My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

  • wiliam_kocharyan

    at 3:37 there is a kid with tommyinit's shirl lol

  • Kibriya Nararya Askhiino
    Kibriya Nararya Askhiino

    i hate tiktok

  • Layla Harding
    Layla Harding

    You can have Bakugo bro imma keep Kirishima

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    "CHEESE" - A line all MHA fans should know

  • Sebastian Coronel Mosquera
    Sebastian Coronel Mosquera



    1:25 the mirror doesent do its job

  • Lee Hiat Er
    Lee Hiat Er

    Me:so bored of my job as a truck driver Me and the Boiz: watches this

  • Tristan Jacob
    Tristan Jacob


  • Sophia Wheeler
    Sophia Wheeler

    Okay I get your point but this video can seem really disrespectful and rude and people arnt going to listin to you if they are mad at you

    • Scrappi

      are you ok?

    • BlueSteven 101
      BlueSteven 101

      Bro how Lmao he’s giving his thoughts and if people are going to get mad oh well that’s on them let them get mad over someone’s opinion and thoughts stupidity if you ask me

  • Sophia Wheeler
    Sophia Wheeler

    Actually you don't need to sleep to reality shift

    • Scrappi

      are you ok?

  • Robert McDevitt
    Robert McDevitt

    bro drake o mafo sucks me a griffindor neard

  • Jose Perez Rosas
    Jose Perez Rosas

    its not endgame its infinity war

  • -•Ari_Da_Nerd•-

    The .. XD anime ... character s XD LOLLLLLL

  • JorrickTV

    tbh .. who wouldnt love to go to hogwards =P

  • 3 gee
    3 gee

    All dislikes are from tiktokers


    Not this vaccine

  • Piotrek59Games

    1:47 AMOGUS SUS

  • Randomstreamer Btw
    Randomstreamer Btw

    3:04 no one gonna talk about kawaii Johnathan and kawaii Dio?

  • Jimi Dubber
    Jimi Dubber

    Who would else is going to an anime

  • Rev

    *Outro 10 hour version:*

  • Shi

    came here because I was listening to playlists on IT-my and when I ended up on some draco one and looked at the comments I had no idea everyone meant by shifting. I figured it was just lucid dreaming but they actually think they’re shifting reality 😭

  • ProbablyKuro

    Okay so I believe in shifting, but i see it as a type of lucid dream rather than a multiple reality takeover. I’m kind of knew to it and I didn’t know people saw it that way. Also, why hogwarts...? I’m just tryna shift to me having a genuinely good day with my friends.

  • Andoni Ianush
    Andoni Ianush

    Nobody: TheOdd1sOut's outro: *most violent stroke humanity has ever seen*

  • Edins

    so if you reality shift then memory is a fizik object in your brain and u lose it if u do that and at the end u just live hes live withot knowing that this isnt the orginal one

  • Taylor coles
    Taylor coles

    So i guess I just won't see my seat belt

  • Miguel Teñoso✓
    Miguel Teñoso✓

    Wait I see a flaw with Reality Shifting. If Another reality is made every time a decision is made wouldn't it be impossible for magic or most mystical things of the sort exist? So you would only have realities that are different in some way like the Cold War escalated, the Beatles became famous gamers not famous musicians, William lost the battle of Hastings, and a reality were scientifically accurate dragons are being used in place of fighter jets. So this is an easy way to debunk reality shifting isn't it?

  • Ollie TG
    Ollie TG


  • Mr MasterMan
    Mr MasterMan

    1:48 amongus

  • •little lion•
    •little lion•

    "we're in the endgame now"

  • Ethan Cass
    Ethan Cass

    you get me 😭

  • Margaux Conol
    Margaux Conol

    also one thing: these shows were just people acting or just animated-

  • X marks the spot
    X marks the spot

    Knocks realty shifting but I'm pretty sure dude is a furry.

