My Sisters Hate Me Because I'm The Favorite (Animated Story Time)
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  • Jay Aponte
    Jay Aponte

    so we gonna pretend like the other 4 sisters don' t exist, we don't care bout them, perfect family, yay like........huh

  • Natallie Mischuk
    Natallie Mischuk

    I’m supposed to be In school but i forgot How to join online school calls

  • James Careless
    James Careless

    "he died while serving the navy" dad: i am home

  • Animation stories
    Animation stories

    What is app do you use in animation?

  • lazy demon me
    lazy demon me

    when i was like 3 years old i heard a knock and you know what i did? i looked out and every single person came to my door and they would be scared of my eyes lmao

  • PrestonPeyton Mutton
    PrestonPeyton Mutton


  • Advik and Vihaan show
    Advik and Vihaan show


  • Stussy Jackie
    Stussy Jackie

    Why does this remind me of a movie😑 iykyk

  • Kenley Dog
    Kenley Dog


  • myca sosolik
    myca sosolik

    but don't you have to have education to learn music..??? this dudeeeeee

  • Amy L.
    Amy L.

    SSSniperwolf you should get a nuther puppy-dog :)

  • Amy L.
    Amy L.

    SSSniperwolf um you should get a nether puppy

  • Shazad Khan
    Shazad Khan

    Seriously I like you I was never allowed to open the door like seriously


    Please react to part 2 i love you reacting the these stories🥰🤩🤩😎

  • BungieEmma 26.71
    BungieEmma 26.71

    greys anatomy reference :)))

  • Hannah TV
    Hannah TV

    Honestly, Emily is better off without her 'boyfriend', I would have broke up with him a long time ago

  • Kattah Junior
    Kattah Junior

    Ayo what happened to the 4 siblings

  • walker the explorer
    walker the explorer

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that that's probably not the real dad just probably a murderer or something

  • normal-sized-nosed Villager
    normal-sized-nosed Villager


  • tbnrrowald 77
    tbnrrowald 77

    The real dad is like when he comes back to life like hello it's me your dad

  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay


  • Jessica Pegues
    Jessica Pegues


  • Rosalia Martinez-Tunupopo
    Rosalia Martinez-Tunupopo

    My cuz is the fave sib bc she is the youngest and all her sisters hate her

  • Antacia Boyne
    Antacia Boyne

    Her boyfriend is cute

  • Victoria Akintayo
    Victoria Akintayo

    Sassy voice on: guys u won’t believe it my dad like came back from the dead

  • Josuath Ventura
    Josuath Ventura


  • DrumZ DuVal
    DrumZ DuVal

    At the end ooooooooooooooooohh they in trouble

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez

    The full saying is actually snitches end up with stitches in the ditches

  • Katelyn Games
    Katelyn Games

    All kids are have different hobbies lol

  • shenika bush
    shenika bush

    Casey Casey

  • Mehrin Gaming
    Mehrin Gaming

    wooo amazing

  • Dena Sage
    Dena Sage

    Hi I'm kimber I Love your videos 🤩😍😲❤️😻

  • 《Nola the potato》
    《Nola the potato》

    SSSniperWolf sadly there is a part two to this video

  • Kaiiden Riley
    Kaiiden Riley

    They don't have 7 sisters they have 6

  • MehLifeIsCookies :3
    MehLifeIsCookies :3

    So,I wanna get to know about what happened to the other 4 sisters taht got put up for adoption

  • MehLifeIsCookies :3
    MehLifeIsCookies :3

    This doesn’t even explain why she the favorite child

  • girlblox zm
    girlblox zm

    Sssniperwolf which country do you live

  • yoo.itzdatkid

    me being the youngest and the favorite (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

    • yoo.itzdatkid

      me thinking about every time i got an F whe she's says im smarter than them/that😢☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

  • Lidya Soraya
    Lidya Soraya


  • Lib Tolbert
    Lib Tolbert

    omg dont anwer the freaking door unless u wanna die btw kinda sus that he gave her 100 b

  • Sienna Jalia
    Sienna Jalia

    Main girl:He loves me he’s the best I’m smarter then everyone if everyone did put their heads together and put all of their smartness together they won’t be as smart as me bc I’m the smartest person on earth. Me:BOIII YOU DON’T NEED TO BRAG AND PLUS YOU DUMB YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE YOUR BOY WAS USING YOU

  • AnimeIsLife

    Henry stick man is that you

  • •Elizabeth afton• mEh dAd kIlLeR
    •Elizabeth afton• mEh dAd kIlLeR

    Well actually you can kill people when you’re young and dead because there’s a person named William and he’s dead so he can literally just kill people so why can’t the dad kill people -

  • Ricardo Hemraj
    Ricardo Hemraj

    Ytuh 🌃 ccc ccc. Front c

  • Ethan Leighty
    Ethan Leighty

    KILL Little JUMMY Neutron tattletale!!!!!!!!

  • David Frost
    David Frost

    "true" story lol

  • ZATJARL sus
    ZATJARL sus

    3:31 are we going to ignore that image in the up right

  • Lana Peachey Art and guitar
    Lana Peachey Art and guitar

    Lol my name is emily

  • Ethan R.
    Ethan R.

    The sister said you can't speak to the father of my son like that and he will see his child grow up unlike u. But the dad was a naval admiral and without him America which I'm assuming this is where the story takes place would be gone without people like him. So to any of you moms and dads who are like that, shut up and get a brain even son's and daughters need to learn that. Not only parents. Baiiii

  • Leonardo Eccleston
    Leonardo Eccleston

    Somebody with a creepy smile run away from them🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️

  • Mia

    uhmmmm what about the four other sisters

  • Jennie Sovie
    Jennie Sovie

    Your so cool 😎

  • Carly Holmes
    Carly Holmes

    The YT channel Not enoguh nelsons they have 16 kids

  • Kaleb

    this first story is confusing and goes by too fast like what

  • Jiman Yang
    Jiman Yang

    I think that his dad

  • Abrion Bell
    Abrion Bell

    i dont care about there opinions because i am so smart than them UwU

  • Rudra Gaming
    Rudra Gaming

    I actually want a bunk bed because it’s so fun I don’t care about a big bed for myself

  • Harry Malhotra
    Harry Malhotra

    Omg u are sooooooo funny 😆

  • Cyvel janaiah Buhian
    Cyvel janaiah Buhian


  • Dino_VurtexYT -
    Dino_VurtexYT -


  • Cool kind kids
    Cool kind kids

    Does anyone else notice that they have pointy fingers?

  • Happy Kid
    Happy Kid

    Her: I am sooo smart! 2 seconds later.. Her: I am gonna let a stranger in for $100 me:...Really?

  • alien max
    alien max

    I want this family

  • Emily and Oliver
    Emily and Oliver

    I'm Emily

  • RAMMAL Clémence
    RAMMAL Clémence

    ok that was heck no wow i really love it

  • Iamnot_bmgo

    I don't know anyone but my friend knocks and I let him in but not people I know

  • Angelica Caroline Sihombing
    Angelica Caroline Sihombing

    When her sister said :"Hey guys, you wont bealive what just happend! My dad is alive from dead!" My Brain:.....How could that be possibell?😑🤨🤔

  • Alre Alsa
    Alre Alsa

    Can you make a gotcha life story about one does have water powers and one that controls nature anyone that Love you

  • Lucy Collett
    Lucy Collett


  • Bunoy

    Big bran

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