Name Reveal For Baby Funk!
The Funks
Revealing the name of baby Funk!
#FunkFamily #TheFunks @Rydel Funk @Capron Funk

  • Cate L
    Cate L

    if yall have a girl you should name her sicily to go along with the s names!

  • kloe mackenzie
    kloe mackenzie

    Can you show the reaction of the funk bros

  • Mikki Matson
    Mikki Matson

    Oh my gosh, I love supporting your family, watching your videos gives me such joy!! Wherever Rydel goes I follow ❤ Ive been a fan of hers since 2013 and I have loved growing up with her. I've been lucky enough to say hello to her 3 times before and after a few R5 shows and everytime she is so kind, so sweet, and she gives the best hugs (and remembers me! Probably because I usually make tee shirts for shows lol). Rydel I'm so proud of you, you're absolutely glowing mama! Thank you Capron for being such a great husband to my girl, she deserves the world and I cannot thank you enough for giving her that ❤❤❤ I cannot wait to watch Super grow. He's in amazing hands with you two ❤❤❤ Sending you all a big warm hug


    hesss born on my birthday but more about u guys but capron u are going to be the best dad and rydel is going to be the best mom ive been waiting for this for like a year and a half ive been wanting the pregnancy vid to drop one day for like ever and honestly wow u guys have come a long way love the name btw.

  • Evva Beaulieu
    Evva Beaulieu

    I just had a baby brother to its on my profile hes 1 month

  • BeautyGamerXx

    This is a name that at first I was like 😬 uhm wait.... But it is so him and so both of you. Super is super cute!!! 😍

  • Luke Campbell
    Luke Campbell

    good bles


    Well my name is Trillyon and have two other brothers named Amilyon and Zillyon so dont stress about the name guys.

  • Marielena Banuelos
    Marielena Banuelos


  • Katherine Long
    Katherine Long

    You do know your son is a human not a doll, his name will be his name for the rest of his life. I feel sorry for that kid

  • Blake Brataschuk
    Blake Brataschuk

    okay 8:30 the boys cant help it

  • Baith asmaeel
    Baith asmaeel


  • Chesny Flaherty
    Chesny Flaherty

    Next name for girl Sophie!!!!

  • Khan F
    Khan F


  • Xander Mitchell
    Xander Mitchell

    Super funk lol super spunk

  • Sarwar Hossain
    Sarwar Hossain

    what baby name

  • Habbit Bros
    Habbit Bros

    Super is making me stare at him the entire video

  • lazerx40

    He's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Alexis Fuhr
    Alexis Fuhr

    @9:39 Hi from ohio hey

  • Craig Walker
    Craig Walker

    What is your name for the baby

  • Joella Akrong
    Joella Akrong

    Awww so adorable to watch

  • Crystal Bidiman
    Crystal Bidiman

    I was like oh yeah

  • Ching Boon Tay
    Ching Boon Tay

    I think it will be name 'Super Capron Funk

  • Phan Long
    Phan Long


  • Danny Sherman
    Danny Sherman

    8 days after she gave birth my mom gave birth to a boy named rylan

  • Fate clan Life
    Fate clan Life

    Awsome name I love it

  • Charlotte Vignovich
    Charlotte Vignovich

    im gonna cry!!

  • simon kerr
    simon kerr

    You should’ve called him super junior funk

    • simon kerr
      simon kerr


  • john gayleard
    john gayleard

    You are the best people ever

  • hi im Eleanor
    hi im Eleanor

    he was born 18 days before mine! so cute lol

  • Alaysia Jeune
    Alaysia Jeune

    i am so happy for you guys !!! welcome baby funk

  • Kelly Green
    Kelly Green

    he is so cuteeeee!!!!! :D

  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas

    4:49 you’re welcome

  • Girl Perfect
    Girl Perfect

    Ross lynch is gonna be the best uncle EVER

  • ailan thomas
    ailan thomas

    I am crying :C

  • تحشيش بوبجي
    تحشيش بوبجي

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  • Алихан тиви
    Алихан тиви


  • Luke Parry
    Luke Parry

    Me and my siblings are The Ls


    That is treu

  • Galexy

    To think I’ve been watching you guys since March 2016 and now you have a wife and a kid dang Time flys

  • Lucky O
    Lucky O

    Cute name!

  • Mayka Sarsen
    Mayka Sarsen


  • Brody Knox
    Brody Knox

    Wait wait so does that mean when Ryder got pregnant she got raped

    • Brody Knox
      Brody Knox


  • Kate Robinson
    Kate Robinson

    He has the very best parents ever so cute he is going to have a wonderful life

  • Solomon Beda
    Solomon Beda


  • MoneyGG YT
    MoneyGG YT

    "Get In The Funkin Car" Rydel 2021 April 11.

  • Lara Turk
    Lara Turk

    Omg that is an awesome na,e

    • Lara Turk
      Lara Turk


  • Blueberry Queen
    Blueberry Queen

    OMG he is so adorable and tiny 🥺🥺

  • Jada Aaliyah
    Jada Aaliyah

    Super funk that’s very unique

  • Jayy Jupiter
    Jayy Jupiter

    Tell me why I am watching this video and all of a sudden I look down and the next video said Super meets the family 😂😭😭 I found out the name before I got to here it!!!!! But I love the name 🤩☺️☺️

  • Daisy Amonson
    Daisy Amonson

    Hey I’m really impatient so if anybody is watching this rn can u they’ll me the name plz thx :)

  • Abigail Pereira
    Abigail Pereira

    i happy cried through the whole video. ahhhhhh

  • Jaylen Colleen
    Jaylen Colleen

    Congrats but Im so concerned about his name he’s prolly gonna get bullied like why 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️



  • Mazie Mcguffin
    Mazie Mcguffin

    He is the cutest little thing ever

  • Khan F
    Khan F

    God bless you always 🙏❤ 🙏 ❤ 💖

  • Camila Sofia Monroy
    Camila Sofia Monroy

    I saw the video of her giving birth and I am so exited to have one of my own little monsters one day I suppose but I am not exited for the contractions or the kind of pain u have to go through but the fact that u have to be so strong is just amazing that she gave birth so easily BC my mom says it took her 3 hours to give birth to me and during an import sports game to my dad so ya thats that

  • Neon BHE
    Neon BHE

    Love his name

  • Stephanie Gianuzzi
    Stephanie Gianuzzi

    You said the leader of the S's! My name starts with an S (Stephanie). We need more S's in the world.

  • Mckenzie Little
    Mckenzie Little

    I am literally crying. You guys make the absolute perfect couple 🥺🥺

  • Crystal Wallace
    Crystal Wallace

    I ❤ him so mutch

  • Nicholas Gaulke
    Nicholas Gaulke

    "What's his name?" "Super" "Super? Super what?" "Yes"

  • Nicholas Gaulke
    Nicholas Gaulke

    Ok it official, "names" are a thing of the past.

  • Janet Van Noy
    Janet Van Noy

    Jesus blessed you

  • Allyson Baribeault
    Allyson Baribeault

    hi super

  • Keleigh Nobles
    Keleigh Nobles

    Super is the worst name

  • Jayc Smith
    Jayc Smith

    Cant wait for first bdat

  • york model flyers
    york model flyers

    Imagine naming your kid that wouldn't dream of it💀💀💀

  • Duh_its_ Reed
    Duh_its_ Reed

    6:17 he hit the whoa when he sneezed

  • demorrio demps
    demorrio demps

    hi yall

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