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  • Rachel U
    Rachel U

    '"Here's the proof that my lipstick is safe!" *shows blurry, unreadable document* lol

  • Celina Jones
    Celina Jones

    The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing -Eugene Delacroix

  • mlblevins2011

    Anyone else notice at 2:42 she’s blurred out a document? 🤔

  • Knife Kitty
    Knife Kitty

    What about the metal found in a youtubers lipstick? And you're not supose to use cotton in your labs while making your product it is a health hazard

  • FrayJay

    I can recommend all of you, to put the speed to .75x This really made it more bearable to listen to! 😆

  • Sammi Cocuzzo
    Sammi Cocuzzo


  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    Girl you guys wear is blue gloves not white

  • Karla Summers
    Karla Summers

    Come back to us 🤗

  • m i n h a l
    m i n h a l

    I wish i had a good comment here bc everyone is getting so many likes😂😂

  • Jordan Luca
    Jordan Luca

    It’s great that you’ve admitted what’s happened and apologised and are offering refunds! Starting a business is hard and everyone fucks up at least once! At first I was wondering what you were hiding by deleting all your social media’s but after reading these IT-my comments I completely understand why you disappeared! I couldn’t imagine having to try and fix a business/brand and dealing with all this hate at the same time. I know you probably won’t read this, but if you do. I just want to remind you that all these haters have no idea what it’s like to start your own business/makeup brand so they can talk all they want! Not many people can do what you have achieved! Keep striving for greatness!

  • natalie nati123
    natalie nati123

    So like no one from ur team though that fiber gloves are gonna stick to ur products? This is dumb honestly, and why do i need to wait for my lipsticks to cool off, what kind of shit is that..? If you don’t have enough money and have a professional team to make lipsticks just don’t.

  • Randi Martin
    Randi Martin

    I have been a loyal subscriber since 2013. I’ve purchased your palettes & highlighters & even your lipgloss with GC. I felt for you when you came under attack for this launch of lipsticks. I know how stressful being a company owner can be. BUT... I gotta tell you.... completely disappearing like you’ve done for the past MONTH is overboard. Its not how you handle a situation like this. You stay. You fight. You make things better. Even if it’s a blow to your pride. You do what you gotta do. That’s part of what being a company owner is. I understand the want to get away from the negative/hateful comments. So you disable comments; you don’t just shut down social accounts & literally go into hiding. Because girl, you didn’t just abandon the haters, you abandon all the loyal subscribers you’ve had for YEARS. You abandon all the people who believed in you & who cheered you on through the years. You abandon the people who supported you enough through the years to get you where you are today. If it wasn’t for THOSE people; you wouldnt have your dream car, dream home, designer life you live now. And by shutting THOSE people out, along with the haters, you’ve shown your true colors. Your complete disregard for those loyal subscribers. It’s entitlement, it’s greed, it’s a clear sign of unappreciation. And for that, I am sadly going to have to unsubscribe. I feel like us loyal subscribers you’ve had from the days you were in your kitchen in front of your refrigerator have been tossed aside for your “boujee” lifestyle. It was nice to see the positive changes you made through the years, but so sad to see the negative.

  • Stephanie Tambaoan
    Stephanie Tambaoan

    Anyone else feel like she’s yelling and scolding us for her mistake?? 🙄

  • Fatal Disadvantage
    Fatal Disadvantage

    is the hair FDA approved?

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett

    I like how she’s trying to explain what’s going on yet no other lipstick brand has had this issue lmao

  • Morgan Nielsen-Anderson
    Morgan Nielsen-Anderson

    I thought my video replay was on 1.25x like she so speedy

  • Jasmon Battle
    Jasmon Battle

    her tone bro.. i feel like i’m being scolded 🤨 is this an apology or like what is this?

  • SmartBryan Guy
    SmartBryan Guy

    ItS FdA ApPrOvEd", that's like going into a food restaurant saying "all my materials are fda approved but the plans are filthy" This is what atozy said

  • Melissa Carlos
    Melissa Carlos

    Dam people are so fucked up on here

  • hannahskxox

    Can she talk any faster ?

  • Esmeralda Orellana
    Esmeralda Orellana

    She Just Needed To Apologize Send Refunds Or Free Lipsticks & Move On Like Everyone Else She Made This Problem Bigger Than It Needed To Be

  • Jen M
    Jen M

    Miss you Jaclyn, hope you're doing okay. I know everything that's happened for you has been huge. Take your time and know there's so many of us that love and support you, and hope for the best for you 🧡

  • Chase Moats
    Chase Moats

    It sounds like it’s played at 1.75x speed

  • Casey Storan
    Casey Storan


  • StephyPlantbased

    did that lab produce lipstick for the first time? 🤔 Sounds horrible to make sooooo many mistakes. Ask China 😅 they seem to know better

  • Erin Brown
    Erin Brown

    Where you at bish?

  • StephyPlantbased

    Please, don’t yell at me ☹️😭😔

  • Leila Wright
    Leila Wright

    why am i feeling attacked by an apology?

