MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

  • Melany Alisoewito
    Melany Alisoewito

    yo dennis should come back i already watch this video but you should remoddel it because it is like old school make a little modern im sorry brandon but i dont llike to compare you to faze rug but his house is a little better make a pool and a basketball court

  • Gold dripzz
    Gold dripzz

    This is like the cheap version of rugs house

  • CarsAreAwesome

    everybody who keeps taking about rugs house is killing the vibe, he’s happy that he is able to achieve something like this

  • Neyla Hudson
    Neyla Hudson

    I don't like it srry

  • Denisse Estrada
    Denisse Estrada

    I love how happy and excited he is 🥺 👉🏽👈🏽 and you are doing great Brandon!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • shahmir malik
    shahmir malik

    This was a month ago?!? Time goes by fast hollayy

  • Cendars

    bruh he was like i have never had a bar and now rugs house is 10 times its size and has a room dedicated to a bar

  • Sage Sharingan
    Sage Sharingan

    your master bed room is like a house

  • Jayden Liu
    Jayden Liu

    make a vid of Brandon yelling in front of a TV of a Suns game

  • christain boy
    christain boy

    To everyone that sees this God showed me rapture... please turn to God and prepare for the coming of jesus!!!!

  • Ndowana Mudau
    Ndowana Mudau

    You have a nice house

  • Alex LP
    Alex LP

    Who is here after Faze Rugs house tour

  • Improper ua6
    Improper ua6

    That shit is gangster

  • Hisham Moussa
    Hisham Moussa

    I’m only 7 min 45 sec in and I like your house more than rugs

  • SmallieFryy

    why are people gating on the house or saying brian’s is bigger. stop hating he like the house you don’t have too and stop comparing their houses who cares if it’s bigger or smaller

  • South 98st
    South 98st


  • No roti With boti
    No roti With boti

    Your closet is bigger than my room

  • NoLimitBandz

    Rent House LMFAO 1 Mill

  • LucasAmato -
    LucasAmato -

    is it me or after seeing rugs house, this house is like 'thats not too much'

  • wania riaz
    wania riaz

    Gives me ghost vibes, dude no luxury what are guy from 18s or some? Rugs house is by far the best house I've ever seen, ik hes rich but if this house is for 5M than david dobrik have a better luxurious house just for 2M

  • ZightFN

    amazing house and congrats bro. whats next? add a basketball court?!

  • Berisko35

    that house is so trash😂😂 Brian’s is so much better

  • maes2k

    man u need a fucking pool in San Diego, period

  • Bryy Garxi
    Bryy Garxi

    WOAA 😍

  • Gaming YT
    Gaming YT

    Anyone here after FaZe rug just posted his own house tour mansion. It was sick

  • FaZe Daddy2314
    FaZe Daddy2314

    Rugs back yard is bigger than this hole house 😂 still congratulations on the new house browadis!

  • 50k Subscribers without video challenge
    50k Subscribers without video challenge

    Sorry but faze rug got a better house

  • OG MKB
    OG MKB

    its too old fashioned and i was expecting a court

  • dokusei regrets
    dokusei regrets

    The only thing that's different from faze rug moving in is that there were 3 videos that should have been one brawadis made!

  • Alesny Mina
    Alesny Mina

    All the money and options and this is what he chooses .. ugh.

    • Random Person
      Random Person

      It’s his choice tho, he loves the house

    • ❤️Fiibit❤️

      Not your choice how he spends his money, chill goddamn.

  • Shreya Rudra
    Shreya Rudra

    To be honest,..I don't really like the house. I mean it's not that big like rug's house, it doesn't have a pool, doesn't have even basketball court to do crazy's also too big for calling it an actual ‘home’ is indeed like a mansion with no thrill at all 🤷🏻 I'm pretty sure Brandon is also not gonna live here for too long😂 he is definitely gonna purchase another home in less than 1 year😅 but the only one thing I love more about this house than rug's is that he is gonna have roommates💖 which will definitely make this mansion feel like ‘home’ with pure love & friendship😊 which is definitely missing in rug's house.....his house is more like for show off & doing crazy videos that we like to watch, so that house is perfect for rug & also matches his vibes.....but this house does not even nearly matches brawadis vives,...this is more like similar to the old house of his parents ( the haunted house ) just a little bigger than that😂....but lastly, anyways, I'm happy for you Brandon,....whatever you are doing is great & keep up the good work😘😊☺❤

  • ZappedgamerYT

    How many times he said space ->

  • Liz

    Why did you need to include the price??? Humble yourself man

  • Cory Lynn
    Cory Lynn

    It's really old fashion but I kinda like it

  • Senko San
    Senko San

    I don't like it i love it no worie's bredon we all love the house

  • agog97

    He did not buy this house, he is renting it for $8,000 a month. Look it up. Thanks

  • XD Paarth
    XD Paarth

    With all of these wine bottles Sherman is one of the room mates

  • Cristian barrios
    Cristian barrios

    you should thank tuh for giving you a career bro

  • Kelly Paul
    Kelly Paul

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  • dominatorkd

    Super happy for you my G!

  • Turn Up
    Turn Up

    I think the skater Paul Rodriguez used to live in his house

  • Rohith

    Who is here after faze rugs house tour to compare how big and luxurious is his than brawadis?

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    It’s time to move out of his new house... his address got leaked again. It is ***** ******* ***** **


      Yeah he rents the house for 7K lol

  • Joseph Mellon
    Joseph Mellon

    Change all the brown to white

  • HacksRUs

    This is how much times he said space⬇️

  • Dubster 864
    Dubster 864

    Like: Faze rug house. Comment: Brawadis house.

