My Response #ReleaseTheContract
I want to make it very clear that I tried multiple times for multiple months to get out of this contract. This is what had to be done.

  • Tfue

    I want to make it very clear that I tried multiple times for multiple months to get out of this contract. No one was blindsided by this, NO ONE.

    • Slackegg4603036 Slackegg4603036
      Slackegg4603036 Slackegg4603036

      Sorry true hope you get money back 😔

    • Ahmd x Gamer
      Ahmd x Gamer


    • Tom Allison
      Tom Allison


    • ZexyCookies

      Tfue, just man stop... you asked from fame and money and that made you sign a contract with faze. You knew what the consequences were. You'll break free for sure but faze will always be up top and you'll always be living under their shadow, remember who blew you up and remember where you came from... smh.

    • Ice On My Wrissst
      Ice On My Wrissst

      #ReleaseTheContract WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

  • Hazey SZN
    Hazey SZN

    How many times has tfue said contract👇🏻

  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez



    #release the f#!*^ng contract

  • Fray Swifty
    Fray Swifty

    When you get scammed for all your guns in stw 1:26

  • Truman Manley
    Truman Manley

    fuck you

  • IVitzclo4kzVI tl
    IVitzclo4kzVI tl

    1:26 when you do 87 damage 4 meters away

  • piece of shit
    piece of shit

    You signed it LMFAOOO

  • StayWise


  • messiJR 10
    messiJR 10

    When your class is on their way to a field trip and you forgot to bring your permission slip signed 1:26

  • jonathan tautaiolefue
    jonathan tautaiolefue


  • Justin Tayamen
    Justin Tayamen

    1:21 when you forget to have your field trip permission slip signed and you get left behind on a field trip

  • TsR NeFF
    TsR NeFF

    Ur ugly

  • Gnat Boy
    Gnat Boy

    Does tfue even have a fanbase tho

  • Carlos Dionisio
    Carlos Dionisio

    Y would u sign it u idiot u should say sry to them just saying


    Its okay tfue banks lost a good friend

  • Diego Vaca
    Diego Vaca

    Hola v:

  • Blue Auburn
    Blue Auburn

    When you make a 1:24 meme instead of a 1:26 meme Everyone else: 1:26

  • Lightning Lii
    Lightning Lii

    Me when I realize tfue used faze clan 1:26

  • Consuelo Orchack
    Consuelo Orchack

    #noyouaregayyoujustwantthemtoreleaseittowinthelawsuit Why am I in my moms account

  • Don Falcone
    Don Falcone

    Lmao you look like a fuckin clown. Its a fuckin CONTRACT dumbass not a safety waiver. #ReadTheFinePrintGOOFY

  • Alex

    Faze up pussy

  • Thanoid

    1:26 when u didn’t have your papers for the field trip

  • Bob Marly
    Bob Marly

    You signed it so it’s your fault

  • Typical Gamer154
    Typical Gamer154

    Tfue bud it will be ok ur real fans will ne behind u the whole way bro

  • Crispyy Waffle
    Crispyy Waffle

    When try to get your favorite cereal in the cabinets, but the box is empty. 1:26

  • Jose Pastrana
    Jose Pastrana


  • Tsuna AMV’S
    Tsuna AMV’S


  • Blaze Cakes
    Blaze Cakes

    I can't believe u did this because evryone in faze loves u but do u know the amount of people u have hert FAZE UP🤟

  • Varia

    1:26 when youre fapping and mom comes in

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green

    dude you're making millions they asked for 20 percent your bullshit

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green

    you're a liar

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green

    fuck you you fucked over faze

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green

    you're a piece of shit

  • Faze Patrick
    Faze Patrick

    1:26 when a Hacker kills you in fortnite

  • mattツ

    look at this dooood

  • Yung Sousa
    Yung Sousa

    Let me find out its a faze script to make faze popping

  • Cwc 44
    Cwc 44

    Good for U man , go solo if the contract is BS !

  • CraigVFX

    When your mouse ask how big it is: 1:30

  • PsyGrotos

    You bring phone secretly to school but then realized that there’s no WiFi in school 1:26

  • Abdel Abdel
    Abdel Abdel

    When you get humiliated at school for doing nothing 1:26

  • Eddie Vedder
    Eddie Vedder

    1:24 Feminist when they learned Trump got elected

  • ali abbasi
    ali abbasi

    jessus christ how many people have mess around and comment some random stuff about 1:26 lol i mean this is a video about the beef thats going on with faze not a video about 1:26 jokes lol

  • Ahmad Salim
    Ahmad Salim


  • ReDubNub

    When you sign a faze contract 1:26

  • Jack Ducks
    Jack Ducks

    You signed a contract without reading it why didn’t you also get a lawyer to read over it and then tell you the conditions or maybe better yet don’t just sign it like a damn fool then get mad you fucked yourself over everyone else that’s been thru this stuff either were roped back in even when they wanted to op out but you signed a contract you should have read and understood

  • Matthew Cross
    Matthew Cross

    Tfue’s fucking cracked bruv

  • Goran;/


  • Yakbz

    Faze made u famous, u didnt know better at that time. They build u up and i agree that they are using u and dont treat u fair. Let this be a lesson for u and others not to grabb the 1st oportunity that comes in your way but to know your values and to know that u can make it on your own.

