Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down even more combat scenes from movies, including 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Apocalypse Now,' 'G.I. Jane' and 'Navy Seals.'

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Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ

  • Abel Toscano
    Abel Toscano

    Jocko looks like the type of guy to mark the teacher *absent*

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Jocko trivia: they call his daily bike ride the tour de france he orders grenades thrown at him to go back bigfoot claims to have spotted him PT tests prepare for him his weights are so scared they lift themselves he is john wick's role model Sun Tzu listens to his podcast when the bus broke down on the way to school, he carried it the rest of the way Jocko invented freedom

  • Um Piet's Willen!
    Um Piet's Willen!

    Jocko doesnt apply for a job, the job applies for Jocko.

  • the beast
    the beast

    The only man in this world right now that can defeat jocko is his twin named jocko that appeared on the other video

  • RhythmTV

    Jocko is the type of Boss in a videogame where u need to practice and research to win LMAO

  • Yashrajsing Gohil
    Yashrajsing Gohil

    Hitler once said that "if i had jocko in my army, i would have ruled the entire planet."

  • JimmyTea

    It was British navy that delivered soldiers on d day.

  • Xfhu Lurf
    Xfhu Lurf

    1:58 you forgot the space force my guy...🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Keenan Kindle
    Keenan Kindle

    Jocko wakes his alarm clock up every morning

  • Issam Hafeez
    Issam Hafeez

    Jocko's email is

  • Lord Flick
    Lord Flick

    1:20 they were also fed like it was their last meal. Canadian forces on the other hand fasted before taking Juno Beach and were surprisingly successful probably because they had nothing to throw up and probably a bit because of being pissed off.

  • فيفا كريزي بلاير FIFA crazy player
    فيفا كريزي بلاير FIFA crazy player

    تحليل ممتاز ودا بيدل علي خبرة سنين وكمان مجهود رائع من مخرجي هوليوود في اخراج افلام تقنع الجمهور

  • MassRelayed2183

    I bet Jocko can unscramble an egg if he wanted to.

  • Brian Lowe Visuals
    Brian Lowe Visuals

    This comment section is savage, not unlike Jocko.

  • Michael Lane
    Michael Lane

    G.I. Jane always pissed me off, especially this scene. She not only volunteered, she fought to be able to volunteer for this training. This training is specifically meant to make them endure what it would be like to have war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against them in a POW camp. This is maybe the one time where a woman literally asked for it. And the guy didn't do it, because he didn't want to, he didn't like it, he could have no problem. In a real situation like that she'd already have been by pretty much every guard there at least once. He wasn't a bad guy, he was pissed off, really pissed off to be put in that situation. He didn't want her there because he couldn't do what he should have done, what he was meant to do, put her through what she would go through in a POW camp akin to what the Vietcong ran.

  • Scarlet Banana
    Scarlet Banana

    This guy breaks chuck Norris over his knee for fun.

  • Rithik Sebastian
    Rithik Sebastian

    Stop commenting these things. I can't like all of them

  • EdGar Edwards
    EdGar Edwards

    Jocko has a diary. Its known as the Guiness Book of World Records.

  • EdGar Edwards
    EdGar Edwards

    Jocko's gmail account:

  • EdGar Edwards
    EdGar Edwards

    Jocko's tears can cure cancer. Jocko has never cried

  • EdGar Edwards
    EdGar Edwards

    Jocko has been to Mars already... that's why there are no signs of life...

  • EdGar Edwards
    EdGar Edwards

    Jocko looks like he built the hospital he was born in.

  • Ruka

    Jocko’s that guy that would ask the police officer for his license and registration.

  • Manvir Singh
    Manvir Singh

    The reason they were throwing up was because they were fed a hearty meal before leaving as they may not be coming back. That coupled with seasickness=throw up

  • Nahuel Martínez
    Nahuel Martínez

    I just wanna have more videos with him to have more comments like these

  • Taha Hadada
    Taha Hadada

    Jocko does not get caner, cancer gets cocko and gets kia.

  • Eli Bryant
    Eli Bryant

    It’s said that jocko could play with his friends offline...

  • Walker

    When jocko goes sailing , the ocean gets seasick

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott

    Most people wear Superman underwear. Superman wears jocko underwear

  • andri már
    andri már

    Legend says Jocko is bulletproof

  • Mouse cop
    Mouse cop

    Jocko is the type of guy to sit in his own podcast studio, remotely.

  • Todd Scott
    Todd Scott

    What would happen if Chuck Norris and Jocko met?