  • Waves


  • Pizza Pepperoni
    Pizza Pepperoni

    No hate to brawadis and my opinion isn’t really important but I am not a fan of the new house

    • Ibrahim Soumare
      Ibrahim Soumare

      ur just jealous that you and ur mama live in the dumpster

    • Jaleel Joseph
      Jaleel Joseph

      5k subs with only 2 videos challenge now ur spreading hate

    • Polo

      Vanessa 0822 BRAH SHUTUP I bet your house is the size of his bathroom YOUR HOUSE IS PROBABLY DODO

    • Moist Breadstick
      Moist Breadstick

      Y’all are so disrespectful Ong

    • iNerve-_-

      The inside looks too old and not his style.

  • The Real Elisha
    The Real Elisha

    Brandons house cant be compared to rugs house if u agree like it

    • Aven Debesay
      Aven Debesay

      Annette Espinoza-I agree with you👍🏽

    • Annette Espinoza
      Annette Espinoza

      I kinda like Brandon’s house better. Rugs house is too hype...? Like too designer and too hype-like.

    • Aven Debesay
      Aven Debesay

      George Westran-Hall Thank you tell him bro

    • George Westran-Hall
      George Westran-Hall

      Don’t shit on his success

    • BVF RawZz
      BVF RawZz

      The Real Elisha duh cause rug has more support and subscribers, but brawadis is still living his life in his nice ass house, that’s bigger then ares combined.

  • irene Shaverdian
    irene Shaverdian

    this is nice but faze rug's house so much better.

    • Random Person
      Random Person

      Maybe that’s because Rug has over 10 more million subscribers than Brawadis

    • Jaleel Joseph
      Jaleel Joseph



      Brandon didn’t even buy the house he just rented it for 7K a month lol

    • Shrek

      Yea I like faze rugs house bc its more modern

    • MessYourself 2
      MessYourself 2

      Ye I think faze rugs house is better than this shit

  • Calebjgriggy

    Ehh Bryan’s house is bigger

    • A Pham
      A Pham


  • Jen Jenwier
    Jen Jenwier

    i came here after watching faze rug’s house tour video lol

  • minivancoupe

    the vibe of this house makes me feel like i’m in a quiet museum

  • Estrella Vargas
    Estrella Vargas

    Wow I love this house this is beautiful

  • Faze Dunk
    Faze Dunk

    He didn’t buy a new house he rented it for 7,000 a month

    • J j
      J j

      Dang 😂 exposing the man

    • Burnzy HD
      Burnzy HD

      How do u know


      Yes sir

  • Bajetha Jyotika
    Bajetha Jyotika


  • Therese Richardson
    Therese Richardson

    Nice house proud of you, keep up the good work.

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez

    Faze rugs house way better

  • Hollie Jo
    Hollie Jo

    So many places to nap

  • Jadiel Perez
    Jadiel Perez

    I'm not hating but I think rugs house is better but nice house tho it's cool

  • Carlos Al-Qas Hanna
    Carlos Al-Qas Hanna

    He literally has a living room in his bedroom

  • 10k Subscribers before 2021
    10k Subscribers before 2021

    Have a great day if yu read this

  • Tobias Nilsen
    Tobias Nilsen

    Look at the Thubnail😂 He used another House, Does he thinks that the House is UGLY?😂

    • Flight 1
      Flight 1

      @CMN YOUNGIN but he posted The front of his house on instagram

    • Tobias Nilsen
      Tobias Nilsen

      CMN YOUNGIN Faze rug Has hes pen House.


      No he just doesn't want to show the real house in the thumbnail because he wants to surprise us in the video

  • sister shook
    sister shook

    who’s here after rugs new house tour?

    • sister shook
      sister shook

      @MoTion eXoticYT obviously rug

    • MoTion eXoticYT
      MoTion eXoticYT

      who’s is better🤔

    • George Edwards
      George Edwards


    • paloma cano
      paloma cano


    • Shrek


  • Leslygx3

    The mini living room is actually a lounge room

  • John Tyree
    John Tyree

    I like it. It's warm and a good size for you. Rug's is like, Kardashian huge. But please..............tell me you have a good space for playing basketball. Will it be El Casa de Brawadis without a basketball court?

  • Leslygx3

    He has the same voice as his dad the only thing is he doesn’t have an accent

  • Fizical Chaos
    Fizical Chaos

    who’s here after rugs new house tour?

    • Luxtツ

      me lmao

    • Jen Jenwier
      Jen Jenwier

      me lol

    • Cabrillas Pallera
      Cabrillas Pallera


  • rj thompson
    rj thompson

    Who’s here after faze rugs house tour

    • brickfilm studio's128
      brickfilm studio's128

      @MessYourself 2 stfu

    • Kawzy


    • Shrek


    • Cabrillas Pallera
      Cabrillas Pallera

      Me lol

    • Bajetha Jyotika
      Bajetha Jyotika

      I'm here

  • Alan1036

    Anyone here after faze rug just posted his house tour.

    • chris son
      chris son

      Rugs house is 100 times better

    • Gaming YT
      Gaming YT

      @Amy Hernandez yeppppp

    • Nyut Mayain
      Nyut Mayain

      There hosie tour was ooo

    • Okoye Chinweoke
      Okoye Chinweoke

      His house is lit 🔥

    • Amy Hernandez
      Amy Hernandez


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