Enjoy the tour of my very first apartment!!

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Nenethegreat IT-my:

  • Tayy boo
    Tayy boo

    Yall should name him Landyn or Jordan Johnson! Londyn and Landyn/Jordan Johson

  • Tayy boo
    Tayy boo

    Yall should name him Landyn or Jordan Johnson! Londyn and Landyn/Jordan Johson

  • LaToya M
    LaToya M

    LiLi on the beat , been waiting for it

  • YuhMelly

    You ugly

  • Jaryiah Mason
    Jaryiah Mason

    Is anyone else wondering we're is London's room just asking i love you

  • Kamori Shavers
    Kamori Shavers


  • James Cornish
    James Cornish

    Jaliyahma: loud vulgar lips poping and weave must be black

  • TandL Characters
    TandL Characters

    Mac is sick that why he not whit her

  • Wood Dragon
    Wood Dragon


  • jae jones
    jae jones

    How do I feel about mac and jay having Corona virus???

  • Jeremiah Ryan
    Jeremiah Ryan

    Nice the place girl yes and friend are funny as hell tho good job u need space for the kids and u nothing is wrong with that ok hope u guys work out if not u been blessed anyways u are bless just pray

  • Jeremiah Ryan
    Jeremiah Ryan

    Nice apartment good job .love it good mom yes girl

  • daijajanayTV

    the couch 🛋💖💖💖💖

  • She's Jo
    She's Jo

    My daughter loves beans like that too! Red beans & pork & beans only.

  • Tracie Jack
    Tracie Jack


  • Tracie Jack
    Tracie Jack

    How is baby London

  • A Hansen
    A Hansen

    Nice place. Too bad your cute puppy is trapped like a prisoner in a cage. Look at your puppy wagging its tail when you walk by -- it wants to say hi, and you just walk on by, like it's nothing to you. Poor puppy.

  • NephilimFree

    You keep a dog in a cage? How utterly inhumane. Don't imprison any animals. They don't deserve such treatment any more than you do.

  • Micha Williams
    Micha Williams

    i dont want to be in your bussieness but wait funnymike said he has coronavirus so how is londynn with him

  • Braelynn Simon
    Braelynn Simon

    Hey Jaliyah

  • WonderfulWino

    why was this recommended to me, i hate blacks

  • Cutiepie_maliyah Harris
    Cutiepie_maliyah Harris

    Who is Jayla? I’m a new subscriber btw.

  • Twins mommy taylor
    Twins mommy taylor

    OMG I'm so late Soo they not togeather and she's pregnant.... Wow...I loved them but congrats again she got this... I'm so behind 😔😩🥰💯

  • Elevated Zero
    Elevated Zero

    Geeeeus...! Is it ever a father around?

  • quarantine TV
    quarantine TV

    I'm I stupid but why do u not I've with funny Mike


    So wait wtf? You & Mike ain’t together no more? #OHNO

  • D. B
    D. B

    Lmao when she found out about the towel had me dead😂😂

  • Gabby TV
    Gabby TV

    I really think you Deserve the best 💕💕 mama’s

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days

    I luh jaliyah yoo 😭💞

  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy

    Was u talk about mike when u said I don’t need a N**** for nun period

  • Tyra Roberts
    Tyra Roberts

    I love Water Burger but they don't have one where I am at.

  • Roses moodz
    Roses moodz

    I love how she hypes her friends up

  • Shiem T.V.
    Shiem T.V.

    Yesss Jaliyah keep it going luv ❤️

  • Mesha Brown
    Mesha Brown

    Periodtt don’t need a Niggga for nun sis

  • Meet The Dunlaps
    Meet The Dunlaps


  • princess kelixia
    princess kelixia

    When she said it’s a hair they froze that was hella funny 😄

  • triniiforevaa

    You should put a towel rack there

  • Salisa Thigpen
    Salisa Thigpen

    Why y’all don’t get no 😷 on just saying.

  • Jayla Bell
    Jayla Bell


  • Jayla Bell
    Jayla Bell


  • Jayla Bell
    Jayla Bell

    I,9jo o zpjkoao9Kiquwiikim9lk

  • And I opp -
    And I opp -

    Please somebody tell me where she got the mirror from 😫😫😫

  • Lil Callejero
    Lil Callejero

    She gotta make feet videos lol💯🤑👣🙏

  • Pyt Shay
    Pyt Shay

    The dog want your attention

  • Kennerly KeMil
    Kennerly KeMil

    I feel like you should do a white rug like a thin fluffy feather type rug

  • Nylah Guidry
    Nylah Guidry

    Where the mirror from?

  • MoJones TV
    MoJones TV

    I love that she has always been herself. Such a strong beautiful woman

  • Kayla Garcia-Calhoun
    Kayla Garcia-Calhoun

    aww i wish i was first 🥺 but it’s all good love you

  • Dionta Huddleston
    Dionta Huddleston

    You can get a lot done😹😹

  • shine with Ariyana
    shine with Ariyana

    My tiktok is cuteface.ariyana

  • Janesha Monae’
    Janesha Monae’

    Love you girllll

  • tim walsh
    tim walsh

    Was homeless for a over a year..just got an apartment!! #UBI now!

  • Predatoreus Films
    Predatoreus Films

    Why do y’all find this content appealing

  • Essence Monso
    Essence Monso

    My momma have some of those perfumes u have

  • Keeno Cameron
    Keeno Cameron

    I think you look nice

  • Jaeonna Jordan
    Jaeonna Jordan

    do you still talk to hali imh

  • Joseline Plaisimond-Vilien
    Joseline Plaisimond-Vilien

    Like if this est setup🥱🖤

  • Miasia Holloway
    Miasia Holloway

    Put a basket of matching towels with one towel hanging in the bathroom.

  • Tashii Crooks
    Tashii Crooks

    love me some beans too !! new new apartment cute boo!!

  • Oobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie dooby
    Oobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie dooby

    Why the fuck is this in my recommended?

  • Ky Ky
    Ky Ky

    Nene was like “omgggg I love them “ 😭😭😂😭😭

  • Shyy ShayyFamily
    Shyy ShayyFamily

    At homes is my favorite fucking store my whole house come from at home 💕❤🥰 subscribe my youtube channel # Shyy ShayyFamily

  • Antwon Flowers
    Antwon Flowers

    I was soo dead when Jaliyah said hey stanky u stank I was Dead

  • Adrianna B.
    Adrianna B.

    omg nene seem so cool nd she funny we would get along like fr😭

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Do you and Mike break up

  • Breanā Mekaela
    Breanā Mekaela

    I seen that tweet 😂

  • RoyaltyRed

    That guhh said “ohhh noo my ghost writer ain’t here”🤣

  • Blair S
    Blair S

    Lmfao at Jaliyah finding the dirty towel 😂😆🤣😅😩

  • Sequoia Horton
    Sequoia Horton

    The baby doesn’t live with her?

  • Janiya Holloway
    Janiya Holloway

    I love you and I hope you are having a great day

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