Mystery Riddles To Test Your Street Smarts w/ Azzyland
Azzyland and I are back testing our logic and doing some riddles together! Time to solve some brain teasers and see if we can survive out in these rough streets! Not sure if we have the IQ for this.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • Cayla Houston
    Cayla Houston

    It looks weird with Kassie in kweps office

  • Jessica Richter
    Jessica Richter

    I love you

  • Pastel SerynPlayz
    Pastel SerynPlayz

    Babies come from Moms belly im gonna die cause i ever go to a hospital and Rashka was born and his my little bro btwi saw in TV and i puke

  • Pastel SerynPlayz
    Pastel SerynPlayz

    .....ive already know where baby come from when 5 years old..

  • Malhaar Naqvi
    Malhaar Naqvi

    I knew the third one from before

    • Reyna Moran
      Reyna Moran

      I’m your first like and I sub to u

  • Maria Ntova
    Maria Ntova

    azzy:ariel me:ITS ARIUL NOT ARIEL

  • Yoong Lee
    Yoong Lee

    If Greg injured his palms but if he injured his palms how could he on the tv

  • Flor Lopez
    Flor Lopez

    For the first one my name is Flor ↕️🌸🌸🌸

  • Valerie Rose
    Valerie Rose


  • Zoriah Rollans
    Zoriah Rollans

    Love you please replie

  • Safiya Princess Henlry
    Safiya Princess Henlry


  • The Foxie And The Kitty
    The Foxie And The Kitty


  • Armaghan Khalid
    Armaghan Khalid

    6:33 flipper girl I think

  • Leena Attar
    Leena Attar


  • Ahou N'Guessan
    Ahou N'Guessan

    In the first riddle that girl looks like you Gloom

  • Lie Siauw Ling
    Lie Siauw Ling

    Hey do you hove

  • Grace

    I think it’s azzie has the right mermaid girl 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

  • Cailyn Jung
    Cailyn Jung

    Kid: Where do babies come from? Something that come straight out of my mind: Melanie Martinez has the same question

  • Brody Banet
    Brody Banet

    I didn’t know gloom like Spiderman into the spider verse

  • Neil Sathe
    Neil Sathe

    Big fan of Spider-Man

  • Sarah Palmer
    Sarah Palmer

    “They went to the castle in the evening” Me: Ok.. then why does it look like the sun be rising 😂😂😂.. red moo- Wait Was that supposed to be a blood moon :3

  • Pipas Machado
    Pipas Machado

    I kept pausing and un-pausing and It sounded hilarious!

  • Kiera Burke
    Kiera Burke

    wait hang on, is azzy answering the kid riddles cuz shes preparing for a kid?!

  • Priscilla Mendoza
    Priscilla Mendoza

    Im a big fan of u and azzy 😍😍😍😍

  • PurpleWolfie5642 PurpuraLupus
    PurpleWolfie5642 PurpuraLupus

    I can read a book on a boat in a storm; I've done it before I don't motion sickness only a slight headache when I read for hours on end.

  • R.B.P Sinha
    R.B.P Sinha

    Anyone who noticed that they are wearing same pair of headphones 🤔🤔

  • Prazol Timcna
    Prazol Timcna

    Gloom is using jordi's setup

  • Nila Brickwood
    Nila Brickwood

    kassie r u in Jordys office and Azzy is in her office or am i dumb???

  • Zahara Hamoud
    Zahara Hamoud



    when they go in water then they have tails

  • Alora Lindt
    Alora Lindt

    I am very scared of getting stuck in a elevator to Gloom...👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Faith Oji
    Faith Oji

    Says he wants the best thing is not an expert advice from his name

  • Aryan Hakeem
    Aryan Hakeem

    I didn’t realise gloom was in Jordi’s office when I just looked again she was there.😂😂😂

  • Sara Lastra
    Sara Lastra

    Because on rainy days he brings an umbrella and he is small and short so the umbrella helps him press the buttons but when it's Eddie he doesn't need an umbrella so he has someone press the buttons for him

  • Darrell Ioane
    Darrell Ioane

    gloom was in kweblekops room!!!!!! they are dating!

