My Landlord Hates Me: I'm Not Getting My Security Deposit Back | FailArmy
Hello again! We are back with a great mix of fails that explain why I'm definitely not getting my security deposit back! Enjoy all of the chaos and calamity you can create from the safety of your home!
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  • Kuzenbo

    1:47 your quick link to russian oligarch son in expectance of a drunk rage beating. Just in case. You never know when you need it.

  • Nicole Palmer
    Nicole Palmer

    The easiest solution would be to not do most of the stuff here in a house. Go outside dumbass.

  • Lowkey Sly
    Lowkey Sly

    3:19 New Trick Shot

  • KaiAndLeon

    John the roof fell down

  • Someone

    3:15 Richard Ramirez had some humble beginnings

  • Chris Stratton
    Chris Stratton


  • Beanie Boo Kaleidoscope
    Beanie Boo Kaleidoscope

    1:33 how did he DO THAT!?!?

  • Despoina Skorda
    Despoina Skorda

    0:29 me...

  • sm0l Mane
    sm0l Mane

    Your guys' houses must fucking suck

  • none ofyo
    none ofyo

    I am never getting fucking kids

  • Ed

    Mom always said, "Don't play drones in the house"

  • Abigail Buser
    Abigail Buser

    2:47 the dog is so cute

  • elebecepe

    2:35 priceless

  • Jeremy

    1:40 that is a WIN

  • MisterWillX

    Is the dog at 2:47 carrying a tortoise?

  • Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi
    Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi

    4:26 the best comentry I have ever heard

  • Angeltavo 67
    Angeltavo 67

    2:31 this guy punches the TV, that killed me with laughter 😂😂😂😂

  • Appalachian Fire WITCH
    Appalachian Fire WITCH

    Good thing there wasn’t video when I was a kid.

  • mrbobsshow

    2;;10 Drake and Josh at it again. HUG ME BROTHAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Giovanni Diaz
    Giovanni Diaz

    Enter Stone Cold at 4:48

  • Infinity AX
    Infinity AX

    Looks like we are better at destroying things than making them.

  • katherine gutierrez
    katherine gutierrez

    0:56 things went from great to not real quick

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    consequences ≠ hatred

  • Billie’s Eyelash
    Billie’s Eyelash

    “I told you not to ride that bicycle in the house” not even an “ *are you okay* ?” Lmao

    • Daphne White
      Daphne White

      Bro the dog tho 😂😂😂

    • rojosul

      The bike clip was blatantly staged

    • Deer Lord
      Deer Lord

      She's so done with his bullshit, doesn't even care anymore if he gets hurt, lol.

  • Ego adiuvabo te
    Ego adiuvabo te

    5:20 i would give up everything in my life just to have a son like him........i feel so lonely when i see vids like that :(

  • Bandicoot803

    Why aren't balls labelled "OUTDOOR USE ONLY!" to this day? There's an array of damn good reasons!

    • Bandicoot803

      @Deer Lord Your problem!

    • Deer Lord
      Deer Lord

      Because no... if I buy a ball I can play with it wherever the hell I want, the stupid manufacturer is not going to tell me where I can play with it, he's not my mother...

  • 》MARI AXEL 《
    》MARI AXEL 《

    He's like rezident Evil 7 alright?

  • Papa Ganusch
    Papa Ganusch

    4:20 Did you hear that Jerry!?

  • Risse Mie
    Risse Mie

    2:49 look at that adorable doggie's face 😊😊😊

    • Hael Otny
      Hael Otny

      Madam that is a child

  • New Music Remix
    New Music Remix

    Hi guys please Supscribe in my channel youtube : You will find all kinds of new and fun music

  • New Music Remix
    New Music Remix

    Hi guys please Supscribe in my channel youtube : You will find all kinds of new and fun music

  • Ismael Muñoz
    Ismael Muñoz

    Those are not landlord problems... Just the last half

  • Salistyan Simanungkalit
    Salistyan Simanungkalit

    Who the fuck playing inside the house, are you joking🤣🤣🤣

  • Doctor Skipwith
    Doctor Skipwith

    2:36 I've done this in my living room before and it feels so sketchy. Doing it in a small room like that guarantees a fail, especially if you're new. Be smart, kids. Learn outside and away from objects.

  • jamie s
    jamie s

    Shitty video

  • Blablabla

    Some of these just hurt me tbh

  • Arusha Mix
    Arusha Mix

    2:48 The Dog be like "I told you He is an idiot...kill him"

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E


  • KillerTacos

    Ah man these videos make me cringe so much. Would hate being in any of their positions XD. 1:47 "I can't believe I just did this"

  • DarthVaidan

    What happened to fails of the month and week?

  • Jenkel Almonte
    Jenkel Almonte

    Again and again???

  • Xkaputa

    Most of the videos have seen years ago!

  • Mathin3D

    Fail Army is the best, bitches!

  • metalgopher

    My landlord hates me for breaking a drinking glass

  • Raymond Cahyadi
    Raymond Cahyadi

    Join #teamtrees !

  • Laughter ForUs
    Laughter ForUs

    Absolutely hilarious 😁😁😁 thanks

  • Haven .Pottinger
    Haven .Pottinger

    Was that last one attempted murder?

  • Techalyzer

    I guess I must be very lucky, I am a tenant too, but basically it's my house and I do what I want, only that I pay a monthly fee for it.

  • Thomas Paschmann
    Thomas Paschmann

    1:07 whats the name of the song pls

  • J C
    J C

    well, that was an underwhelming video Ceiling: HELLO!!

  • theCreator 3000
    theCreator 3000

    That baby covered in cocaine was hilarious.

  • I like Potato’s
    I like Potato’s

    0:57 I need more context😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andy B
    Andy B

    I too, would like a trite platitude to stick on my bedroom wall. I've seen em in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, they're all the rage, these days!

  • 1000 Subscriber Challenge C'mon we can reach there
    1000 Subscriber Challenge C'mon we can reach there


  • 1000 Subscriber Challenge C'mon we can reach there
    1000 Subscriber Challenge C'mon we can reach there

    1:56 wasn't so harsh actually? So I don't know how he WONT get his Security Deposit back lol

  • barthj21

    Stop putting music in the background. For fucks sake

  • The Faceless
    The Faceless

    Um, Bruh

  • TheBookWasBetter

    You should make a #teamtrees video

  • Trace Mitchell
    Trace Mitchell

    The yoga ball is awesome, physics man it’s a cruel mistress.

  • luca 2.0 l
    luca 2.0 l

    2:36 WII

  • Matthew Harding
    Matthew Harding

    Subscribe to shark puppet

  • Taylor Sefner
    Taylor Sefner


  • Juicy Drew
    Juicy Drew

    Inexperienced people don’t deserve weapons.

  • Krischan de Beer
    Krischan de Beer

    downgrade on the thumbnail. sticking out between the rest of the subscriptions was your strenght and now it looks like a vlog

  • CaptainFoufeu

    3:50 "Hey Frank! Bring a trash can, quick! .... Holy shit! Oh my god!" (unheard to Frank) "And a shovel, too!"

  • Iener Borges
    Iener Borges

    1:07 Toro Y Moi

  • RickyLive

    Man I wish I could see where these people are now

  • Carl Devon
    Carl Devon


  • Carl Devon
    Carl Devon

    You've heard of a ship if fools...this video is clip of idiots...or a Congress of retarded Monkees.....

  • David Leone
    David Leone

    You should make a compilation of fail videos that you can find on IT-my that everyone has already seen. Oh wait, that's what you do

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