Agent 00
NBA 2K19 was a great game. A few months after the launch of NBA 2K20, I'm going back to revisit the game I spent a lot of time on.
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  • iLove WontonSoup
    iLove WontonSoup

    The bed wasn’t compromised

  • Joe Bort
    Joe Bort

    Agent gotta head back to the gym what happen to 2k18 agent lol

  • Me The 66
    Me The 66

    Beemstar is salty

  • Electronics

    I thought that then broke the wooden part of my bed right in the knot of the wood. The knot bro.

  • A Walking Meme
    A Walking Meme

    “Your belly hangs out of your shorts” lmfao

  • TheLightSkin

    The bed was not compromised

  • Aido Draws
    Aido Draws

    Ronnie Compromised the bed

  • Clown inspector
    Clown inspector

    The bed wasn't compromised

  • Kent Rostron
    Kent Rostron

    Yo I’m the lock at 5:00 😂I’m out here

  • Mone Brazell
    Mone Brazell


  • Mone Brazell
    Mone Brazell

    Agent why you use the black force on the bee

  • Cayden Taylor
    Cayden Taylor

    The bed was compromised

  • XxNOtTRiHaRdxX PS4
    XxNOtTRiHaRdxX PS4

    @agent 00 the bed wasn’t compromised and I’m Davis your butt is bigger than any thots dats in my grade

  • Micah Fox
    Micah Fox

    The bed was compromised

  • Shiver Lindsey
    Shiver Lindsey

    Peach mango is the best bang agent

  • EYEconic TTV
    EYEconic TTV

    The logo gives 2k19 away

  • Rae Cole
    Rae Cole

    The bed Was compromised👀😅 Sike😂

  • Get Ya Money
    Get Ya Money

    AGENT MAX SUS!! how many niggas he have on his bed?


    Lol I thought it was 20 smh

  • Wasted Cabbage
    Wasted Cabbage

    If only nintendo switch servers were like those

  • xXDjMischiefXx

    Looking like a clown throwing that shit Agey

  • Samah Alawar
    Samah Alawar

    What was the jumper he was using


    why ronnie sound like yoda

  • Matt tendo
    Matt tendo

    He trying way too hard for that bang money🤣🤣

  • Coryselfmade

    nba 2k19 is better than 20 & 18

  • Gamer Jake
    Gamer Jake

    Do nba 2k20 trolls

  • Warren White
    Warren White

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i never comment but this vid was funny

  • Kb_cp3

    Niggas said God himself couldn’t pry Davis’s basketball short from between his cheeks and I been dying ever since

  • lou clashes
    lou clashes

    Agent be clowning on the high key

  • iced flame
    iced flame

    I thought this was 2k20 neighborhood LMAOO

  • swizzy

    def sheer force

  • Julz Morales
    Julz Morales

    Bruh my problem is my jumpshot that i created after every game they change it too jumpshot 70 when i clearly set my jumpshot animation to my created one y does it keep changing to that random ass jumpshot 70?? Like wtf??? Litterally after every game....AGENT HHEEEELLLLPPP!!!😩😫😣

