My WORST Decision Yet
Morgan Adams
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HELLOOO everyone i hope you enjoy this video of our cats being in love and I love you!!
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  • Enneki

    does anyone else wonder if she is okay? she posted about her iris being weird and that she would go and see a doctor but since then its all quiet....i hope you are okay morgan!

  • Caroline Pennington
    Caroline Pennington

    My Mercedes does the same thing but I am so obsessed with it, that I bought another car, a Camry, to drive for when my Mercedes is being temperamental... I can’t get rid of it

  • ninjamonos

    Jesus Christ, Morgan. I have had to resort to watching Garrett's channel. Please come back. I need content.

  • Dory Fin
    Dory Fin

    You should get a hex/jinx clearing

  • S Marie
    S Marie

    I think we need a you and trinity vid

  • Yazmine Montes
    Yazmine Montes

    Morgan is GLOWING 😍

  • Little Ghoul
    Little Ghoul

    I’m a Virgo and you’re definitely more Virgo than Leo.

  • Alida

    And here I am counting for buying a cola ..

  • Kayelee Jones
    Kayelee Jones

    Get a Chevy. They last MUUUUUUUCH longer

  • hdak nkmr
    hdak nkmr

    If Trump is elected, what the hell is going to happen to these spoiled brats in here

  • Cassi Flyn
    Cassi Flyn

    Has Cheeto ever had a bath?

  • Megan Volf
    Megan Volf

    Your parents have to live near me. I'm off of Smokey Hill and Picadally.

  • Tanya Nelson
    Tanya Nelson

    I came here from your spot on The Sip. I relate to you 100%. The diagnosises, the pain, the not liking the family dynamics.

  • Austin taylor
    Austin taylor

    Throw the shampoo away

  • Dulcinea Parker
    Dulcinea Parker

    Girl I get it

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    morgan has stayed unproblematic, kinda forgot about youtube for a while and now i’m back to watching to morgan vids

  • Maddy Elizabeth
    Maddy Elizabeth

    My car literally exploded too like two weeks ago, but I only had my car for less than a year... so I had a lot of NEGATIVE equity and I ended up basically over paying for a car but I had too because it was really my only option so yeah, that’s how my life is too. Plus when I finally got a reliable car, someone hits me. And might I add this has happened after I get a nice little car wash the day before.

  • nœíh

    I don't know why I'm telling a bunch of strangers this but, I'm on my period and it's making me break out, help me

  • Sherri Swann
    Sherri Swann

    You would be nothing without Shane.

    • floop k
      floop k


  • Jake Tap Gameplay
    Jake Tap Gameplay

    Hows ur ghost friend angie is she go to another world is she leAve already

  • lozl

    can I just talk about how beautiful your eyes are? like ga damn. I could probably compliment your features all day!! honestly I'm not gay but I can appreciate a pretty waman

  • Missie Hurst
    Missie Hurst

    Honey I’m so sorry for your ignorance in supporting a pedo supporter

  • Baby Firefly
    Baby Firefly

    Morgan just said it’s 100 degrees out, and now they’re blow drying Honey, who’s a husky and can overheat in hot weather...cmon guys...🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jorja Ryan
    Jorja Ryan

    It was my cats 1st birthday yesterday. Got her chicken nugs

  • Lauren Unknown
    Lauren Unknown

    The dog wash was 10:10 🙏

  • David Morris
    David Morris

    It's so nice Cheetoh has found a woman. He was getting very lonely.

  • more adventure
    more adventure

    I would just return it

  • Negan

    Honey tracks your information btw, I’m pretty sure it’s made by Google. :)

  • Katie Butler
    Katie Butler

    Lol did this dog really just get blow dryer with a dyson

  • Eth.fun_ Vibzz
    Eth.fun_ Vibzz

    Omg MORGAN! You need to play phasmophobia with trinity it’s this scary ghost hunting game please omg

  • Shelby Rehahn
    Shelby Rehahn

    my cat loves human food. you make spaghetti and she's right there trying to get some.


    People that can't afford a Benz even if they wanted to "gEt A dAnG hOnDA gUrl dAmN"

  • Wisdamn Maglangit
    Wisdamn Maglangit


  • Krystal Gokey
    Krystal Gokey

    Tell Shane to come back 😢😢😢😢

    • Peko Pekoyama
      Peko Pekoyama



    i hope i'm not the only one that thinks morgan kinda looks like millie bobby brown

  • Meagen Frazier
    Meagen Frazier

    Morgan: “OMG, I HAVE TO BUILD IT?” Me: “Hahahaha, I would’ve said the same thing!!”

  • holly1120

    Tell me why every influencer has saved their subscribers the exact same amount of $$$ with honey? At least change the script haha

  • Elizabeth Fowler
    Elizabeth Fowler

    I am the Morgan of my family.