  • X marks the spot
    X marks the spot

    Obviously knock what the next person does on his/her time because it definitely won't offend anyone lol. But then again you are just some half baked IT-myr that draws pictures, you could always get a real job instead roasting people on the internet who don't even know who you are.

    • BlueSteven 101
      BlueSteven 101

      Because he’s giving his thoughts and opinions? damn you must be that lonely

  • Ultimate Nintendo Ninja
    Ultimate Nintendo Ninja

    4:07 Bruh you ain't even have to go there💀💀💀

  • christian vargas
    christian vargas

    its real my sister did it

  • Gabby Myers
    Gabby Myers

    Odd question but are you apart of the LGBT community? No hate if you are just curious 😅

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi

      @Fllavelle i’m bisexual but i have a gf

    • Fllavelle

      He has a video talking about his girlfriend... do people have eyesight

  • Farah Ahmed
    Farah Ahmed

    I mean who doesn't want to hang out with soft britsh boys

  • Don Duckworth
    Don Duckworth

    Hey James, ya need to tell us something?

  • Ducliem Nguyen
    Ducliem Nguyen

    Me thinking: what does vaccine one vaccine then walk yes it down fuck

  • Ducliem Nguyen
    Ducliem Nguyen

    Me eat chips

  • Cody Champagne
    Cody Champagne

    Aren't they just talking about Lucid Dreams

  • TheChowCult

    yo if u see coins in your room (that u didnt put there), put a camera up and you'll find the guy whos been living in your attic! my cousins house creep is named carter/carl! he is going to Australia next week with gf tho, and the baby who lives in my attic is named yUo, pronounced you. he is like 3 tho- and carter is either in his 20's or 300's. also on June 14 last year is the day i lost my last brain-cell! wish me a happy 1st no-more-brain-cell day! ok thanks!

  • Boba _Master
    Boba _Master

    How can yall like bakugou- No hate but hes so musty to me 😫

  • blade files
    blade files

    "For example theoretical physics, or how to make friends"

  • Fadumo Hassan
    Fadumo Hassan

    Was my religion doesn’t tallow dogs about muslims

  • emilie w
    emilie w

    eh, i think trying to shift is harmless. i don't believe in it but people are smart enough to stop believing in something, and if they're not, then they'll just keep lucid dreaming.

  • Party Boonyachai
    Party Boonyachai

    pls includ me in your next vid

    • Big Joe
      Big Joe

      I'm sure he will definitely do that

  • Autumn Creeley
    Autumn Creeley

    Hear me out all right, would this anime be naruto?

  • Floofy Doggo
    Floofy Doggo

    I think you’ve told all your stories as a child you’re running out of stuff!!

  • Floofy Doggo
    Floofy Doggo

    This is been a long time since an update?

  • Thenamesmorgan Beans
    Thenamesmorgan Beans

    J-James you were just a little uh “sus” in this vid per say

  • Johnic The Cronic
    Johnic The Cronic

    It's kind of just sounds like self-inserts but with extra steps

  • Jayden Alvarado
    Jayden Alvarado

    Uhhhhhh James are you canceling I just started watching you I hope you're not☹☹☹

  • Colin Farwell
    Colin Farwell

    Ayyy balto and the great race shout out. I loved that book

  • Gacha God
    Gacha God

    Oh f**k all y’all dislikes because it make sense

    • X marks the spot
      X marks the spot

      Deal with it.

  • Mongolball

    Spreading false info online is illegal,atleast here in the country I live in

    • Mongolball

      @Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show well the vaccine one is kinda true,but it is expected and not lethal,the vaccine was some sort of rushed due to the virus being very dangerous plus not everything is perfect

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      @Mongolball yeah point is go spread your fascism and dictorship elsewhere. Shifting is fake. Have fun with the nightmares. Fun fact. Vaccinationa causes illnesses and mask cause respiratory problems

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      @Mongolball according to you, mask stops viruses from entering your eyes or skin. Airborne viruses???