  • Hyrbralston

    You not verified in 2k20 so we would know it’s 2k19

  • noah goldstein
    noah goldstein

    The bed was not compromised

  • shafiq/شفيق

    “Im thinking about wagering Tyceno 100,000 dollars on nba 2k5” -agent 00

  • omar Fresh
    omar Fresh

    Y'all niggas dumb funny

  • lil costco420
    lil costco420

    everytime i see the ball hit the rim i hear the bed getting destroyed by agent

  • Savage Boii
    Savage Boii

    Gameplay ideas: 2k17 Dribbling and poster animations and anklebreaker animations. A choice of 2k16-18 shot meter. Better Servers(highly needed). Jumpshot Creator. Height limitations. 2k17 shot percentage(before patch) system. And speed boosting should be brought back MyCareer: 2k17 mixed with 2k20 badge system, meaning earn your badges through mycareer games then choose what badges you want to upgrade based off your archetype(dont use the mypoint system). High school, to College, to NBA storyline. Have alternate paths for undrafted or drafted players. If you win 2 finals in mycareer you should earn a token to where you can change your archetype...have your vc spent on the player refunded and badges based on the progression of them, can be upgraded just like 2k20...for example...i have a playmaking sharpshooter with hof ankle breaker and gold limitless, i change to a 7foot pure glass cleaner, i can upgrade 1 of my main badges which is hustle rebounder to hof and a secondary badge which is rim protector to gold (except for clothing and other add ons).You should not be able to change your archetype after you have changed it. once you use that token on a player it is set in stone. Weight shouldn't be permanent players should be given a maximum 1 time to change it after you have made your player.(wingspan and height can only be changed if you change your archetype). Bring back the grand badge. Milestones in mycareer should be shown more appreciation, meaning, either more vc or Gatorade boost or exclusive myplayer clothing for specific milestones. Unlock jumpshot creator after you finish the high school and college storyline. Increase the vc per game by 1,000 and if you reach a max contract your vc should total up to 4k-5k vc a game if you have endorsements and represent your shoe brands shoes on the court (Contract changes available after rookie season) When you sign with a brand you should be givin a total of 4 pairs of shoes to be free for your mypark gear (can be custom shoes or not) Mypark: Bring back affiliations but with different parks, the same affiliations. Bring back the rep system but also keep the Amateur-Elite system to indicate the win loss ratio with Amateur being a 40-49% win loss and Pro being a 50%-59% win loss and Elite being a 60% or higher win loss with both depending on park games played to achieve them. To reach elite you must have a total of 2100 games played to get elite. To reach pro you must have 1100 games total and for amateur you must have 510 game total. Combine all previous 2k park rewards and create more levels to contain all of the rewards im 1 game. Start wit R1-5, B1-5, AS1-5, SS1-5, GOAT1-3, H.O.F1-3, Legend. VIP status is unlocked at SS3 so there wont be an insane amount of vip access based off overall so it can cancel out the pay to win players. It also give the game a long term purpose more than a annual release type of game. Bring back affiliation abilities with Sunset having shooting and stamina(Splash animation corners of the screen), Rivet having dunking and defense(Screenshake and explosion sound effect), and High flyers having playmaking and speed boost(Camera Flash and sound effects). Only park boost are Gatorade boost, and Badge activation boost which bring up the activation of he badge of your choice by 5 percent if its hall of fame 10% if gold, 15% if silver and 20% if bronze. Grand badge last until you go 3 possessions without scoring if you run 3s and 2 possessions running 2s and Until you miss in 1v1v1. Park events still available. Rec center available but with an option to make a rec center team and compete like pro am with pro am rep boost features but you are limited to 10 games for the boost and after 10 games you get regular rep. When you reach GOAT 1 all badges go up by 1. When you reach Legend all badges are maxed to hall of fame. Jog and walk with a ball animations are unlocked at AS5. Mascots are unlocked at SS3. Hoverboards and skateboards unlocked at SS4, bikes and scooter unlocked at SS5, Tiger unlocked at GOAT 1, Jet Pack unlocked at GOAT 2, Got next vip unlocked at GOAT 3, Get a 4x VC earnings and get a 2x rep boost per park and rec center game, be affiliated with multiple parks and able to use perks that each park specifically has based on what park you are playing in is unlocked at HOF1. A custom Gold and Purple controller of your choice of console with a mural of every gold edition 2k on it engraved with "Hall Of Fame" on both sides of the handles(first 200 to reach HOF2), Free 1 million vc, Choose 3 items in the store you want for free, creating a new player will start off with 80 overall attribute bars that can be used to make the player 80 overall and free badge upgrades unlocked at HOF2. A free T shirt with HOF on the front with your myplayer's jersey number on the front and back, your gamertag on the back and you get a logo for being 1 of the 200 to hit HOF3(all rewarded for the first 200 to hit HOF3). The first 3 to hit legend are rewarded with free tickets to a NBA finals with a free plane ticket expenses covered. Immortalized with their own statues in the affiliation of their choice and depending on what console they own. Free a 2k title of their choice(doesnt have to be nba 2k), Unlimited VC, All rep rewards unlocked, NBA 2kTV interview, Shoutouts on social media, and Free DLC of their choice for nba 2k. DLC Content: Due to NCAA rules, Only WNBA and HIgh School fully customizable rosters, season mode, MyGM and an exclusive Mycareer mode for the WNBA and High school treated like a nba career with a few tweaks. High school can only go 4 seasons with 24 games a season +4 games if you make state for your high school. WNBA same as wnba rules etc. Things to get rid of: Pro Am, Bad servers, unnecessary loading screens and cut scenes...Thats it 😂 Things to Improve: Servers, Additional Content, Holiday Content, Smooth animations to match 2k17 dribbling, Smooth jumpshot s and shot meters. MyTeam: Keep it the Same no one really cares anymore.