  • Todd Scott
    Todd Scott

    That was the breakdown by GQ... like he didn't even want to be on this channel. Way to take one for the team Jocko. 😀😀😀

  • Portugal Neto
    Portugal Neto

    Jocko doesnt go to war anymore, the geneva convention forbids his use

  • DJ TONY G.
    DJ TONY G.

    Every night before the boogeyman goes to bed he checks under his bed for jocko

  • rcair123

    When Jocko looks at the moon, the moon sees a man....

  • Jürgen

    YES SIR!

  • apart classic
    apart classic

    re soldiers throwing up before hitting the beach on D-Day, true fact - as Jocko says, regular seasickness, but it was later investigated (as was everything about the landing), and it turned out the thing was more serious than expected. GI's were being transported on UK troop transports, and since the invasion was postponed, they spend more time onboard than intended. The Brits wanted to be hospitable and nice folks, so they served a very rich last hot meal before embarking on L-craft; it did have serious consequences during the landing (seasickness), but also led to more serious situation with the wounded (gutwounds, when the soldiers were full of sausage and beans). Weird, but true; led to official regulations of what was served on transport ships before landings

  • Scorchy

    Jocko didn't join the navy seals He made the navy seals

  • Jake Hughes
    Jake Hughes

    Jocko doesn’t wear a mask, the masks wears him for protection.

  • Alexander Peltier
    Alexander Peltier

    Jocko doesnt have to beat his meat it beats it self.

  • The Jack of Lies
    The Jack of Lies

    Jocko with better lighting and production value than the producers of the breakdown.

  • Karthik Swaminathan
    Karthik Swaminathan

    This guy should review seal team tv series !!!

  • TMB247

    Thanks Jocko

  • TMB247

    SERE was the Best Navy School that I ever attended, I wish they would have sent me there straight out of Basic... I learned so much and I was taught by some really Heroic Instructors (Real True Heroes) It changed my Life


    If jocko was alive during WW2 he would have Rowed that ship himself

  • Blue 7653
    Blue 7653

    Jocko is the one thing isis is scared of

  • LeatherCladVegan

    Jocko's Rice Krispies aren't called 'Snap, Crackle and Pop'... they're called 'Shh'.

  • gulag master
    gulag master

    Jocko singlehandedly won the Iraq war for USA others just followed him into ramadi and Baghdad.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Jocko be the guy that your girlfriend tells you not to worry about.

  • Taerky

    Coronavirus: *exists* Jocko: "That's pretty unrealistic."

  • Sonja F
    Sonja F

    Can you guys do an episode where Jocko is reacting to all the comments here? But again, Jocko doesn’t react to the comments, the comments react to Jocko, literally.

  • slobnoxious

    Saving Private Ryan is one of my top 5 all-time favorite movies.

  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat

    I will never again complain about a bad day at the office.

  • Corey Dean
    Corey Dean

    Well, obviously Jocko has never actually watched GI Jane.

  • MrEcoho

    my grandfather was on utah beach he was part of the second or third wave, when saving private ryan came out he had to leave the theater as it was so dam close to the real thing. say what you will about hollywood but they got that one scary right.

  • D Mac
    D Mac

    I just feel sorry for Jocko’s daughter if he has one.

  • zachary sneider
    zachary sneider

    Jocko is the reason why Waldo is hiding

  • Buddy Ring
    Buddy Ring

    Jocko is not the boogeyman, Jocko is who you call to kill the f*cking boogeyman

  • TheBros2theend

    God bless

  • B.O.T

    I’m k

  • Konabi

    Legend says one star was too annoying that Jocko punched it in the face. It was the origin of blackhole.

  • Angelo Joseph Baroque
    Angelo Joseph Baroque

    Saving private rayan predicted the future sgt. said Keep your distance

  • m jsu
    m jsu

    1 to make sure you can can deal with the mental frustration and 2 because its funny. oh man that got me.

  • Anurag Lohar
    Anurag Lohar

    Jocko is the only guy who can walk all the way to the moon.

  • Nemo

    i think the landing ships on D-day were actually coast guard. coasties had the most experience with small boats and the navy was mostly busy fighting in the pacific.

  • Anurag Lohar
    Anurag Lohar

    Waiting for the day when archeologist will unearth evidence of Jocko training Genghis khan and Alexander the great

  • silver linings
    silver linings

    I love you brother! Happy 4th and thank you for your service sir!

  • Tomas Soejakto
    Tomas Soejakto

    Just watching and listening to him makes me wanna save my private ryan.


    When Jocko was at school, school started only when he arrived

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