Nastiest 1v5 After Being AFK Arguing With Boyfriend
I was arguing with my boyfriend and went AFK for a bit and clutched the nastiest 1v5 with double snipers
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  • Maric

    They playing without sound or something ?

  • M-O

    Them niggas left ammo back at base or something

  • MisterMoonShorts

    WoW yoUR sOOOoo goOd


    Whas those guns

  • Ioshua Salazar
    Ioshua Salazar

    why her aim lock on

  • Supa Novaツ
    Supa Novaツ


  • Max

    This is so fake

  • BeAtPeace

    I bet that’s how they spent their time in bed playing games and getting high

  • Mexican Krillin
    Mexican Krillin

    This is either set up or shes got walls….probably both

  • Tripping Memes
    Tripping Memes

    She's literally shooting at statues.

  • Tossic v2
    Tossic v2

    Staged lmao

  • GASMAN1345

    First off they woulda planted if it was last person

  • Wan Ahmad
    Wan Ahmad

    And Shaking the cup

  • Brice Faltine
    Brice Faltine

    I like how she thinks she is skilled bit uses two weapon's that mostly one shot

  • No Accuracy
    No Accuracy

    You're boyfriend is basically homeless....

  • Remonda Fitch
    Remonda Fitch

    Yoo is she nasty because i dont even play cod

  • Tyler Viramontes
    Tyler Viramontes

    Don’t care

  • Nick Gonzales
    Nick Gonzales

    Isn’t this the girl who uses aimbot? LMAO

  • Blu Rose
    Blu Rose

    She needs to cut that 1.6 react time if she wants to be called good . She just hits the shots really

  • BirDMaN 120502
    BirDMaN 120502

    When did u go afk tho

  • BambooConsumer

    I think those guys were playing on flip phones

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    What gun is she using

  • Shrek Harvey
    Shrek Harvey

    You can tell this is a private match or a bot game she isn't showing the kill feed because probably her teammates killed themselves. No hate just get good

  • Neon Goblin
    Neon Goblin

    #wallhacks #aimbot

  • French Monke
    French Monke

    Why u post this I do this like everyday do I post it no

  • JuicyNuts ツ
    JuicyNuts ツ

    Welcome to watch mojo today we're counting down our pics for the top 10 stupidest people.

  • youngbrook

    Nobody cares

  • FlamezYT

    How are you so good

  • Im Not Alone
    Im Not Alone

    My brain is smooth thanks to you

  • ImNotHimm

    Wow, she's so good they don't even shoot back!

  • Dylan Etherington
    Dylan Etherington

    this is 100 proof 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoom fast
    Zoom fast

    Everyone let me tell you something she uses aim bot that's why she got her boyfriend account banned because she did not want her account to be banned

  • 0wl

    Your not good lmao

  • Lasean Roberts
    Lasean Roberts

    Next thing you know that man getting beat up by his girlfriend

  • Joseph Hinckley
    Joseph Hinckley

    Wgaf point and shoot no bullet drop. My 6 year old can do that 👀

  • Xur


  • Trey Nielsen
    Trey Nielsen

    Jesus Christ loves and cares about you all, he wants a relationship with YOU as your father, he changed my life for the better!✝️!

  • jirimoarichi jikatoji
    jirimoarichi jikatoji

    I was on the 5 man side of one of these one time, and my team told me about this thing called the trigger and u can shoot in game with it, so I went ahead and tried it and we won. It was fucking bonkers

  • Miguel Angel Brito
    Miguel Angel Brito

    Tf she on xgames mode

  • Rip Lil Loaded♿️
    Rip Lil Loaded♿️


  • Bonk

    It wasn’t even a clean or good clutch up


    Anyone else tellin themselves if this was my lobbies i would have exo,futives,faulty,strahfe,handler,hummus on the enemy team

  • Lil Flow
    Lil Flow

    I don’t know who else hates Her bro

  • Cole

    Huhhhh!?!?!? What does that have to do with the clip girls are literally crazy

  • Luca Amitrano
    Luca Amitrano

    Wow u killed 6 bots what do u want a medal

  • Lolaroflwaffle

    Captain aim assist

  • Gideon Brock
    Gideon Brock

    You know she hacks right, that’s not impressive at all for a person who hacks

  • Gareth Bali
    Gareth Bali

    Real men simp

  • J Money
    J Money

    Lame ah boifriend

  • Black Cookie
    Black Cookie

    Clearly was not a fight. If he’s smiling

  • Fuscazo BangBang
    Fuscazo BangBang

    Not walling at all KAPPA



  • Kaleb green
    Kaleb green

    Game name

  • Kaleb green
    Kaleb green

    I'm u

  • Hoodboy Slim
    Hoodboy Slim

    Thats the kind of girl you dont call the next day

  • Ty Phillips
    Ty Phillips

    But it’s…..controller

  • Ashley 420
    Ashley 420

    Most definitely setted up and why point as their is actually decent lasses out there what can actually play really good. 😜

  • alek the scorpion
    alek the scorpion


  • Skating and cars
    Skating and cars

    Can I get the full class secondary and primary

  • Michael Santiago
    Michael Santiago

    He looks like a knockoff shroud

  • Sam Dean
    Sam Dean

    Her snipes are so smooth 😶😶😶

  • Franco Nico
    Franco Nico

    That Relationship Rage is the Key to Shlapping Niggahs on COD tbh 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Farnum
    Kyle Farnum

    Wow I wish me and my girl fought like you guys

  • Daniel Espinoza
    Daniel Espinoza


  • Samuel Rowe
    Samuel Rowe

    She just want to so off

  • spxsoulo


  • Road Runner Gamer
    Road Runner Gamer

    Don’t under estimate girls man

  • Bandito STFU
    Bandito STFU

    Get a life

  • Mystic J Gaming
    Mystic J Gaming

    Game name plz

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