NBA's Ultimate Dunk Contest Flashback 1984-2016: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & Vince Carter
Re-live 33 years of amazing NBA All Star Dunks in this compilation with highlights from Vince Carter, Dominique WIlkins, Nate Robinson, Michael Jordan, and many more!

  • NBaBall3r26

    11:23 they all won DPOY

  • Jens Schuch
    Jens Schuch

    The 90s really sucked. Kobe one of the worst Champions.

  • Lutz Zywicki
    Lutz Zywicki

    Das muss jetzt sein! Das Trittbrettfahren, der jetzt ihre Kartellblockade aufgeben müssende deutschen Autobauer, in der Elektromobilität finde ich persönlich zu kotzen und hoffe dass die Megabetrüger vor dem Herrn trotz ihres geschickten Marketings entzaubert werden und vor allem der Schwarze und der Gelbe Mann nicht länger auf den hochpolierten Lack der Vergangenheit herein fällt...

  • Lutz Zywicki
    Lutz Zywicki

    OK, die Prägung auf das Auto als Symbol von Freiheit und Erfolg ist den Marketern wirklich gelungen und wird noch länger in der Menschheit rumspucken! Aber außer fürs fahrende Volk und irgendwelchen Normaden ist der Traum von der eigenen Kutsche trotzdem eigentlich mehr Last als Freude und trotz allem bin ich optimistisch, dass sich zumindest in den Ballungsgebieten dass hin zur Erkenntnis motorisierte Mobilität funktioniert am besten mit autonom gesteuerten kurzmietfahrzeugen durchsetzen wird

  • Lins on Q
    Lins on Q

    Wilkins basically did the same dunks every year

  • Mitch K
    Mitch K

    Imo vc was the best dunker

  • DeezNuts

    imagine if Allen Iverson was in the dunk contest

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Considering his size the best slam dunk completion was when Spud Web won it...and when it comes to power and grace I’ll take Dominique Wilkins over any of these copy cats.

  • Victory George
    Victory George

    Vince Carter the greatest slam dunker in history🏀🏀🏀👌👌

  • Homan Noshad
    Homan Noshad

    Arron got Robbed!! You know this maaaan!!

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    1. Carter 2. Levine 3. Richardson 4. "G" Green 5. Wilkins

  • Kae Camp
    Kae Camp

    Vince Carters first dunk is the equivalent to doing a gainer!

  • yunlong ji
    yunlong ji

    Vine Cater was nothing compare to Lavine

  • PhairrowCire

    Spud Webb my favorite of all time. The stuff he was doing at that height is crazy.

  • Arturo Figueroa
    Arturo Figueroa

    After Vince's elbow dunk; Levine's dunks were the only ones worth of a championship

  • Raul Patricio
    Raul Patricio

    Zack Lavine is Still the best

  • Zundah Atu
    Zundah Atu


  • MadAnthonyToronado

    Vince Carter is hard to beat but I think Zach Lavine is the best ever. Gordon's dunk under 2 legs might be best individual dunk but Lavine is so graceful it looks effortless.

  • Reyes Murillo
    Reyes Murillo


  • edmar batista
    edmar batista

    Gordon, moral champion in 2016.

  • CAILLET Amaury
    CAILLET Amaury

    Outsider à la Spud Webb

  • Alton Howard
    Alton Howard

    Dee brown the first dab. And the first dab dunk. Damn I’m old lmao

  • Hasan A.
    Hasan A.

    Damn, Larry Nance invented the scorpion dunk? Thought it was Jordan Kilganon.

  • William Kusuma
    William Kusuma

    To me.. the MILESTONE of dunk contest goes like this: 1. Dominique Wilkins' Windmill Power Dunk 2. Michael Jordan From Free Throw Dunk 3. Dee's No Look Dunk 4. Isaiah Rider's Between The Legs Dunk 5. Aaron Gordon's Under The Legs Dunk I have high respect to all the dunks in the vid, but when think about it.. these 5 dunks has set the initial bar and become inspiration to other dunkers. Peace yo.

  • Deshen Hwang
    Deshen Hwang

    Best SDC-compilation I've ever seen. That's great stuff right here.

  • KC Batista
    KC Batista

    Rudy fernandez dunk is so underated

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond

    You cut one of Vinces dunks. You cut the best dunk ever

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond

    Hey I thought Julius won that first one . Mandela effect ?

  • Chat2 RB240z
    Chat2 RB240z

    Fken Lavine from 3pt line under leg dunk!!!!!

  • Lue Vang
    Lue Vang

    The blind fold drunks are so fake.

  • Zone9Rock

    As good as these dudes are, IMHO Jordan Kilganon amazingly, at 6’ 1”, tops them all.

  • Jeremy Sammons
    Jeremy Sammons

    Nobody dunks better than Domanic Wilkins.

  • Mafiosos mexicanos
    Mafiosos mexicanos

    Dunk competition contest the weakest bs ever

  • Edward Austin
    Edward Austin

    Who would you say win 50 contestants of the last 50 years My money on Vince Carter. Vince-Santiny 360 windmill.... Crazy!!!! Sorry ot all my other favourites.