  • Jiggler

    Call please don’t flip me off too morgan u 23 welcome bot lane bulldog stuff can we smoke?

  • Kori-Jo Stump
    Kori-Jo Stump

    Please make more videos ! I’ve been very sick and watching your videos makes me happy

  • karlee

    me watching you take the exit to my house! Native here like youuu

  • Talabata

    Uno is Ryland and Honey is Morgan lol

  • 1prettygirl87

    8:00 Morgan is so pretty 🤍 More videos please!

  • Crystal Asher
    Crystal Asher

    *spends $80 on a toy for her cat* Worst decision ever *also her spent $200 on a rock* WHO ELSE HAS NEVER GOT A COUPON FROM HONEY?! IT CANT JUSTBE ME AN MY HUSBAND ITS ON HIS PHONE AN HES WASTED HUNDREDS AN HONEY HAS GIVEN NOTHINGG

  • Crystal Asher
    Crystal Asher

    Morgan you’re gaining Halloween weight stop it ❤️ You’re looking great (I’ve had honey for 2 years an it has never once given me a coupon or my husband an we just realized that) LMAO FUCK HONEY

  • LaShQuin Beauty
    LaShQuin Beauty

    Morgan. I love ya, but next time follow the instructions sis. 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    When she was talking about being cursed the camera jept goong out of focus...just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • ashley kern
    ashley kern

    As a dog owner of a dog with anxiety, try using the water closer to the skin instead of spraying her. They’re afraid of the line of water coming toward them.

  • Haru Hime
    Haru Hime

    I dont wanna scare you but your eye pupils had different sizes in the photo. You should let them get checked

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans


  • Anna Neprawskey
    Anna Neprawskey

    morgan: "what are you gonna do, chrissy?" ryland: "get a good crack"

  • Caroline Altamirano
    Caroline Altamirano

    what happened to the range rover ?

    • Caroline Altamirano
      Caroline Altamirano

      Peter Outrim facts

    • Peter Outrim
      Peter Outrim

      Caroline Altamirano It was recalled for explosive airbags. But the real question is; why does this video not have 1mil views? 🤨🤨

  • Sarah Sturgeon
    Sarah Sturgeon

    Tell your brother to tell Shane to bring back the spooky boys!!! With all of you the internet has been begging for it

  • Val plays roblox
    Val plays roblox

    QUEEN love your hair what’s your secret gurl

  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper

    I love Morgan so much, she always makes me laugh ❤❤

  • Tribulation Force
    Tribulation Force

    I missed Cheeto and Uno!

  • Tribulation Force
    Tribulation Force

    So cute! I love your cat 🐱 segment

  • Rach Marie
    Rach Marie

    I love Honey. She is so is precious. 🥺❤️

  • Roof Korean
    Roof Korean

    I just bought a new Mercedes Benz GLC 300 and I absolutely love it! Great choice on your car!

  • Britt Nicole
    Britt Nicole

    Morgan is def an odd girl but..... So am i 😁

  • Romik Asatryan
    Romik Asatryan

    I know it is not the right place to share this but MY COUNTRY IS BEING BOMBED BY TURKISH AND AZERBAIJANI FORCES. A lot of civilians in Armenia were killed and injured. International reporters are being targeted, as Turkey brought mercenaries from Northern Syria and Libya to fight along Azerbaijanis against Armenians in Artsakh. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND SHARE because the international community must condemn it. If you live in the US, follow ANCA on Twitter/Instagram to see the ways you can help by alerting Congress. Find Zartonk Media or EVN Report on Twitter/Instagram for more fresh info. PLEASE, a lot of teens and literally kids aged 3 are dying at the borders of Artsakh. Sorry again, I know you did not come here to read this but it is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT by Azerbaijan and Turkey towards Armenians. May you have a peaceful day.

  • Tyler Agnew
    Tyler Agnew

    Ryland’s face at 13:55 😂

  • Becca Santos
    Becca Santos

    I just realized that Ryland sounds like Erick Stockiln, aka Colleen Ballinger's husband.

  • Rain Dayz
    Rain Dayz

    its not good to wash huskys

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      Morgan. I absolutely love your glasses:3

  • Isabella Escobar
    Isabella Escobar


    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      They are such a funny Brother/Sister team

  • mirus

    Its the cats on the counters for me 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Lenny

    I still cant get over her popping her own cherry-

  • Samantha X
    Samantha X

    Did anybody else scream at Cheeto to stop scratching the bed frame or just me and my anxiety?? mmmk

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    How tf does Ryland not know Cheeto is a boy......???? Yikes.


    This was the best decision ever❤❤❤

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