    • Mongolball

      @Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show bruh if you don't care about my point then why are you wasting your time writing these comments lmao your the fool here

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Its illegal in your 3rd world country to think but not in America. IT-my app isnt America. Just because the devil dictatorship that is IT-my throws out the word misinformation and defines it as how ever they please, doesnt mean our laws of the land work the same as a social media owned by the powers that be. Point is no one cares what your oppressive country says because we already have a bunch of fools in America who think its cute to limit free speech and thinking. Another thing is you know nothing about how the real world operates.

  • Aaron Campbell
    Aaron Campbell

    Mind you I’m only 15, this generation makes me so concerned for the future that it gives me actual chest pain. I wish I was born in the 90’s. Times were simple. The other day my 8 year old cousin told me that minecraft sucked and it was to boring. At that point I was convinced that good parenting is a thing of the past. I really hope the older generation of gen z can bring back the simple times. Kids these days are constantly stimulated with entertainment. Mundane and things like working Are going to be impossible for some people.

    • Aaron Campbell
      Aaron Campbell

      @Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show wise words friend

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Like IT-my lacks intelligence

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Oh no ppl will still work. Slavery isnt ending just because the devil makes new generations dùmber. Lack of intelligence all around

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Who teaches the generations is who u should be more concerned about

  • soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇ
    soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇ

    man reality shifting is confusing

  • Shindo life bugs 2
    Shindo life bugs 2

    Finals a video

  • Ostrich the dog
    Ostrich the dog

    XD I love the harry potter one!

  • Vulpix

    Fortnite kids be like: so I can go to the fortnite world Little do they know there’s a loop

  • Durpy Dilo
    Durpy Dilo

    ………….. Snap Back to Reality… Seriously though Don’t “Reality shift” When you learn the truth you will even more depressed that all you did was fiction So don’t become P O T A T O in your “fiction” Because when your not a Watermelon it will hurt even more when you Snap Back to Reality.. Nintendo GameCube Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 Boo I scared you didn’t I Why am I still typing Cubeoid Dilophosaurus I’m a Scatman Anyone watch the Garfield animated show as a kid? “Halo theme intensifies” If you have read this far, you get the “you read this far award” A D I O S Pancake Crab R e a p e r. L e v I a t h a n WORT WORT WORT Bow Chicka Bowt Bowt It’saa me M A R I O Hula-Hoop of death Insert something funny here S U S Say 10 things that Aren’t Cloaker M a k e W a y. F o r. T h e. DDDD OOOOO ZZZZ EEEE RRRRR

    • Jaythegay

      don’t write a comment that long. you’re obnoxious

  • ConNorth mess
    ConNorth mess

    when you post a video after 4 months.

  • Ultima wolf
    Ultima wolf

    Well i ship Bacugo and Duek

  • allie

    didnt change my mind 😚

    • Orneb

      @Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show You are kidding, right?

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Point is more than likely you have a unclean spirit swimming around in you

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Also demons can talk to you through electronics such as youtube comment section without being attached to a host or human.

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      Lesson 1. There are 1000s of demonically possessed ppl on social media. Lots of times demons will speak through them. Ever been to those meduims or ppl who claim they can know your deepest darkest fears secrets or they can tell you your name without ever having met you? Yeah those are demon possessed ppl

    • Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show
      Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

      You know how witchcraft sorcery works right. Unclean spirit's hitch a ride inside of your mind and they tweak this emotion tweak this thought implant that thought and the nightmares are wellll..nightmares

  • Icy Wolf
    Icy Wolf

    The only reason I know the cat thing is bc of bgs (bunny girl senpai) or rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai

  • mitsubas_regrets

    Is that bill cypher on the video picture??!!!

  • Lillian's Corner
    Lillian's Corner

    “Also back off Bakugo he’s mine.” That part had me dead 😂

  • Iron Fox
    Iron Fox

    Happy early birthday james

  • SlipperySquid Games
    SlipperySquid Games

    2:25 Dabbing Hogwarts guy

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