New Barbershop
Lenarr Young
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  • Lenarr Young
    Lenarr Young

    I had to find a new barber that’s why I made this lol

    • Nalan Kittrell
      Nalan Kittrell

      Haha 😂

    • Zage13


    • The Chicken Finger
      The Chicken Finger

      Lenarr Young finding a new barber is pain.

    • BryceTV.

      Bro your barber ain't doing shit, your hair look the same lol

    • Darkskin Deity
      Darkskin Deity

      @Babyben Beats LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anti

    This dude is wild good at acting wtf..

  • Mage 1
    Mage 1

    I feel so bad for the barber.

  • Alex Valdez
    Alex Valdez

    What’s the name of your haircut, a blowout fade?

  • Saul Silver
    Saul Silver

    That goosebumps shirt is fire

  • KaBoast :P
    KaBoast :P

    That’s is the beginning to his journey to become the best barber in the world

  • ig.bluejuicekari Martin
    ig.bluejuicekari Martin

    Niggas always look at me non stoo when im in a new barber shop

  • Unkempt Fro
    Unkempt Fro

    At least he got to keep the phone

  • Raynard Slater
    Raynard Slater

    Guess he didn't make the cut, get it?

  • Contractor 0211
    Contractor 0211

    "Yeah just shave my head if you would." *barber profusely sweating*

  • Lee Al
    Lee Al

    aw :(

  • David W
    David W

    I didn't see the top at first I was looking at the actually taper 😂

  • Airiana Moore
    Airiana Moore

    I just noticed the shit on top of his head this dude wild!! My fav IT-myr!!! Keep em comin

  • Zadid Aziz
    Zadid Aziz

    bro the sweat on his forehead got me lmao

  • Low Quality Vids
    Low Quality Vids

    Wait his head howard the alien on top of him

  • Kenzo KenYT
    Kenzo KenYT

    What he do to get his hair like that

  • Maykelo

    do you think this is clean

  • Intermind Music
    Intermind Music

    That goosebumps shirt CLEAN. Those sell for quite a lot of money too

  • MadStatZ

    I really felt for this man at the end tho

  • Yausho

    I miss going to the barber

  • Dre Lucas
    Dre Lucas

    That’s jus not your average cut 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TN0 Mj
    TN0 Mj

    Who Else saw this random for out corona

  • Eden Dean
    Eden Dean

    This is top tier acting.

  • Steph Grim
    Steph Grim

    That nigga was cryin🤣🤣

  • J 2x
    J 2x

    What I’d do for a cut rn

  • 1m subs with no videos
    1m subs with no videos

    Lol it makes sence

  • Hanna Kirkpatrick
    Hanna Kirkpatrick

    I think you’re really smart and creative. This is only the second video I’ve ever seen of yours, and your content is fine tuned and quaaaalityyy. Good stuff :))

  • Kobe-Wan Jenobi
    Kobe-Wan Jenobi

    Lokey sad at the end

  • yami vfx
    yami vfx

    the worst experience... i hated it lol

  • Zuxhi

    whats the song name?

  • hafiz saari
    hafiz saari

    That's why you need go to the college?

  • Bertini Jean
    Bertini Jean

    Add to my barber to give me a fade and he gave me a bold cut

    • Glaty Koffi
      Glaty Koffi

      Hope you atleast keept the money

  • A Worm with braids
    A Worm with braids

    he keeps the dudes phone after he leaves

  • Brandon Stewart
    Brandon Stewart

    Didn't think it was gonna be the barbers perspective

  • OG-Dragon

    How does he not know how to cut that type of cut? He literally has the same cut

  • Jackson Meads
    Jackson Meads

    Damn I've never seen a haircut that has howard the alien dancing

    • JayJay


  • Talentless Yh
    Talentless Yh

    I just subbed but i dont think ive ever been subbed but ive liked a lot of your vids in the past

  • Talentless Yh
    Talentless Yh

    Been watchin for 2 or 3 years.... I think 2 years

  • king the best
    king the best

    no homo but what do u do to your hair cause i want my hair like yours

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    Damn you really made us feel for the barber there lmao

  • Lebogang Seleleko
    Lebogang Seleleko

    Now I know how Kennard felt when he had to give the councilman a haircut.

  • ·Chill ·
    ·Chill ·

    That customer on some G.T.A or 2K shit


    Damn...its like soon as I get on(become aware) of Roddy rich, IT-my start recommending Lenarr young vids!! racist much

  • GHooney Official
    GHooney Official

    Background music?

  • Crypto

    Ok this made me laugh 😂

  • ali dib
    ali dib

    was on top of the barber in the phone shrek or kunfu panda?

    • Glaty Koffi
      Glaty Koffi

      That is shrek. His pose is iconc and there very small ears you can see

  • Chief Tai
    Chief Tai

    How does he get his hair like that

  • Ultiffo

    Isn’t it ironic how the best barber always has a messed up haircut?

  • micheal da gaming chipmunk 2
    micheal da gaming chipmunk 2

    Love da goosebumps shirt

  • Jayden Birden
    Jayden Birden

    That music

  • victor callender
    victor callender

    Um, they are all the same hair style.

  • Luis Meza
    Luis Meza

    YOOOOOO! This is me going from Brooklyn barber to Northern Maine barber...

  • Yande Musonda
    Yande Musonda

    bruh has the same haircut i swear he just did this so he could flex his hair

  • Danielle Vereen
    Danielle Vereen

    Me with my last barber. She cut all my shit off when I said just leave the top fade the sides. 😭😭😭😭 I grew all that hair, dyed it purple, deep conditioned it JUST to look like Raz B with tiddies again.

  • Kate.

    2:41 that’s actually some really good acting right there

  • dogus polat
    dogus polat

  • Mochi


  • Mochi


  • Mochi


  • Mochi


  • Thalente Mthiyane
    Thalente Mthiyane

    The dislikes are from barbers who cant do that cut

  • YRW Doja Dog
    YRW Doja Dog

    it really do be like that

  • Bertha Stowers
    Bertha Stowers

    That music though

  • Trevelle Traylor
    Trevelle Traylor

    Does nobody see the aliens in the background 😂😂😂

  • Dakarai Evsns
    Dakarai Evsns

    Had to get new barber

  • Money Making Elliott
    Money Making Elliott

    How he get his hair like that

  • Drevonte James
    Drevonte James

    He getting butthurt wowwww😂

  • 16yr old Bodybuilder
    16yr old Bodybuilder




  • LikFlyTuff

    "You know what? Maybe I do suck after all..."

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