  • hannah music
    hannah music

    damn girl the fast aggressive talking .. i felt like u were yelling at us .. also didn’t the FDA recall ur products ? ALSO also i never have any of the issues u had w ur products w ANY OTHER makeup brand i’ve bought .. no black holes or “air bubbles” no hair or the shitty ass lie u made up calling it “white fuzz” from a cloth glove (which is just fckin weird) no sharp metals u should have never made makeup

  • KatelynASousa

    Wait, so she’s still going to go forward with this shit show of a makeup company? 😬😬cool... 👀👀

  • Sonia Keshwani
    Sonia Keshwani

    Hope you are doing well and will be back soon, Jaclyn! No one deserves so much hate over a difficult launch... I feel sorry for you, and truly hope you return back for the well wishers... focussing on the positive and what's next.

    • Ontheway

      I feel the same :( Sometimes things dont go right during a business. People who haven't even purchased her lipsticks are just here to be a troll. Sad to see people so happy at someone else's misery.

  • Beth Razz
    Beth Razz

    Of course it had to say NEW inspection glove lolol. At 6:42

  • Beth Razz
    Beth Razz

    I will never buy her products! Just here for the tea.

  • Lazy Panda
    Lazy Panda


  • gotosleep

    she talks so fast and much i’m getting a migrant

  • Urban Life
    Urban Life

    How many times has she said FDA approved?

  • Alyssa Collins
    Alyssa Collins

    I just bought your pallet that I have been wanting FOREVER. I look forward to diving it to it and creating some great looks. SENDING LOVE♥️

  • Adrina Russell
    Adrina Russell

    Why are y’all sooo mad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brittaney Battiste
    Brittaney Battiste

    is she ever gonna come back orrrr lmao

  • Breanna Ott
    Breanna Ott

    People are gonna pick on her no matter what. People are never satisfied. She messed up but she doesn’t deserve hate for it

  • Monster Lover
    Monster Lover

    Who’s here from Shane?

  • Esmy YT
    Esmy YT

    I don’t even watch her or use her products but I feel bad for her. You all are acting like douche bags. Give this woman a break. You never know what hurtful words to do people.

    • Ontheway

      Me too :( Misreable people are just here to be a troll.

  • Nicole Gray
    Nicole Gray

    Sis. You RAN. All your social media is gone. Dont yell at US, cause you're trifling. Get with JS, and he can show you how to run a REAL brand. 👏

  • ana*

    First of all she needs to stop the hand attitude.

  • Madysen Cubitt
    Madysen Cubitt

    if you want to feel less attacked by this click the 3 dots click playback speed and click 0.75 your welcome

  • andrea agatha
    andrea agatha

    My favorite shades are "crusty mold" "small holes" "mysterious small hairs" and "Un mixed pigments" love them so much and remember you guys shave the tip of the lipstick every hour . Goody luv

  • Lacy Joy
    Lacy Joy

    I’m worried about her, someone check on her 😞

  • Mera

    She looks kinda like wendy from red velvet

  • BlancaBeautyy

    Jaclyn please come back to us don’t let these negative people get to you only you know what really happened and what was being done for you company, please come back to us there’s so many people that do love and support you and will be there for you to bring you up, don’t give up on us we love you

  • Sarah Rogers
    Sarah Rogers

    Who else is watching this in playback speed 0.75x? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Krystal Cole
    Krystal Cole

    I just wanna know why all this shit was sent out looking the way it does and she’s like yep let’s do it

  • Louis Dressler
    Louis Dressler

    In her FDA form it’s said the effective date was 2017

  • Danielle Chatham
    Danielle Chatham

    I bought your bronzer years ago and it cracked the first day I had it. Terrible product. I reached out but no response. Seems like this is becoming a trend with your makeup.

  • Elisabeth Johnson
    Elisabeth Johnson

    You sound like you’re angry at us, the consumers

  • Hannah W.
    Hannah W.

    Leave the damn girl alone! Jeez

  • Madi Marie
    Madi Marie

    I feel attacked highkey

  • minvids

    watch this at 2x speed

  • Olivia Dance
    Olivia Dance

    Also, why does this seem like I'm in the wrong, like why are you punishing me

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue

    You have zero integrity. You are HURTING people and doing nothing about it because money talks. I'll never buy another Jacklyn Hill product.

  • Hannah Ryan
    Hannah Ryan

    Sounds better when you slow the video down to .75

  • Olivia Dance
    Olivia Dance

    Why does she have to talk to fast

  • kels Marie
    kels Marie

    Jaclyn , please come back !! Haters are always going to hate. I check my snap all the time to see if you’re there and you never are. I miss you 🍀💚💚💚💚

  • Amana Jones
    Amana Jones

    Watching this video with my Mom in the same room and my mom asks who the hell is rambling without taking a breath lmao..

  • Christine Cannibal
    Christine Cannibal

    bitch who u think u talkin to like that?? does anybody else feel like she's yelling at us?? damn!

  • Cheyenne Bruce
    Cheyenne Bruce

    y’all slow it down all the way its hilarious, especially when shes talking about the gloves 😂

  • Devraj Singh
    Devraj Singh

    It's only me ? I'm so surprised that the comments are not disabled. I came here just to see if the comments was disable

  • Alyssa B.
    Alyssa B.

    So she’s blaming the lab she went through and approved for the white fuzzies? 🙄

  • Kat Ox
    Kat Ox

    Whenever she says s it hurts my ears

  • My Hero Academia
    My Hero Academia

    No lipstick lab uses 'cotton gloves' when making lipstick so stop lying to everyone

  • Sol 24
    Sol 24

    keeeee esa voz de dibujitoooo y re rapudo..Retirate de IT-my!!!

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