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    Ok thank you bye bye

  • Collin Holman
    Collin Holman

    you sound like an idiot

  • Sqxntyy

    When you find nothing but 1:26 memes in the comments 1:26


    Wow Tfue! Fucking liar! 0:24 is a lie! You’ve made highsky banned and upset you dumbass

  • ツZayed


  • xciss gaming
    xciss gaming

    1:26 When your mom says you can go after your finished doing the dishes but then she asks you to take out the trash

  • Subscribe if you Like Pewdiepie
    Subscribe if you Like Pewdiepie

    When you make a comment hoping to get 1k likes but it gets 0 1:26

  • dZA_ EuleMitKeule
    dZA_ EuleMitKeule

    01:26 When you see something gold on the ground but then realize its a bush

  • Shlemmy 1
    Shlemmy 1

    lol ur gay

  • The Vladiator
    The Vladiator

    This is fucking bullshit

  • Jonathan Bretado
    Jonathan Bretado

    Lier banks is right and contracts are ok

    • Jpop

      Jonathan Bretado I read this wrong

  • I NxrfNemio
    I NxrfNemio


  • Mikes _Worldd
    Mikes _Worldd

    When people are making a joke about a serious video. 1:26

  • Mike Petruccelli
    Mike Petruccelli

    U signed it.... Now that ur killing it ... u care...


    1:27 this fuckin bullshit

  • Looshe 95
    Looshe 95

    I am sorry because you untruthful

  • FlyingVoyages Productions
    FlyingVoyages Productions

    You suck

  • Damian Molinar
    Damian Molinar


  • Ghanks

    you’re bullshit

  • Calebonerze

    When your username is taken 1:26

  • The Flash
    The Flash

    When you go to a rodeo and you step in something squishy 1:26

  • Beastmode99 op
    Beastmode99 op

    Do not play on the 6

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    Signs contract with faze clan gains millions of subscribers, makes millions of dollars, faze takes only 60k 1:26

  • Austin Hart
    Austin Hart

    Your a bitch

  • Snow

    when the candy gets stuck in the vending machine 1:26

    • Snow

      IDKontent lmao thx

    • IDKontent


  • Jack the Official
    Jack the Official

    When I run out of toilet paper 1:26

  • Snow

    *when its snowing but ur school doesnt make it a snow day* 1:26

  • Snow

    *dies from fall damage when its a 1v1* 1:26

  • Snow

    when you study for a test and still fail 1:26

  • jonathan fuentes
    jonathan fuentes

    BrO tHaT'S InSaNE

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G


  • Dead poolz
    Dead poolz

    When Mexico found out they had to pay for the wall 1:26 😯

    • Ryan Mccreary
      Ryan Mccreary


  • Iwill3atpeople

    When everyone is doing 1:26 but you do 1:28 1:28

    • Vanessa Ferrao
      Vanessa Ferrao

      And i~opp

  • Zombiekillaz 187
    Zombiekillaz 187

    When you fuck your sister and she gets pregnant 1:26

  • Cami Rodney Lapratte
    Cami Rodney Lapratte

    Who’s here from LLS?

  • Andrew Bill David Douglas
    Andrew Bill David Douglas

    Tfue when he wants people to release the contract 1:26

  • oscar


  • HarambeXx26 FaZe Man
    HarambeXx26 FaZe Man

    I would like to make disappear all this discussion

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    1:26 when you don’t get any likes and you worked very hard on your comment

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    1:26 when you open the fridge to get milk for your cereal but there is no milk Edit: thanks for 1 million likes! Jk

  • EDDDY 71
    EDDDY 71

    1:26 when I look at the comments

  • Craig Macinnes
    Craig Macinnes

    You should have read the contract before signing it you idiot.. #Commonsense ... you clearly doing all this suing shit for views too... you could have easily spoke with faze clan behind closed doors and sorted this, you didn’t need to post shit on the web about it and also I love how you the only person in the faze clan that has a problem with the contract and I love how you’re the only one suing faze clan for the contract that is probably the same for all of the other gamers that joined faze clan just like you...

  • Tyler Walker
    Tyler Walker

    That’s how a contract works 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Snickers 07
  • Krish Mehta
    Krish Mehta

    #my ass

  • ChaseR GlocK
    ChaseR GlocK

    Everyone talking about 1:26 but in my opinion 1:23 is funnier

  • Evan Hayden
    Evan Hayden

    Fuck you tfue

  • EMELY769

    He was definitely reading something 💀

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