  • Daphne Mari
    Daphne Mari

    are u guys quarantining together??

  • kardinah deyanti
    kardinah deyanti

    zach is my cousin btw i love your vids

  • Caitlyn Kass
    Caitlyn Kass

    10:06- 10:08 is me when someone asked why I suspect Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain.

  • Angela Sadeddin
    Angela Sadeddin

    13:14 when tehy talk about ron and sam, I thought of ronnie and sammi from the old jersey shore lol

  • Miriam Tesler Karni
    Miriam Tesler Karni

    who else is scrolling through comments while listening to the video.

  • F̸r̸o̸z̸e̸n̸.̸F̸l̸a̸m̸e̸s̸ G̸a̸c̸h̸a̸
    F̸r̸o̸z̸e̸n̸.̸F̸l̸a̸m̸e̸s̸ G̸a̸c̸h̸a̸


  • NotYourOrdinaryGacha

    Is it just me or did anyone else get the answer to the question at 9:21 immediately???

  • Nicole Wong
    Nicole Wong

    Imagine the detective is the kidnaper

  • grace dermody
    grace dermody

    Super man us at the side LOL

  • Tyrick Ronsen
    Tyrick Ronsen

    The pic of the front superman were there so that's how she survive

  • Rolando Blanco
    Rolando Blanco


  • Swty Pillai
    Swty Pillai

    Azzy is so beautiful and so is gloom

  • Abigail Sinclair
    Abigail Sinclair

    The girl who was an fin

  • Edward Saunter
    Edward Saunter

    so its three 03:00 am and its light outside, you parents, kid

  • Dina Kennedy
    Dina Kennedy

    My name is Lana

  • Chase Branson
    Chase Branson

    Alec monopoly. I love ducktales

  • P-C1011 Joanna Jacqueline, Poh Kim
    P-C1011 Joanna Jacqueline, Poh Kim

    0:15 the girl looks like kassie

  • •lxshes• Lemxn•
    •lxshes• Lemxn•

    Hes mr shortie

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez


  • Agnes Fjeldstad
    Agnes Fjeldstad

    I 'm from norwey 🤣

  • Kariss Lindsey
    Kariss Lindsey

    Kass: These aliens were not nice people. Me: Maybe because they aren't people? Just a thought...

  • Angela Morton
    Angela Morton

    I feel the little boy I have no friends

  • -w- I’m a child
    -w- I’m a child

    So u guys live near or together

  • Boov Brown
    Boov Brown

    Gloom is my fave IT-myd but any is just annoying. Is anyone else watching what she is doing with her nails? That is just discusting

  • DuckedOffTrice!😎😤🌾👀🌾

    Gloom angry kind of I think

  • Yency Carcamo
    Yency Carcamo

    Do you guys live together

  • Kallie Nourse-Zinke
    Kallie Nourse-Zinke

    i think A.

  • stopitsugar

    The astronauts can technically choose any path bc their suits with provide fresh oxygen, so they won't be breathing in the gas, the power is out so the lazers won't do anything, and there's no gravity in space so they can just float over the acid

  • Snow Chan
    Snow Chan

    The mermaid question is the B cause he has Ariel has a starfish is her hair

  • Snow Chan
    Snow Chan

    The mermaid question is the B cause he has Ariel has a starfish is her hair

  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Jennifer Sanchez

    A for azzyland

  • roberto cruz
    roberto cruz

    This is so funny 😂

  • Katarina P
    Katarina P

    Gloom: these aliens are not nice people me: duh they arnt people

  • Nadia Super Video
    Nadia Super Video


  • *Lollipop Collection*
    *Lollipop Collection*

    wait the last one he technically used equipment, a glass sooooo THE MAGICIAN CAN HAVE HIS MONEY BACK >:)

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