  • Feanor _
    Feanor _

    So Jordan did the dunk from the freethrow line at three different events? He did it in 1985, 1987 and 1988. And still get#s a 50 for it in 1988? Cool dunk, but it loses something the more often you see it.

  • Yihao

    Zach is soft trash motherfucker. Disgusting

  • Papito Hernandez
    Papito Hernandez

    Pastor Greig is the best dunker in the world, he broke all this years straight from 2000, 2001,2002, 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, insane, nobody can stop him he need have to stop is own self


    I met Larry nance when i was a ball boy..great guy! I got a Polaroid picture with him still have it

  • William King
    William King

    Can't believe that Wilkins or Jordan never even considered between the leg dunks with all the hops they had

  • consistency 14
    consistency 14

    I dont find anything impressive about about a very tall athlete who plays for a living dunking a basketball.

  • ItsMasonic

    Aaron Air Gordon got Robbed!!!


    Who else clicks on these videos just to see the comments?

  • Things2Remember

    4:13 That's probably the best dunk ever.

  • Execution Critic
    Execution Critic

    Vince Carter - G.O.A.T NBA Dunker. Has the complete dunking package, Power, Creativity, Finesse, Vertical, Extension and etc. (until today no NBA dunker has done a perfect execution of the reverse 360 windmill, closest i would say is Josh Smith, left handed) please dont bring up Paul George wack execution of it. Michael Jordan - Graceful dunker but lacks power and creativity. Zach Lavine - Best One foot NBA dunker but lacks power and arm extension. Jason Richardson - Best Technical dunker. Doesn't need props to prove his dunking creativity but lacks hangtime, has weak one foot jump , cant jump from the free throw line. Dominique Wilkins - Powerful dunker but cant fly as high as VC or Jordan. As Tracy Mcgrady said, NBA dunkers this Generation are high flyers who fly higher than VC but they can't execute their dunks perfectly, also they still miss their dunks, cause they don't have that body control than VC and MJ has.

  • Justin High.
    Justin High.

    Michael Jordan Free Throw dunk is good but Zach Free Throw dunk between the legs? Damn?! 🔥

  • Moe

    Why have Lebron never compete in a dunk contest ???

  • Dudzkie Gaming Euphoria
    Dudzkie Gaming Euphoria

    Fun fact:Dominique Wilkins won 1985 Slam dunk championship with just doing front windmills w/ 2 hands while Jordan is dunking on free throw line

  • Mr. Maggot
    Mr. Maggot

    28:18 SNAKE ALERT!

  • Ramstine

    You do a Wilkins dunk these days and you'll be lucky to get a 35😂😂

  • J. S.
    J. S.

    GOAT clip! 🐐

  • Paul K
    Paul K

    *watches his son brush his teeth Kenny Smith: THATS A 10! IM GIVING THAT A 10!

    • Feanor _
      Feanor _

      The commentary got so awful with him. He's annoying as shit.

  • G Kab
    G Kab

    Spud webb won...that’s it. If your 6’7, your supposed to be able to dunk.

  • glenn lamb
    glenn lamb

    Compared to today's dunks this is lay up line dunks

  • The Egocentric Predicament
    The Egocentric Predicament

    Jordan’s dunks were weak

  • Niko

    what if Spudd Webb was 6'5"

  • CakiMutant

    Nice layup, Dwight

  • 01Z06guy

    Not only did Iguadala get robbed of the title, he got robbed of even being in this video. Yikes.

  • Fail Zero
    Fail Zero

    That Dee Brown dab dunk made every kid drop his rim to 7ft to do that shit lol.

  • Alvin Ailey 3rd
    Alvin Ailey 3rd

    zach lavine is a nigga

  • micnugget487

    Aaron Gordon got robbed.

  • Shaoran Zhang
    Shaoran Zhang

    Zack won the 16 dunk contest because he got a 50 on every dunk, Aaron lost the contest because he can only got a 50 lol



  • Actual Kobe Bryant
    Actual Kobe Bryant

    Forgot I was ever in a dunk contest😂

  • veksone77

    Jason Richardson is so damn underrated...

  • veksone77

    Jordan did the same free throw line dunk 3 times!?

  • Talik Lassiter
    Talik Lassiter

    This man Gordon was sitting down in the air

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    If you want to talk about a robbery in the dunk contest, then you had better start in 1996 when Michael Finley was not only robbed, he was tied up bound and gagged in the trunk of a Pinto in a Brooklyn basement. How the fuck can Brent Barry do the SAME DUNK from the free throw line for every fucking dunk and fucking win?!?!?!? Im serious. To do the same EXACT dunk 894 times in a row and still get the win is beyond bullshit and the fucking world knows it. Vince Carter is the best dunker of all time. That includes past present and future forever. But that 1996 contest was just so beyond wrong they should have disqualified Barry when he did the same dunk 17,000,000,000,000x in a row

  • タンバリン

    14:54 What happen??

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson

    11:11 to 11:13 is one of the craziest dunks I've seen, and it's never highlighted or talked about. Why??? Smh it's all about clout. If a big name superstar did that dunk (in those days cuz it seems a little more unbiased now) it would be all over dunk contest highlights and known as one if the greatest dunks ever.

  • Fire İntro
    Fire İntro


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