  • Sniper Gamer
    Sniper Gamer

    No we know it’s 19 cause agent doesn’t have logo in 20😂

  • orcy plays417
    orcy plays417

    19 is wayyyy better than 20

  • Joshua Hanley
    Joshua Hanley

    "Okay Agent you can get your logo now" 😂😂😂😂

  • RicochetRico

    "That's not the neighborhood but....." 👇🏾

  • Pizzamanjb 123
    Pizzamanjb 123

    The bed was not compromised

  • Jr Jay8
    Jr Jay8

    The bed was not compromised !!!

  • Just A Young Student
    Just A Young Student

    I automatically looked for the Ramon noodles spot 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Topping
    Mark Topping

    Honestly them trolling is not even funny agent u be getting sold and i feel for like ur tryna make a video

  • Cesus -_-
    Cesus -_-

    The bed was not comprimised

  • MGB_ Des
    MGB_ Des

    Okay my jump shot keep changing after games or certain things I do on 2k anybody else does the same?

  • Phoenix Bryan
    Phoenix Bryan

    Bro sweats way to much for just sitting on a chair all day 😂

  • Xysio

    Agent broke the bed.


    The elite part you can remember because 20 they don't have that

  • Momo 2102
    Momo 2102

    I better be seeing nba 2k and ronnie getting hacked in the next drama alert video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • young goat
    young goat

    the logo


    who tf would think you're on drugs lol .... you and Davis look sober as shit since forever lol

  • kingnez1

    Exactly why I don't play 2k no more, pure lockdowns splashing 3's

  • Im in between names. Suggest one if you want
    Im in between names. Suggest one if you want

    Agent we know damn well yo ass aint taking no vitamins just admit you spilled your xans

  • Matthew Richardson
    Matthew Richardson



    I knew it was 19 causes you have you’re IT-my Logo we no you don’t have that shit in 2k20

  • Pure x Jimmy
    Pure x Jimmy

    Waiting for the new drama alert with RONNIE

  • ITz TaZy
    ITz TaZy

    Try that shot on 2k 20

  • Pure x Jimmy
    Pure x Jimmy

    I went back to 2k19 and I was like wtf. This is not the 2k19 I know

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse

    agent I just started watching And like nobody passing the ball to me even when Im open and I don't know what to do?

  • Much Love Gambine
    Much Love Gambine

    Damn this game was decent

  • Yaboy Lamont
    Yaboy Lamont

    Agent.. tell me you got a video coming out about ronnie 2k being hacked.?

  • Cristoval Ornelas
    Cristoval Ornelas

    That comment on the booties, is GAAAAAAYYYYYYY

  • ItsYaBoiJoshua 27
    ItsYaBoiJoshua 27

    It’s easy to tell Agent has a logo

  • Jonathan Maynard
    Jonathan Maynard

    Bed defo not compromised

  • George McCrary, II
    George McCrary, II

    Y'all keep buying the game. Cause ya don't have balls to go read a book or go get a real job. So you complain about something that won't change. It's just like any other company's perogative

  • J Money
    J Money

    Agent got the worst laugh in the world

  • Jigzaw Johnson
    Jigzaw Johnson

    IF YOU think that we all should Go back to 19 make one of those buttons Blue

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