she has pink hair Edit: thanks for 1k like

  • JCstyles 111
    JCstyles 111

    Part 2

  • Nii Nation
    Nii Nation

    Next video: I gave birth to my brother

  • Karin Reyes
    Karin Reyes

    phone:am Solly b. Me:iT's SoRrY nOt SoLlY

    • Karin Reyes
      Karin Reyes

      btw I'm on my moms account

  • Trisha Stewart
    Trisha Stewart


  • Dash

    How many times are they going to kiss

  • gorl

    that thumbnail tho

  • Charli D'ameilo
    Charli D'ameilo

    nice story i like it

  • fish Arme
    fish Arme

    Your bad is a gack

  • 10kwithnovideos lets do it guys
    10kwithnovideos lets do it guys

    At the time when he last kissed Jesse and then went the the bed with her The bed went:🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔽🔼

  • g12gG

    Title my gf is a gold digger also him shoving money in her mouth

  • Johnasia Cooley
    Johnasia Cooley

    I like this one better than the last one 🥰😎❤️🙄

  • Bagel the Beagle
    Bagel the Beagle

    Is it just me or does he rhymes a lot???

  • Josue Valme
    Josue Valme

    you tock ingan to bad ummmm what hapin

  • Karishma Scinde
    Karishma Scinde

    is there a part two

  • ALFA wolf
    ALFA wolf

    i have one

  • Giacobe Consolo
    Giacobe Consolo

    The guy says he’s twenty but he has grey hair

  • Enchanted Wolf
    Enchanted Wolf

    “Why can’t I be a golden digger, I mean girls do it all the time” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Csaba Trostovszky
    Csaba Trostovszky

    You killed my father No I am your father Darth Vader1980

  • Sharlie Pepin
    Sharlie Pepin

    you need to tell your son the turth

  • Ralph b
    Ralph b

    8:10 jessy Smith 8:23 jessy almnseer so which one is it also you wear basically a gigoloo and your son before you found out about the truth would've been your stepbrother not brother

  • Clash Network
    Clash Network

    The thumbnail thooooooooo

  • itzz._. Dacey
    itzz._. Dacey

    Did anybody notice his Louis Viton belt like if u did and if I spelt the brand name wrong can u plz tell me in the reply section of this comment thx

  • Gloria Amoussougan
    Gloria Amoussougan

    He said jane had the most butiful blue eyes but her eyes are green ......🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Coreyon Gaming
    Coreyon Gaming

    Send me sum money

  • jordin wilson
    jordin wilson

    You should off tell me to sect thing right and talk all the time

  • Tristan the tranny queen
    Tristan the tranny queen

    I liked this story

  • Mdu Dlamini
    Mdu Dlamini


  • nozipho hlongwane
    nozipho hlongwane

    What the F*** I am speechless but my advise is tell your son He needs to now. Your dad is a coward and sorry a PieceS***. But your son will find out TELL HIM BEFORE HE HEARS IS FROM SOMEONE ELSE AND NOT HIS MOM OR DAD TRUST ME IT WILL HELP TO TELL HIM YOURSELF BEFORE A STRANGER

  • kratos god of fall damage
    kratos god of fall damage

    Damn bro that really sucks I would cry and leave my dad if he was gonna say my crush

  • Jalen Hogan
    Jalen Hogan

    What the f*** are you from every one of the stories that the whole bunch of bulshit I don't know what happened I hate them whoever did that to anybody but anybody who did that and who did that good I'm proud of you there I said it

  • Israel Alpizar
    Israel Alpizar

    Tell him

  • Psychotic Coconut
    Psychotic Coconut

    So... U became a gold digger for no reason🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣that sucks

  • Mayed Ahmed
    Mayed Ahmed

    I like the vid

  • Mondli Mayibela
    Mondli Mayibela

    Tell the damn boy you are his dad

  • fade away
    fade away

    ... *clears throught*

  • Exotic _
    Exotic _

    "What Are You Doing Step Bro"

  • Landon White
    Landon White


  • Tabitha Upshaw
    Tabitha Upshaw

    My names William to lol

  • Nasser Hassan
    Nasser Hassan

    Yeah I like your story so much it was so cool

  • kaedan wimberly
    kaedan wimberly

    Wow bro your gf is a gold digger YOUR SO COOL

  • AKA Elims
    AKA Elims

    What are you doing stepbro lmao

  • George Kevly
    George Kevly


  • The Leo Gamer Mc player
    The Leo Gamer Mc player


  • Mousie Twins
    Mousie Twins

    ¡ i ....

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